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Post Gadabout Achievement Guide with Maps;

Gadabout Achievement Guide:
Discover all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty zones

Argh! Discovered all named locations in Oasis. To get to Oasis/ DLC you have to use the fast travel.

(Sorry about the crap quality I tryed using photoshop to clean it up some) I know I'm uploading this late but I wanted to help others if needed this is coming from my post on Trueachievements:

42/42 Locations

*You'll get this achievement after completing the whole DLC some of these areas won't open till later in the story of the DLC*

Leviathan's Lair - Top Left Corner side there is a vault symbol here.
Maroonies Secert Stash - Magnys Lighthouse you'll have to jump watch the video.
Hyperius and Master Gee's Arena - After Story and given side quest for the raid bosses.

(You can get Master Gee's Arena early by walking up to the gate)

In total, you'll need to find locations across all 7 of these areas. Yes there are alot of areas to unlock and discover. Keep in mind this achievement is *TIME* Consuming. You'll also need to uncover the whole map of that area. Here is a list of all areas for this achievement;

It might help to explore ALL the edges of the map as well where the dark blue shadow is that looks hidden on your map. You can tell if you completed the map area by the white lining around the map.

Oasis; (10/10)
Town of Oasis - Welcome to Oasis! First area you'll run into you'll met an interesting character here that looks like Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing.
Oasis Docks - Right by the town of Oasis. It's a Boardwalk Pier where the catch-a-ride is. You won't miss.
Wurmwater Passage – Way back of the map you’ll hit it during the story mission to Wurmwater.
Wurmtail Plateau - You'll come across this while driving in The Hovercraft or any car. A few Sand Wurms are in this area.
Coral Island Camp - Have to go through Wurm Tail Plateau. Come across while doing a mission to find some whiskey. A Captain house across a bridge. Two Cursed Pirates will be here. It will be a dark blue circle on your map that your missing and it's very missable*
Wreck of the Kronus - Find during a side mission of placing explosives on the old Kronus ship. (Vault symbol here)
Horrid Hideaway - Find during a side mission called "Wing Man". A few pirates here.
Rockview Rest Stop - Just a Rest Stop little spot with a few houses there is a ramp infront of it. Can't miss if your driving around.
Costal Caverns - Find while going to Hayter's Folly. Might be blocked until doing more missions.
Canyon Desert Camp – During the mission “Giving Jacko a Leg” you’ll have to search for some stuff here. A bunch of pirates will spawn.

Wurmwater; (8/8)
Wurmwater Flats – First area you’ll discover can’t miss unless you don’t fully play DLC. ;]
Rustyard Corridon – Have to use stairs to the catch-a-ride to get here. Pull Lever to get to The Rust Yards.
Hedgeland Camp - This is an big open area with couple turrets and a bunch of Pirates in this little camp. You'll find during a side mission.
Old Murphy's Canyon - Right next to Wurmwater Flats. Has a very awesome looking tunnel to it leading to some bad guys as well as a catch-a-"boat" station. You'll find during a side quest.
The Washbourne Fen – Area is next to some pipes also the same area where to get to Washburne Refinery.
The Dish – Huge Dish that you’ll have to get to through The Washbourne Fen. Also climb a latter to get to it.
Riptide Reef – Area with Pirate houses. Immense Ship here far bottom left of the map.
The Buccaneer’s Bacchanal – Like the name? lol This is Scarlett’s Boats you’ll do many side quest for her here.

