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Does the trash talk and "r@ping on the floor" are part of GOW?

Honestly tonight i was playing and as usual we annihilated team of pure noobs, then eventually we got guys that knew how to play and they got a few wins on us, r@ping us on the ground in the process... As usual we got piss that these "garbage dare to rape us" cause in our mind we are strong players( i mean like everybody) and since its no rank we can't accept to loose to inferior players right? So we stayed in the game until we beat them(2 game later) and really rape them on the floor, or rape the air when killing them... and the trash talk wars started...

At the end, me and my friend(we where only 2 btw, not a full team) left the game and found ourself a nice little lobby to finish our night in beauty without tension, whitout "shit" and we called night off on that. (Aka an easy team to whipe out and say good night)

Then i was thinking about that guy tonight, and another one i encounter earlier that also pissed me off a bit, and yesterday one guy that i swear was the kind of player everybody hate(uber corner campeur, with retro and saw off, using griffin(worst character ever with Cole in his pimp skin) and a purple gun... can't get any worst than that) that always rape the air when he kill you, and i was like.... MAN I GUESS IT MUST BE PART OF GOW....

Cause i kinda realize i do it sometimes... mostly when the guy try to saw off me or when he kinda miss what should had be an easy kill, but then i realize maybe in his mind he think im "being the douchebag" for him.

So the question in the end is... do you agree guys that trash talking and "being a jerk" is kinda like the foundation of GOW...? CAUSE i see this since GOW1 and i have been also doing part of this since GOW1....

I got "teabaged" a few times on Halo, but that was mostly at the end of the game when it says "defeat" but everybody can still move(i would like to know WHY THE HELL the game just don't stop when it has offially ended and why it let you still be able to die or kill even if it mean nothing) but rarely in the middle of the game unless the other team got a HUUUUGE advantage and want to mock us... (never saw it in swat, wich i play most, would be suicide)

So yes teabagging isn't new, been part of FPS for a long time i guess, but never was it use as much as in GOW... so really im starting to think its part of GOW... its the the kind of game where everything is personal, where you blame most a shitty teamate for a loss if he has crappy stats, the kind of game where its easier to spot a teamate that "f*ck up the game" for us.... unlike the other shooters i played when i get something disapointed and a bit angry when i realize i finished with a 2.5 K/D but we still lost the game... but a the same time i can't really say anything outside there bad K/D... But GOW, if they end up being alive after you have lost your last live and you see how bad they play... thats kinda like a gratuitous reason to trash talk them... and that for teamates.... other team... you see it first hand... how they played it and the reason they can give you for doing so.

I know there is gonna be people that will answer " its just a game dude" and will not know what im talking about. I also know this community is known mostly for its " do achievements " part, and few of the people here are solid online competitor(most people here actually hate online achievements) but for the one that do... especially old players of GOW, im really curious to know what you think about it...

ps : VERY IMPORTANT, don't think im racist because i hate Griffin and "pimp" Cole(to be polite, cause we have another nickname among my friends for that skin) I really like Cole as a character, in his normal cloathing, classic skin, even trashball, and i like Jace. Its just i hate Griffin because i hate how he act in the campaign, hate his voice and well i hate him a character. And for the "pimp" Cole, i think its a bad cliché thats it... when Griffin already serve the bad cliché.... I say this just to be clear i don't hate black peoples, cause there always one random that will just take the part where i say i hate those 2 skins and don't care about the rest.

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All I can say is, it's harder to get kills in GOW3 in comparison to Halo or COD, Even a good online match could land someone @ 7-8 kills. So, the way I see it, there will be a lot of trash talking since it's really based on skill.

On top of that, every time I see the other team just hanging on the other side just using Lancers, staying in their spawn and spraying, they have something to say that's never nice. I just shrug it off and keep going. Like the last person that sent me a message because I killed him with a Gnasher headshot aiming down my sight. I knew he was around the corner, so I took it slow, second I saw him, I killed him, and he messaged me "aim = no skill."

Long story short, Halo, COD, what you get is, yes, rated M games. Those games are meant to have more people playing on it for some reason, where a lot of people party up and have fun. GOW, on the other hand, yes you can party up and have fun, but since there aren't many kills happening, it's based on skill to get the job done. That's the way I see it.
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I loved the trash talking on Gears 1. It was the best game for it, but then they introduced the party system to Live and ruined it! Before the parties everyone was in game chat, arguing and shouting abuse at each other. It was so fun because when we played it gave that extra bit of competition.

Gears of War has always been good for trash talk, I always get messages from people and I like to return them too. The raping on the floor is old though, and anyone that seems to do is bad at the game. When people do it to me I feel like they're happy that they've downed me and I take it as a compliment. And it gives me that extra incentive to kill them next time, which I always do anyway. I'll make them my nemesis.

Its fun though, I feel for Gears 3 there's way less trash talk than the other two games. Its probably because I only seem to play against foreigners, the only messages I get are in a different language so don't understand them.

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Yeah the game chat back in those days led to some serious trash talking and trust me when you where speaking a different language than english just because you where speaking to your own friends it would make the other team start it for no real reason.

I don't think personally COD and Halo require less skill, its just that they are les personal if i can say. You can be kill easier from across the map, Halo got vehicules in some playlist, COD has its kill streak wich are more or less free kills for the person. I see people less trash talking and teabagging but at the same time i play way less those games.

I made that thread yesterday because i concluded that night with a smile, but had some part where i was really pissed off and i realize its more or less how GOW is made... lol. It kinda feel normal. Especially since GOW is "my" game in term of "my favorite shooter, the one i play by far the most, and the one i consider myself the best at comparing COD, Halo or other games, i want to perform and if i end up against a team that i hate there play style, i soooo want to beat them. But sometimes we play only 3 and they are 5 in player match, nothing much we can do when the 2 randoms keep dying and are not in the party. If our team is really good we go rank, more competition and i would feel dirty to whipe outs randoms that don't even know each others in player matches.

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much easier to get kills in COD and Halo than in Gears. Ive seen people take on 3 guys in gears and with enough skill dispatch them easily. In COD unless you get the jump its highly unlikely you will win vs 3 guys. I dont like trash talking personnally and I dont really like being teabaged. Im majorally competitive and love hard games with two strong teams, im just polite about it.

Being as old as gears 3 is now the majority of players left are the committed loyal players so i guess there is more now then when the game was hip and new.
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