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Rockstar Table Tennis
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Roadmap to 1000

Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
Offline: 19 for 455/1000
Online: 10 for 545/1000
Approximate time: 30-40 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: at least 14 tournaments and many more extra games.
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
Glitchy achievements? The Unlocked Kumi doesn't always unlock when it should, it still unlocks though.
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? no

Welcome Rockstar Games Table Tennis. Yes the very same company that brought you Grand Theft Auto, has a game about table tennis. Nothing zany, crazy or otherwise out of place; its pure table tennis! The game has 29 achievements for 1000 gamerscore.

Step 1: Singleplayer
Ok so the singleplayer in this game is just tournaments against the AI. It has 4 difficulty settings; the harder it is the more matches it has and the better the AI is. First go through and beat the easy, medium and hard tournaments. This will get you used to the game's mechanics and you will unlock a few characters along the way. Most of the characters have multiple ways to unlock them; but the easiest way is to simply win 50 matches against the AI. Doing this will unlock all characters along the way.

Once you have all characters unlocked, you will need to unlock every outfit for each character and each character's level. The level's have multiple ways to unlock them, but the quickest way is to serve an ace with each character on medium or higher AI. The outfits can be unlocked by winning 22 matches with each character; this takes longer but is the easiest method. Once you have unlocked all characters, outfits and levels; you will get the collector achievement for unlocking everything.

This game can be very annoying especially on all-star difficulty. You need to beat the the all-star difficulty tournament with all 11 characters; luckily you can use custom settings to make this slightly less painful. My recommendation is to do one all-star tournament on default settings to get the all-star achievement first and then do the other 10 characters using custom settings. This game is brutal but there is a way to make it easier. You will need to do service aces to stand a chance against the all-star AI. you can see how to do service aces here:

Step 2: Multiplayer
This is one game if you hope to complete it; don't touch the multiplayer unless you are boosting for the g.o.a.t achievement. This achievement is based on a trueskill rating system, which if you lose more then a handful of times makes things unnecessarily complicated. You can literally make this almost impossible to get by losing a large handful of online matches. Just a quicky achievement to get this started go into the table tennis network menu and then find a match to watch, you might have to ask a friend or 2 to play a match while you watch, and vice versa for them.

The best way to make sure you don't miss out on the g.o.a.t achievement is to have someone who currently has g.o.a.t status give you the achievement. If he is trueskill rank 50, this can be done in 5 matches.

If you don't have someone to give it to you; you will have to build a trueskill ladder. Starting from scratch, you need about 6 extra gamertags. One will a few matches until ranking up slows down too much. Then the one that has ranked up will rank up another tag that hasn't played yet. Continue this cycle with dummy accounts until one of your dummy tag reaches the 43-45 range. Once they have hit that area, they can rank up your gamertag into the g.o.a.t ranking. If you did this with a partner , now rank him up using your account; or if he got it first then he gives it to you. This method is much longer and much more confusing, so the best way is to have someone ready to give it to you as mentioned before.

Important thing to note, is that the widow maker achievement won't unlock by quit outs, which is the quickest way to create ladders and give the g.o.a.t achievement. If you like you can either A) take the time and do it while boosting for g.o.a.t or B) Boost it separately to put pure focus on g.o.a.t.

Once you have you g.o.a.t achievement squared away its time to do the hall of famer achievement. This requires you to win 50 tournaments. Tournaments require 4 players to start, so find 3 buddies and/or use multiple xboxes and gold accounts. Its a simple bracket setup so on one side have either tag advance, by having the loser quit out. Once the person winning and the other tag are in the finals, just have the loser quit out. This will make the remaining person the winner of the tournament.

The best part is, is that by the time you are done boosting the g.o.a.t and the hall of famer is that you still won't have the last online achievement (most likely) Which is for playing 10 hours online. This is really boring to to manually (unless you love ping pong), so the absolute best way to do this, is to get a a turbo controller and have a buddy with a turbo controller. What you can do if you both have one, is turbo a serve button and this have both characters hitting the ball back and forth endlessly (unless it slips)

This completion can be a challenge both to boost (odd isn't it?) and to beat on all-star; but if you can manage it; its a great completion to have. While the game isn't overly exciting, its still fun if for nothing else then the fact that its just pure ping pong.

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This Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member Yunder and has been published as the Official Roadmap! The link to the Official Roadmap is here:

Official Rockstar Table Tennis Roadmap

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.
You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!
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