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Raiden IV
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Old 08-03-2011, 09:50 AM   #1
Join Date: Mar 2010
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Gamertag: Gota b fresh
boss rush question

i was wondering if anyone got the boss rush achievement and if so, could they share any pointers. I looked around but couldn't find any videos to help or learn from. Also, i managed to complete the first round(1-1 to 1-7) of boss rush without a continue on normal, and was disappointed to find out that the achievement is for 1-1 to 2-7. I thought i'd throw that out there in case anyone was gonna give it a try.
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Old 08-07-2011, 07:17 AM   #2
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Yeah, no. I don't think anyone here has truly likely picked up that cheevo. You're doing pretty well to make it to 1-7 without a continue but 2-7 just doesn't seem likely unless you've memorized everything. I pretty much gave up on it. Lack of early power ups and it being on normal mode which is pretty hard in itself make for a tough go.
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Old 10-18-2011, 04:44 AM   #3
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Gamertag: Gota b fresh
i've made it to the ??? part of 2-7 in boss rush. as soon as i get that achievement ill share the technique i've discovered. its kind of a cheap trick but these achievements are damn near impossible.
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Old 06-15-2012, 10:42 PM   #4
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Gamertag: soulbite
Hey nukes,

It's been a while but care to share your findings?
The man repays what the man owes.
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Old 06-28-2012, 03:34 AM   #5
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 69

Gamertag: Gota b fresh
Here's what i've discovered.....

I havent played in a long time and i was really hoping to be the first to beat the boss rush before sharing this tip, but im busy with other games so by all means boys and girls, have at it.

First things first, choosing a ship. I used the slow ship because of its power. Worrying about its slow speed shouldnt be an issue, because of what you'll be doing next. Basically from here on out, you're going to become your own "slow motion controller". Once the game starts, you're going to have to keep rapidly hitting the "start button". Try and do it at an even pace so the game has an even flow to it, and although the menu screen pops up with each pause, you can see thru it....for the most part. Now, since your right hand (your firing hand) will be occupied hitting start, I change my config and put the auto fire and bomb buttons as the "left trigger" and "left button".

So with a little practice and personal choice i.e. ship,config,method of should have an easier time dodging a screen full of bullets.

I hope this helps. Like i said, its been a while since i played raiden 4. Good luck players. Hit me up with any questions you might have.

My brother changed our gamertag and i dont know how to change it here. I cant find the forum for changing it here so if any one knows could they let me know please? my new tag is GOTA B FRESH. Thanks.
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Old 08-07-2012, 01:59 AM   #6
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 69

Gamertag: Gota b fresh
anyone try this yet? id like to know if anyone had success with this tactic, or if i made it clear.
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boss rush, raiden iv

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