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You do not know moxibustion Zusanli human knowledge Daquan _ Phoenix

    super moxibustion knowledge Daquan (canopy for map)   1, the disease come from?   forefathers said, "I would rather something warming, do not do cold." modern people tend to do the opposite. Grown up in air conditioners, refrigerators, cold everywhere, women are even more beautiful to wear midriff, halter. Extensive use of cold drugs, hormones. Bulimia cold food, even perennial wear skirts ride electric vehicles, the loss of the body's yang, causing immunity, the body system dysfunction, was injured by cold, and pain caused by a variety of sub-health, lifelong disease, chronic diseases.   2, disease where to go?  The best way is moxibustion Guanyuan , and the full three years, in the abdominal cavity. Yuanyang replenish the body. This is the root of the problem. In conjunction with moxibustion local pain points. This is a temporary solution.   3, Zusanli what role?  After a number of cases indicate often moxibustion Zusanli can two dozen diseases prevention, nor a trace of side effects, can indeed in a very short time strong body, improve human immunity, enhance disease resistance, have extended longevity On the effectiveness of Zusanli knee now located outside the four cross-refers to the edge of the tibia is a big point Zusanli a strong body and mind, there is regulating immunity, enhance disease resistance, spleen and stomach, deficiency, through the meridians, dispelling wind and dampness , rousing effect. A lot of practice both ancient and modern, Zusanli can prevent a variety of diseases, physical fitness is important. Zusanli is an effective anti-aging, for the longevity benefit. Moxibustion Zusanli, can make a strong stomach and intestines and law, and can improve a variety of digestive enzyme activity, increasing desire to help digestion; in the nervous system, brain cells can promote functional recovery and improve the ability of the cerebral cortex cells ; the circulatory system, blood system, you can change the function, regulating heart rate, increased red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin and blood sugar levels; in the endocrine system, the pituitary - adrenal system function bi benign regulation, improve the body's defenses diseases capacity. Can treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, acute gastritis, gastroptosis lifting effect is particularly evident acute stomach pain, for, hiccups, belching, enteritis, diarrhea, constipation, hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, kidney stones and colic diabetes, high blood pressure, but also the role of adjuvant therapy.   4, moxibustion beauty can do?   can. Moxibustion in the abdominal cavity, Guanyuan, Zusanli, tune inside and outside support, tackling the problem by adjusting the endocrine system to mobilize the innate and acquired strength, adequate and the body's blood on the head, face up, with a refreshing refreshing, facial hair skin effect, can effectively dilute the decomposition of facial skin pigmentation, remove facial edema, eye bags, dark circles, pigmentation and so on, effectively improve facial tired, so the majority of female beauty, facial features, skin color, red, flexible, No wrinkles, no spots, plump, radiant.   Moreover, while in the beauty,cheap designer sunglasses for men, weight loss can be played through the endocrine system, the eradication of the role of gynecological diseases.   5, hypertension can cauterize it?   moxibustion Zusanli Guanyuan, in the abdominal cavity, Yongquan. When the original moxibustion taking antihypertensive drugs can not just stop, otherwise it will cause the blood pressure to rebound.   Zusanli main point is stronger human health, the human body has a very big strong role, often moxibustion this point to prevent and conditioning over twenty kinds of diseases, hypertension, dizziness has a very good conditioning effect.   6, colds how moxibustion?   moxibustion Ojo, the effect is very fast, the majority of patients can be cured once moxibustion. Patients bow at the highest point of the seventh cervical vertebra Department looking at "Dazhui", and then make good use of stainless steel towel moxibustion box, match the clothes with elastic collar yard or fixed Dazhui to better moxibustion to damp skin redness ; each operation to achieve the best micro sweat.   7, physical person it is not hot moxibustion?   moxibustion with two-way adjustment function, through conduction, to adjust the body's cold and heat. Fever moxibustion, "class", said "because of the situation and the solution, the bulk of the rise, the Young's, such as the window opened, as has been lifted, are that of the hair," Ai fire moxibustion can make the blood vessels to dilate, flow acceleration, Cou declared pass, so as to achieve "fire Yu Fat," the purpose of thermal cooling Quxie out, so called "fire power Nukiyama there, the door of the power of evil." Therefore, we need not fear, our body functions is amazing, the righteous life, the nature of evil men chills and fever. Therefore, the heat may moxibustion!   For example, I am tonsils, throat pain in patients with toothache, moxibustion Ojo, most patients will feel the throat moist feeling symptoms.   8, nocturnal emission how moxibustion?   moxibustion off the main. With abdominal, full three years. Before going to bed can also moxibustion Yongquan.   9, moxibustion there is no season?   no. Any season can moxibustion. Asks, Countrymen say summer is not made out of summer moxibustion moxibustion is said to be inside the red like this view is nonsense. Fu Yang seasons can be. While spring trees sprout human disease easy to relapse, this time human germinal yang, when moxibustion is better, and the winter and summer disease governance, when the dog days moxibustion better, etc., are all relative.   If there is anything wrong, moxibustion early good morning, there is no need to wait until a specific throttle again moxibustion.   10, the summer heat tiger again, moxibustion can be depressed summer air vent out?   can I use the method of moxibustion Ojo. Fan is the first moxibustion Baihui, then moxibustion Ojo.  The best way is to eat less cold to hot moxibustion diarrhea. Moxibustion methods, choose the positive points moxibustion (moxibustion Baihui first, then moxibustion Ojo), will reach to fire diarrhea fever effect. In the course of moxibustion, will the right amount, or a lot of sweating, which will be able to vent hot gas with sweat, and a winter gas savings can be distributed, after moxibustion finished, drink some warm water, mint leaves, suddenly people will felt very fresh, hot gas swept away. So in the summer moxibustion, diarrhea is the best way to cool hot summer regimen. It is said that Japanese people are also using this method to our ancestors through the summer.
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