Hayter's Folly; (5/5)

The Aquanexus – Pretty sure this is the first area. It’s amazing here bunch of waterfalls in this room, can’t miss you’ll run along a water path to get to it.
Grendel’s Den – (Missable area**) Getting here you have to find a area where there are these stairs that will lead up to this place. You’ll HAVE to do the side mission here for this area to open up. You’ll fight Grendel in this little dome he looks like an ugly trashed up Bullymong. A bunch of garbage piles are here as well as a big horseshoe in the middle. This area might be the last area to get or very missable.
Hot Spring Hideout – Bunch of bad guys here, little camp full of pirates. Can’t miss this area.
Sandman's Overlook - Before you see Sandman you’ll have to active a button to get to him. The button will be above you it’s a wire just follow it you’ll have to take a ladder to get to it. This area is a little circle area that you could miss but it's alittle past Sandman.
Gee's Arena (Missable area**) - Very important area you can get this early but you'll go back to it and boy what a lame boss. Anyways you can walk up to the gate on the right and it will open up the area. He's not there now but he will be later.

The Rustyards; (6/6)

Rust Cog Settlement – Rust Rog Sign reads in front of it. Looks like a Rust House on your left. When you’re looking for Toothless Terry you’ll find it.
Coobie Gorge – Pass huge anchor. You’ll find this during side mission. Spiderants will be here there nest as well.
Tittleman’s Point (VERY MISSABLE*) – Before you head to Marooine’s Clipper turn to your left after seeing Coobie Gorge you’ll see a ship hanging off the rock. You’ll have to jump twice to get to it.
Herbert's Hideout – Have to take a huge anchor up to him. You’ll find his place during the Story mission “Finding Herbert”. He loves Scarlett.
Marooine’s Clipper – You’ll find during Story Mission “Crazy About You”. Looks like a big old wreaked ship.
Dreg Scrapyard – Scrap yard here probably the last part of the map you’ll need. Very far end of the map. While doing mission “Crazy About You”. You'll find the last Echo here.

Washburne Refinery; (7/7)

C3N50r807's Cubicle - Robot named censor is in this area. You’ll run into most of this area without trouble of finding these places.
The Arm – Long Hallway you’ll run into during side mission “Whoops”
WorkForce Fabrication Center – A bunch of Robots here a circle opening in the middle.
Forge Array - You’ll run into (Vault Symbol here)
Lair of Leecher Bot - When you Kill Perv * e He’ll be here.
Carbonslag Crater - You’ll fight a Robot with a shield named H3RL-E.
VERY MISSABLE AREA ACHIEVEMENT HERE: The Engineer’s Ring – This is where you fight Hyperius the Invincible. Using The Baby Maker on Hyperius will be an ease with all four players using it

Magnys Lighthouse; (4/4) (Missable areas**)

Spire Town Docks – First area you’ll come to. Be very careful with this. Tons of Cursed Pirates here.
AM-FM Isle – Missable area** Radio Pirate tower here you can past it while trying to get to the Lighthouse jump across a gap to get to.
Maroonies Secert Stash – Missable area** Before seeing DJ Pirate guy you’re ganna have to jump to this room area should be a black dark circle on your map, its right before you reach AM-FM Isle. Has a windmill on it. Jump up on the rail then the circle thingy then keep jumping up and you’ll see his room full of stuff. See video it's towards the end on how to jump up to it.
Magny’s Lighthouse – Use the button to activate the lift. You’ll have to fight some pirates then you can go up and see the light house. To get the “Message in a Bottle” mission here you’ll have to jump off the Light House to land on the X Marks the Spot.
**Also there is a missable area here you’ll have to go through a cave where Night Stalkers are and go down a ladder or jump down to this area.

The Leviathan's Lair; (2/2)

The Leviathan’s Lair – I know lame boss fight with Leviatian you’ll get right away can’t miss.
The Chamber of the Lost Treasure – Might run across a rock after defeating Leviatain it will be a pyramid purple room full of Treasure. For treasure just jump up to it.
**Missable area here too before exiting should be on your right before you travel out just run up and it should uncover.

*You'll get this achievement after completing the DLC some of these areas won't open til later in the story of the DLC.

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Here is a visual guide if needed:

Also if you fast forward to the end it will show you how to get to Maroonies Secert Stash.
Hope this helps get you the achievement.

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gadabout borderlands 2

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