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Hitman: Absolution
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Hitman: Absolution - All Evidence Locations Guide


There is a total of 45 evidence pieces to collect that count for the achievement, there's actually 46 pieces of evidence in the game with the extra one being in the tailor shop but that doesn't count towards the trophy as there's no challenge to pick it up. Evidence comes in the form of dossiers and video tapes and there's a couple in each mission. Once you've picked one up that's it, it's saved forever and you don't have to pick it up again if you quit, restart or die The best way is to go Rambo to get them, then once you've gotten it just restart checkpoint and play stealthy. Below is the achievement you will unlock for collecting all 45:

Information is Power 30
You collected all evidence


Q. I missed a piece of evidence

A. All you have to do is look at the the challenges menu on the main menu and look up the evidence collector challenge to work out which missions you are missing a piece. Once you've found out just collect the ones your missing and the trophy will unlock as normal.

Q. Can I check how many I have?

A. You can check the Evidence Collector stat on the challenges screen to see how many you have in each mission

Q. So why can't I collect them on easy?

A. The reason is that challenges are blocked on easy, you can't unlock them at all. If you are playing on easy the evidence pieces will still be there but that's it. You will get some points for it but the challenge for them won't complete, thus no trophy at the end of it.

Q. If I die, restart checkpoint or quit after I have picked up a piece of evidence will it still be saved?

A. You will still have it saved, as soon as you pick it up the game will save it and the challenge. So feel free to restart the checkpoint, quit or die. Don't worry about losing the credit towards the achievement. The evidence piece will still be there, if you pick it up you'll just get a score bonus and some instinct.

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Video Guide

Text Guide

A Personal Contract

Evidence 1: Cliffside

The first evidence piece is found when you first enter the mansion and have to disable the security system. In a shelf just next to the security system is the evidence.

Evidence 2: Mansion Ground Floor

The best way to approach this is to get the chef uniform from the chef in order to get his evidence piece easier. In the room where you have to kill the security chief is two chairs and a table near where the entrance to the stairs is. On the small table in between the chairs is the evidence

The King of Chinatown

Evidence 3: Chinatown Square

This evidence is in the pagoda, right next to where the king is standing. The evidence is on the table next the the coffee cups. You can just walk into the pagoda then pick it up and restart the checkpoint, but it's best to kill the drug dealer and get his disguise.


Evidence 4: Terminus Hotel

From where you start the level go into the double doors and loom to your left. There is a reception type area with metal design type windows. Go into the open door that says "Private" where the woman is arguing with somebody on the phone, from here you can access the reception room. Simply walk in and on your right on a table is the evidence.

Evidence 5: Upper Floors

Looking at the door to room 899 take a look to your left and go through the door, now go into the double door that is directly to your right after going through the first door. On the long table in the center of the room is the evidence.

Run for Your Life

Evidence 6: The Library

In the open area of the library is a statue, surrounding the statue is a desk. Looking head on at the statue look a tiny bit to the left hand side of the table, the evidence is on the desk.

Evidence 7: Shangri-La

In the area with two police officers and canabis plants is where the evidence is located. Walk to the other side of the room and then go through the exit to your right. Next to the door you just walked through is a hollow window, the evidence is sitting in that window.

Evidence 8: Train Station

There's two ways to get his, in the video I get it from going through the door to the left of you as soon as you exit the elevator. Don't go through the door that's filled with civilians and the blue flashing lights, instead go right. The evidence is on the L shaped desk in the room filled with police officers. You can't really get this without being detected, just pick it up and run.

Hunter and Hunted

Evidence 9: Courtyard

You start the mission underground. What you want to do is find the way to reach the surface by going up the stairs. Once out in the open there is 3 police cars, the one that is in the middle of the other 2 police cars has the evidence piece on the bonnet.

Evidence 10: The Vixen Club

Facing the main entrance to the vixen club, look to your left and go towards the sign that says "Girls Girls Girls". Climb up the ledge hear and shimmy around until you reach the window, climb in here. The room you are now is where the evidence is located. Directly in front of you from the window you entered is the evidence, on the desk.

Evidence 11: Derelict Building

The evidence is located next to the group of poilce officers. If you want you can just kill them all and pick the evidence up, but if you want to sneak around take the approach I take in the video. From the checkpoint you can activate jump up to the ledge and then climb up to the room above. In this room is a dead stripper, you want to dump her off the edge so the police come and check it out. You can now drop down through the gap in front and you'll land directly on the evidence.

Evidence 12: Convenience Store

You can set the fireworks off, but it's not needed. When your in the store just walk towards the exit. On the right just before you leave the store is a counter with a till on it, right next to the till is the evidence.

