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Achievement Guide & Roadmap


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7-10 (10 being hardest)
-Offline: 10
-Online: 10
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-12 hrs
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: None-Modes can be replayed multiple times
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None known
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None known
-Unobtainable achievements: None known
-Extra equipment needed? WP7 or WP8 required

This is a very simple Windows phone game that can be fun, yet contains frustrating multiplayer achievements. Half the achievements (ten) can be gained on your own fairly easily yet the other half (ten) must be played in online multiplayer. Note: these can't be garnered in local multiplayer. I highly suggest visiting the Battleship Achievement Trading Thread in order to quickly and efficiently attain the multiplayer achievements.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

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I despise multiplayer achievements!!

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Back to boot camp 10
Miss 20 times before you hit a ship.

This can be obtained in single player or multiplayer. Quickest method to obtaining this is to select Salvo Mode in single player (you can fire up to five shots each turn) and play like normal. Once you've sunk the computer's four ships and hit the fifth and final ship once (NOT sink it), you then know where all the ships are located. Proceed to fire in the spots which you know to be unoccupied. Miss hitting the final ship with twenty shots and this achievement is yours!

I sunk your battleship 10
Sink your opponent's Battleship before any other ship.(Classic Mode Only)

Can be done in any mode, simply sink your opponent's battleship before sinking any others. The game identifies which ship you just hit by blinking briefly on that turn. You can identify the battleship easily as it is the only ship which takes four shots to sink. You are allowed to hit the other ships, just make sure not to sink any until you destroy the battleship.

Eyes on the target 10
Score a hit on your first Salvo. (Salvo Mode Only)

Quickest done in solo play. Choose Salvo and you'll then have the opportunity to shoot five shots on the board. Choose five slots and hopefully you'll score a hit. If not done on your first turn, back out to the main menu and start a new salvo game. Again, MUST be done on the first turn in order for the achievement to pop.

On the hunt 10
Hit all 5 ships in a single turn while in Salvo Mode.

Gun Captain 15
Unlock all super weapons.

This is all I need to beat you 5
Win a Super-weapons game without using any super weapons. (Only Shell)

Reinforcements did not come 10
Sink 5 Reinforcement ships

Locking on 5
Hit at least one target on your first 3 turns. (Salvo Mode Only)

No blue horizon 10
Sink 15 Aircraft Carriers. (Classic Mode Only)

Select solo play and then classic mode as it can only be attained in classic. Simply sink 15 Aircraft Carriers in this mode (Aircraft Carrier is the ship that takes 5 hits to sink). You can only sink one Carrier per game, so you will need to play a minimum of 15 games. It's okay if you sink the Carrier and don't win the match, it's accumulative.

I suggest you try to hit as many targets as possible in each game since these hits will go towards the I See You achievement.

I See You 15
Hit your targets 250 times. (Classic Mode Only)

Jack of all trades 5
Play all game modes. (MP)

Buddy System 15
Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other. (MP)

Winning! 5
Win very first Multiplayer game. (MP)

Undisputed 10
Win 5 Salvo games, not using Best of 5. (MP)

Sunk but not Destroyed 10
Finish a game with your Destroyer still afloat. (MP)

Not so sneaky 10
Sink 10 Recon Boats using Best of 5. (MP)

What comes around 10
After the enemy sinks your sub, return the favor on your next turn.(MP)

Down with the Ship 5
Win a game having only one ship with only one hit remaining.(MP)

Commodore 10
Win 50 matches. (MP)

Admiral 20
Win 200 matches. (MP)

Simply win 200 online multiplayer matches in any mode. I suggest

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