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Radiant Silvergun
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Stygg Som Faen
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Achievement Guide


Note: I did not make this guide myself, I just started the game and since the site lacked an achievement guide for this, I found guides on True Achievements for each achievement and put it together for a guide. It'll surely help some people.

First and foremost, you CAN change settings to make many of these achievements easier. Choose Single Player > Arcade Mode > Normal Play. Now you will have a few options that you can alter. Change the difficulty to Very Easy, start with 10 ships, and extension every 1,000,000. You can even run out of lives and use continues.

Complete Breakdown - 10G

Destroy a boss with 100% destruction

I found it easiest to do on 3B. The game actually begins on 3A so it isn't the first boss you encounter, but the second. It is a blue ship with 7 different parts. To get this achievement, make sure you destroy all of the outer parts (3 on the left and 3 on the right) before going for the middle area. After he is destroyed, you will see the results screen for that level. If it shows 100 % on destruction, then you did it correctly and your achievement will pop.

*Credit to K4rn4ge on TrueAchievements*

Clear Arcade - 15G
Clear Arcade Mode

When your playtime in Arcade Mode reaches 7 hours, you unlock free play. This gives you unlimited credits, so you are free to lose as many lives as you want. You can pause the game in Arcade Mode, and it will still contribute to your playtime.

Once you unlock free play, all you really need to do is set aside 40 minutes - 1 hour to complete the game.

*Credit to Carlos Again on TrueAchievements*

Clear Story - 15G
Clear Story Mode

Here's the easiest way to do it, in two tips:

1) To power up your weapons to maximum, work on the "Weapon Master" achievement, and get three weapons to maximum level. I did this first before tip #2:

2) To gain more lives, play Story Mode more. Each hour grants you a new life. You can "cheat" and leave your console running on pause and it still counts. How many lives you will need depends on your skill. But I was able to beat Arcade mode on my last life and continue using 10 lives/continue, and I was not able to beat Story Mode on 28 lives with my weapons max'ed out to 33! That's for a frame of reference. But take into account I don't suck at these games and there's a few stages, and even more bosses in other stages, that are new in the Story Mode, which I've only played ONCE. You cannot skip stages as you can in Arcade Mode. If you haven't already, work on the "Clear Arcade" achievement first, as it's easier and gets you used to most of the game.

*Credit to Xonatron on TrueAchievements*

Hyper Sword - 5G
Use Hyper Sword

To use the Hyper Sword attack you must fill the bar on the top left of the screen. To do this, you must use your RT sword attack to swipe 10 pink bullets (don't shoot the enemies right away otherwise they may not shoot out these bullets). Also, the end boss of 3A (which is actually the beginning of the game) shoots out a lot of pink bullets so it should not be a problem getting this achievement. When the bar is filled it will now be flashing. When you press RT one more time, you will do your Hyper Sword special attack and the achievement will unlock.

*Credit to K4rn4ge on TrueAchievements*

Find hidden bonus

You only need to find one hidden bonus to get this easy achievement. The first and easiest one you can get is at the very beginning of the game. Start up Arcade mode. As soon as you can move, go to the very bottom right of the screen and press and hold the X button attack. A small dog icon will pop up, bark, and it will say Secret. The achievement will then unlock.

*Credit to K4rn4ge on TrueAchievements*

On the Leaderboard - 10G
Upload a score to the Leaderboards

Choose Single Player > Arcade Mode > Score Attack. Disregard all other options because you will simply be starting the game and dying on purpose. Once you have lost all your ships and get the game over screen, it will upload your score to the leaderboard and you will get the achievement.

*Credit to K4rn4ge on TrueAchievements*

Weapon Master - 20G
Get Three weapons to maximum level

Maximum Level is 33. Simple play story mode over and over and load/save ALWAYS from/on the same slot!! You also receive a small 'EXP' boost for all weapons after destroying a boss. Took me 8hrs for leveling the 3 main weapons.

You may want the new HUD (sorry, can't remember if it is the default setting or not) because u see the leveling progress of the weapons.

*Credit to SoulKatana on TrueAchievements*

Max Chain - 20G
Get 100,000 points by chain bonus

Level 3B is a relatively easy level to do this on. It's extremely short, and seeing as this cannot be done in Training mode, it only takes around 3-4 minutes to get there from the starting area 3A. So, focus all your attention on the Red enemies.

Now, if you play on Normal or anywhere below, you'll actually be 1 enemy short to fill up your chain, so you'll have to play this on Hard. Don't worry though, you'll barely feel any significant change on this level, apart from the suicide bullets shot from the ships during the very first enemy wave. The rest (if done correctly) will be destroyed before they're even considered a threat.

Some Tips:

*On Hard, you can actually skip two enemies, and still meet the required score. So, near the end of the level (just before the wall) you'll be faced against three red ships shooting blue rockets at you. It's possible to destroy them all by lining your Homing Plasma on the Middle & Left ships, but I found this incredibly tricky to consistently pull off. Therefore, skip one of the ships (The right one in my case), and simply use the Vulcan to destroy two of them.

*Close to the start (After the series of ships) there's a machine firing lasers from it's left and right, and red bullets from the middle. Make sure you destroy the lasers before dealing too much damage to the main body, otherwise it may blow up and destroy the two lasers, which will only count as 1 enemy.

*And obviously, practice this level in Training mode until you're comfortable doing it for real. Like I said before, this level is really short, which means it requires little of your time to fully master. If you're unsure as to how to tackle certain parts, or efficiently use your weapons, download a replay to see how the masters do it. It shouldn't be too hard to follow as this level doesn't really have alot of ways chain.

EDIT: The video below should give you an idea of how to handle each section. Like I said before, you can easily find these replays in the game's leaderboard, but I figured I'd add an example anyway.

NOTE: This video is not mine, it belongs to tsnb30, all credit goes to him.

*Credit to Black Mesa on TrueAchievements*
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