Evidence 13: Loading Area

After you leave the shop you'll be in the loading area. There is 4 police officers on the right hand side, go to the door you can see in front of you slightly to the left. On the desk is the evidence.

Evidence 14: Chinese New Year

This area is the same area as the 2nd mission, The King of Chinatown. If you can remember back to that mission, go to where the Kings sports car was parked. Go up the small stairs then drop down to the area that wasn't in the 2nd mission. Go around the corner and look at the wooden rubbish that's on the floor in the corner, the evidence is here next to that rubbish.


Evidence 15: Orphanage Halls

As soon as you climb out the elevator shaft take the first right and go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs go through the door to your left where there is a couple of enemies. The best way to kill them is use the tools lying around to distract them and pick them off one by one, or go Rambo and shoot them all. On the C shaped desk, the evidence is located at the front of the desk.

Evidence 16: Central Heating

Shortly after entering this area you will find the evidence on a concrete block on the right side of the corridor where the 2 enemies where standing. It is right below the big metal tube in the ceiling.
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Welcome to Hope

Evidence 17: Great Balls of Fire

As soon as you start the mission take a right into the toilets. There will be a police officer here doing his business, wait for him to leave. To the left of the urinals is a vent you can access, go through that. In the room on the other side is the evidence. Look at the desk, next ot the TV is a cassette player. The evidence is sitting in that player.

Birdie's Gift

Evidence 18: Gun Shop

This one is rather tricky to reach if you don't know how to access it. As soon as you start the level sabotage the electricity on the right hand side to get the guy at the counter to step away. Now grab the keycard from behind the counter and go through the saloon doors (If your on hard, make sure the staff member isn't standing right behind the door, he will eventually go upstairs). Go through the door at the end of this room to enter the trenches on the firing range, on your right hand side part way up the trench is a bunker, in the bunker is the evidence in a cassette player on the shelf.

Shaving Lenny

Evidence 19: Streets of Hope

This piece of evidence is in the big garage area to the left of where you start. Go into the garage then go up the stairs at the end. There will be a police officer and a mechanic talking to each other, next to them is the evidence on a table.

Evidence 20: Barbershop

When you are in the barbershop and have to assassinate 2 of the cougar gang and pacify Lenny, there is a big TV with an adult show playing. On top of this TV is the evidence. You can sabotage the electricity so that you can get it easier, but it's best to just run in there an pick it up to save time messing around trying to get it.

Dexter Industries

Evidence 21: Dead End

After you disable the security systems and the back up security systems you have to go through the fire door to proceed with the mission. From the fire door go to your right and look at the 3 TVs in the distance. The evidence is located in the cassette player right next to these TVs.

Evidence 22: Old Mill

As soon as you enter the old mill and go up the stairs you will see two guys playing on a video games console. To drive them away from it you can either kill them or sabotage the electricity. The evidence is located on top of the TV.

Evidence 23: Descent

When you get the option to go through the window or move past it, go through the window. Shoot all the guy's here and one of them has a keycard, pick it up and go through the security gate. There is two enemies right by the evidence, shoot them or leave them. The evidence is on the table by those enemies.

Evidence 24: Factory Compound

The best way to get his is kill the man in the suit by the red sports car, then take his disguise. Not a single enemy will see through it. Now you want to go through the entrance to the factory. On the reception desk below the nuke is the evidence.

Death Factory

Evidence 25: Test Facility

You will be tasked will killing the weird man who likes blowing up pigs with mines. Go to the viewing room which you say him in during the cutscene, climb a ladder to reach the higher level. From the button that releases the pigs, turn around and go to the left hand corner desk. The evidence is on this desk by the PC monitor.

Evidence 26: Decontamination

You will see sighs for the showers, keep following these until you reach the shower area. At the exit to the showers where the plastic sheet things are is a small room to your left filled with enemies watching the TV. The evidence is on the small table in front of the sofa.

Evidence 27: R&D

AT the very end you will be in a large circular room and have to make your way down to the bottom by taking that path that curves around the edge. Once at the bottom go the the chair on the right with the 3 flat screen monitors by it. Behind these monitors is the evidence.

Fight Night

Evidence 28: Patriot's Hangar

As soon as you start the mission you will see a caravan in the center with the patriot training and somebody making some food. There will also be enemies as you first come in, but if you wait for them to leave or kill them then it shouldn't be a problem. Go behind the caravan and in the back right corner the evidence is on a box.

