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Question Surviving?

Does anyone have ANY tips on surviving longer in multiplayer? I run very low killstreaks (UAV, Care Package, CUAV), and I'm lucky if I get one full circle through them. My K/D is not that low (usually about 1,5-2,5), so that's not the problem of being bad overall.

Getting as far as, say, stealth chopper once a game would be a fun change for me. Or at least being more consistent with getting CUAV... So if you've got any ideas on how to stay alive for a longer time, I'd be happy to hear them.

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Sawyer 881
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Stop using care packages..
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Have you tried raising your sensitivity
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D412k Kn16h7
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1. Camp. People will eat your soul...and your chopper will do the same to them
2. Play domination and kill everyone that tries to capture, or kill people while camping at the capture point
3. Play Kill Confirmed. Get all the tags! Your team will likely get pissed, but probably less so when you call in your chopper.
4. Play the aforementioned on HC. People die fast. If you have a quick trigger finger and decent aim, you're more likely to come out on top...especially since 1 bullet from an AR will beat the 2-3 bullets needed from a SMG.
5. Don't play stupid. Don't capture a point solo. Don't run down "kill channels", flank them. Always be aware of the terrible spawning and the 6-7 newborns about to violate you from behind (this is really hard in HC).
6. Patience. Trying for bloodthirsties, nuke tags, killstreaks is a sure fire way to sink you into depression and/or unsuppressable rage.

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ghost & hardline and a suppressor. i found running UAV, sentry gun, Chopper/AGR worked well in domination.

play slow and rack up a few kills and your uav assists plus 3-4 kills then gets you sentry. place overlooking B flag and 4 sentry and 3-4 kills later you get the chopper/AGR.

with hardline you only need 8 kills for AGR. with 1 capture kill and capping B dom, you'll get your UAV. your then only about 3 kills away from the sentry gun, which usually gets 4 kills pretty quick. another 2 or 3 kills yourself and the AGR/chopper will distract them while you keep getting kills/ capping flags.

ive managed to cycle this setup twice a few times, especially if you flip the enemy spawn by capping the other dom point. they usally capture the other flag, and you just flank the outside of the map and recap, plus a few kills, to loop to another AGR/chopper
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killstreak, longer, multiplayer, scorestreak, survive

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