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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011
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Achievement Guide

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8.5-9/10 (Controller + gun is an advantage)
- Offline: 19 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 24-36 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: 9
- Glitched achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?:No Cheats

Welcome to Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011, this game has its high and low points but following this guide will ensure that you can get the full 1000. This game requires a lot of skill, and is no easy 1000 by any means You can easily get 800, but the last 200 will test your patience to no end.

The Not Saving Glitch Fix:
For reasons unknown even if your game saves, as long as you connect to Xbox Live anywhere playing this game or not playing this game you will loose all of your data. Before even attempting this game make sure you are prepared to play this with your Ethernet unplugged.

Step 1: Unplug or disconnect Ethernet Cable. For slim users go to network settings and disconnect from the internet.

Step2:Enjoy the game, and you can turn it off and come back to it anytime, but the moment you go back on Xbox Live goodbye Save File.

First Playthrough:
The game only lets you go through on Normal difficulty with is actually the best, because by the time you beat the game and want to play hard mode you should be more than competent to beat it. Also for people not using a Top Shot, make sure you switch the setting to classic for hunter sense otherwise your going to be in a world of chaos.

Achievements guaranteed to get on first play through without optional ones:

Grizzly Defeat
Rhino Defeat
Kaftar Defeat
Adventure Over


Achievements you will most likely earn along the way:

What Does Indy hate?
I Like Spicy Wings
Steady Hand, Great Scope
Bow In Front of Me
I See You
Hair Away From Death


Second Playthrough:
Pretty much the mop of of the ones you missed above, you can go through and play the game on normal for the collectable achievements. Just go to level select on the bottom. For the achievement Gallery Lover you will need to gain a minimum of 35K experience in the Hard campaign. An easy way to boost XP is just replay the level Grizzly Hunt over and over for 5K XP each time you kill the Bear.

Collector's Edition
Hidden Pages

35K XP

Mop Up:
After obtaining all Story Mode related achievements, along with the collectables, and the 35K XP. You will need to go for the following:

Gallery Lover
Combo Wizard
Bonus Lover
Lucky Number

Read the Guide below for a more detailed idea of unlocking all the achievements.

What Does Indy hate? 50 Hunt 50 snakes in Story Mode.
Chapter 4 - River Delta
Chapter 5 - Grassland

You will find these little guys all over the place their will be well over 50 to shoot. Use Hunter sense to see these guys fairly easy.

Grizzly Defeat 50 Kill the Grizzly Bear boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 3 - Grizzly Hunt. Make sure to blast ol smokey the bear with the shotgun, because it seems to do the most damage then when he is far away shoot him in the heart with your rifle.

Rhino Defeat 50 Kill the Rhino boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 7 - Rhino Hunt. Shotgun rules apply as well, and just make sure you circle strafe around him. As we can all agree an alive Cole rainsford is a happy one.

Kaftar Defeat 50 Kill the Kaftar boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 11 - Kaftar Hunt. Some people have a hard time killing this boss, but its really not that bad. Just stay out of the fire and near the fireplace. Near the fireplace are health packs a plenty. The average person you should get this puppy killed in no time at all especially with the combat rifle.

I Like Spicy Wings 50 Hunt 50 birds in Story Mode.

Any level you see birds just start mowing them down with your pistol or shotgun a good level would be Chapter 5 - Grassland. But hell any level you can't really go wrong. This one will come to you early in your first play through or a mop up.

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Steady Hand, Great Scope 50 Hunt an animal with the Rifle that is at least 50 yards away while using the Scope (in Story Mode).

Location Chapter 4 - River Delta or any level with cheetahs in the trees. There will come a point where you can see with Hunter Sense a cheetah in the tree. Just back up as far as you can and scope in the little kitty and shoot it, the achievement should pop up. If not then you were too close.

Bow In Front of Me 50 Hunt 20 animals with the Crossbow (in Story Mode).
Location Chapter 5 - Grassland. You will come to a point where you enter a shack. Located inside the shack is a crossbow and some bolts. Basically use the crossbow from this point until the end of game and rack up 20 kills.

Adventure Over 100 Complete the Story Mode.
Simply beat all 11 Chapters in the game.
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Collector's Edition50 Collect all Experience Items and shoot down all Marksman Targets (in Story Mode).

These video guides will help you get both Collectors Edition and Hidden Pages.
I would like to thank xAGENTP6x for all the videos. His first video is slow but the rest he does in 2X speed. Enjoy.

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I See You50 Hunt 30 animals while using Hunter Sense (in Story Mode).
Easily done just make sure you use Hunter Sense when killing an animal. To do this even easier just one shot snakes with your pistol while using Hunter Sense.