Evidence 29: The Arena

After fighting Sanchez, take a left towards the bar and go through the open door behind the bar. Go up the stairs and then take a right to go onto the catwalk. A door leading to a room with a couple of people in is at the end of the catwalk. The evidence is located by the TV in this room.
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Attack of the Saints

Evidence 30: Parking

When you reach the area with the first two saints, look at the bright coloured school bus. To the right of the bus is a light blue SUV. Next to the SUV is a black equipment case, the evidence is on top of this case.

Evidence 31: Reception

This is also on top of a black equipment case. Near the gas pumps there's two black SUVs, in between them is the black case which has the evidence and a shotgun on top off it.

Evidence 32: Cornfield

Near the end of the cornfield is a black SUV and a caravan. In front of the SUV is yet another black equipment case, the evidence is on top of this case.

Skurky's Law

Evidence 33: Courthouse

As soon as the mission starts turn around and exit the courtroom. Looking at the statue head on, look at the door to your left. In this room is a bunch of police officers and the evidence piece. As soon as you go in the room the evidence is on the right hand side on a desk.

Evidence 34: Holding Cells

When you reach the door you have to exit, don't go through it yet. Look at the exit door, then to your right. There's a desk with a TV on it, next to the TV is the evidence.

Evidence 35: Prison

Once you open the prison gate by pressing the button you want to head down the stairs. The very first door you see on your right has the evidence in, on a wooden box.

Operation Sledgehammer

Evidence 36: County Jail

When you have to get the silverballers back the evidence is in this room. Go round to the right after the police officer talking about taking the silverballers for his sons party, on the other side of the room is a woman talking about a prank call. On the desk here by the a computer monitor is the evidence.

Evidence 37: Outgunned

As soon as you exit the jail you'll see a load of enemies patrolling around and 4 black SUVs. In between the SUVs is a shady looking ambulance, on a black equipment case by the dark ambulance is the evidence.

Evidence 38: Burn

You will reach a massive warehouse room full of smoke and enemies. Make your way towards the exit. Just before you enter a room full of kegs (right by the exit), look to the right. The evidence is on a box to the right of the door to the keg room.

Evidence 39: Hope Fair

When you have to make your way up the street with stalls on either side and in the center of the road. Continue up the road and look at the group of SUVs on the right. The evidence piece is on a black equipment case in the center of the SUVs and near a market stall.

Blackwater Park

Evidence 40: Blackwater Park

As soon as you start the level head round to the right to reach garden area and don't go into the house. Keep going all the way round until you see the 3 cars on the left. Head down to the next lower area and you'll see a sedan in the distance at what looks like a security checkpoint to a garage. To the right of the sedan is a small room with 4 TVs, below the TVs in the machine is the evidence.

Evidence 41: The Penthouse

As soon as you get into the penthouse from the elevator shaft you will see stairs to your right. Don't go up them but instead take the halfway that's to your left. You'll see a second set of stairs directly ahead of you , ignore those too and go into the door next to the katana. You'll now be in a massive room with a whale skeleton at the end and a harpoon gun. To the left of the harpoon gun on a sofa is the evidence


Evidence 42: Blackwater Roof

This is a tricky one to get, because of the timer and if you get spotted Derek will detonate the bomb. When you reach the roof part by the checkpoint you want to head towards the room which leads to Derek, use instinct and hide by pressing the explosive things to avoid getting spotted. When you reach the room get the keycard on the desk. You now want to go back to where the checkpoint is, there is a double door that needs the keycard. In here is the evidence in the room to the right.


Evidence 43: Cemetery Entrance

From where you start, go down towards the objective. About halfway down the path you go down some stairs and there's an intersection where the path goes right, left and forward. Between the forward and right path is a stone L shape. On this L shape is the evidence.

Evidence 44: Burnwood Family Tomb

When you first reach this area go down the stairs and take the 2nd left, then go right again when you see the stairs to your right. Go up the stairs and round the corner, you will now see what looks like a broken/weathered tomb. Head down to your right to reach it and on your way you will see a black equipment case with one of those laptops you can hide with. Next to the laptop is the evidence.

Evidence 45: Crematorium

The final piece of evidence is mid way up to the church. What you want to do is eliminate the Praetorians first, the shoot the trip mine that's by the main stairs. You will see a statue in front, look to your right and you'll see a black equipment case. On the case is the evidence piece. Achievement unlocks!

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I know there's a couple already, but hey, the more the merrier

Feedback appreciated.
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Awesome guide, only thing is, if you only have 1 video you may want to include timestamps to make it easier to find a certain piece of evidence.
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Originally Posted by DEG23 View Post
Awesome guide, only thing is, if you only have 1 video you may want to include timestamps to make it easier to find a certain piece of evidence.
Thanks . Yeah, I'm in the process of doing that
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