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Achievement Tips

Normally, after finishing a game I'd write a guide to help everyone here to get 1000 easily by following a step by step guide. Unfortunately, this game is set up in such a way that such a guide would be quite hard to follow and will require like 25 playthroughs that end midway, skipping scenes, and doing all crazy hooplas. So, instead I link to a Japanese guide and give you tips on how to follow that guide.

First, I will explain how the game works so you have a basic idea. The game is played using a system of senses towards the girls in the game. You may have a good sense, normal sense, or bad sense on a scale of 1-8. The girls also have a senses scale towards you which is hidden, but you will see +1, -1 when you make your choice on the top right.

Due to the fact that if you skip a scene LB+A, you will miss out on TIPS and texts, you are never to skip a scene. Always only use "Start" button to skip through dialogues. Do NOT ever skip an entire scene unless you are 100% sure that you have all Senses & Texts in that particular scene.

Now, follow the guide linked below to try and get all endings. You may miss out on few endings or get stuck in an infinite loop. Do your best to get out and if some choices do not appear, do your best to power through it. If worse comes to worse, just skip to the next part of the walkthrough. As far as I can tell, this guide is quite poorly written and not validated so it goes to bad ending for some of the routes and never lets you complete the game to the good ending.

To select Senses, press Back and adjust your feelings toward each girl. If it says Max, go all the way right. If it says Min, go all the way left. After getting Good/True ending, you will have a new option called Answers. This lists all possible responses, so instead of manually adjusting the Senses bar, you can just select one of them. If the guide has no girls names, Min/Max or whatever, just press Start to skip it.

Now, use the guide below which looks more complicated, but is a full detailed chart in order to get you all TIPS, CGs, Endings, Senses, and Texts.

Some senses, and texts only appear if you meet certain conditions. For example, girl may have to have higher than +5 feeling towards you. You may have to have scene the scene that precedes it. Use Google translate to find out what the requirements are.

Remember, you always know how many Senses or Texts you are missing for each scene by checking Playing Log's third tab. It has very detailed stats. Make sure you have #/# 100.000% in all scenes. I will take questions if they are very specific: Example would be "I'm missing some texts in scene A in root After, what am I doing wrong?" I will not answer generic question like "I have 97%, what texts could I be missing?" (There are 55000 texts in this game, 3% is still 1650 texts. I'm not a mind reader nor am I sitting in front of your TV.)

I feel that it's not useful to just copy/paste and translate the linked guide as Google translate should do the job well enough for the ones that do need translation. Most obviously should not be translated because they are character, scene names.

Good luck! This game only took me 25 hours as opposed to Cross Channel, which took me 70 hours due to it having no detailed stats whatsoever.

PS. The game slowed down considerably for me after getting about 55% of the texts. It helped to clear cache, move the profile to HDD, turn off the Xbox and turn back on... the usual stuff.
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Thanks for the info Sanger. I don't know if I'm ever willing to start this one.

Al Soure is trying to make a guide at TA

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The game is not too bad, if you just want 900~990G. The 100% text achieve is only 10G. I wish Al Soure luck with his guide. This game for me was definitely the most complicated I've played so far and I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much time writing a guide which may or may not be helpful because making a mistake means starting over which would be a horrible experience with the game's 30+ different endings.
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Thanks! I'm diving in right now.
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