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General Tips

I have been finishing this game up and I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with some tips for some of the harder games.

720 - I actually did this on the Downhill in Training (Level 1). What makes it easier is if you buy a board the first thing. The map in the game will help you a lot in finding the board shop. Then go straight into the downhill. Make sure to cut corners when transferring to the next downhill ramp. It may take a couple of attempts to get your bearing together. I think the new board is quicker, because without it I didn't do near as good.

Tournament Cyberball 2072 - I was fiddling around in Game Breakers mode (under the Advanced game options) and I score a touchdown in two straight offensive situations and it popped for me.

Wizards of Wor - Kill off your partner three times for 3,000 points and then simply survive from there.

Smash TV - I went bald trying to beat this and unfortunately there is NO easy way without the glitch. But here are some pieces of advice:

1. Choose the path of least resistance. You do get a lot of extra lives floating around, but make it easier. If you don't like the pink guys, dodge the stage if possible. This game can bring you bad karma quick if you are not careful.

2. Simply don't kill yourself for a measly power up (or even a 1-up). You can actually gain more ground with that life than to go through a gauntlet of enemies to get something you may lose.

3. If you end up in a bonus stage, watch where the prizes cover up the land mines.

4. For Mutoid Man, pick off the cannons at his feet first (watch for the electro-shock!). Next wail at his head and move accordingly. This is actually the EASIEST put of the level IMO.

Hope this helps. My break is almost done, need to get back to work. Feel free to comment and good luck on the 1000! :-)
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