Hair Away From Death50 Narrowly escape death 20 times.

You will rather get this on your own from doing a not so good job in the campaign or if your a boss and haven't gotten it yet here's a helpful video to unlock it rather quickly.

Hidden Pages50 Collect all Journal Pages (in Story Mode).

See Collector's Edition Guide for details.
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I Will Survive50 Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.

Now this achievement is the biggest Bi*** of them all. I warn you to remove yourself of the presence of small children and breakables. This is for your own safety trust me. Okay now their are mutliple guides on this site that have good strategys for this. The bottom line is you gotta be good, and you have to have a level head. I will put up a video of somebody doing this but your best bet is to take notes and read some of the guides and give your best shot. I am currently ranked number 100 on the scoreboards and sadly only like 120/200,000 people have gotten this achievement. I will keep you in my prayers and best of luck. If you get this nothing can stop you from getting all the other achievements.

Guide 1:

Original post by 'bodigard'

I got the "I Will Survive" trophy early this morning and if you are having any problems here are some tips:

1. aim under the chin of the wolves (leads to a one shot kill with HEARTSHOT);
2. memorize where the wolves come from;
3. hit the 2 caribou in the camp site and then the 3 that run in the next area (will unlock a bear sequence that will last about 15-20 seconds with 0 chance of getting hit);
4. in the area right after the camp site wait until you are about to change areas and there will be a wolf that has an unlimited ammo power up, grab it and unload in the next area and build up your health early;
5. finally, the first rotation kills only take 1 shot, the next 2 shots, and so on so forth. so learning to quick shot and reload is a huge skill.

Here is how you should run through each area

CAMPSITE: Hit the first two wolves and let the first 3 wolves go by, the next set of three will either come from the right or 2 to the left and 1 to the right. Now the ducks should fly out, hit the one with the Marksman Power Up (nuclear symbol), hit the 2 Caribou that pop up and unload in the same area to kill 3 wolves....move to next site.

HILL: Immediately kill the first wolve on the right and then move to the left and unload quickly to kill the 3 Caribou. There should only be two wolves that pop up so quickly hit them. Now a bear will appear and as long as you are aiming under the chin you will waste some time killing it with 0 wolves attacking. Now after the bear is dead prepare for 3 wolves to come from the left and and right. Finally keep an eye on the right side for a chance to kill a wolf that has hte unlimited ammo power up. move to the next site

DOWNHILL: We are now aiming downhill. You will see 2 wolves go left to right, hit them quickly and then one from the left will arrive. Take him out and then you will see 2 Caribou run from the right to the left (one has health so grab it if necessary). There will be about 5-8 more wolves that appear. Once you see a lone one come from the right aim to the right to hit the one behind him for more health. Move to the next site.

TREELINE: Immediately aim mid right to kill two closing in wolves and then aim to the left to kill another set of 2. Stick to the left side as the wolves will spawn there. When you see a multitude of Caribou stampede look for one on the mid left to carry health grab it. Move to the next site.

RUINS: Quickly shoot 3 wolves on the left side and then aim to the right for a wolf with the unlimited ammo. Use it and get the one that is hiding the in brush to the right and unload in the middle of hte screen any wolves that show up. With the unlimited ammo none of hte wolves should get near you.

NOW YOU START OVER AND IT TAKES 2 SHOTS TO KILL THE WOLVES. Just repeat the above-state guide and you should last the full 7 minutes. It will take practice but once you can memorize and anticipate where they are coming from you will get the hardest silver in the game.

Guide 2:

Thanks to Goots88

Here are a few additional tips I used to help easily get to the 7 minute mark…

For the first part use the above guides… My guide starts at the ruins, last level on the first playthrough.

After the first playthrough, the last level the ruins, after eliminating the 3 wolves on the left side of the screen and the lone wolf on the right (Unlimited Ammo) activate Unlimited Ammo. Now quickly eliminate all wolves and using this area to fill your health up. Soon in the middle background you will see a wolf with a Slow Motion Perk, DO NOT HIT THIS WOLF YET!!! Get the wolf that comes from the left to the middle close with the health, use the Health if needed then kill the wolf with the Slow Mo. The reason this is done, as HazeMonster mentioned before, is you can only hold one perk at a time and getting any other perk it will replace the current one you have.

2nd Time Through – 2 shots for kills
At the campsite, Play through normal as the previous guides mentioned; however, do not use the Slow Mo yet and DO NOT GET THE MARKSMAN PERK, this will take away your Slow Mo. As soon as you are done with the Campsite you will come to the Hill Stage. As soon as the hill stage starts, ACTIVATE Slow Mo, this will ensure you kill the middle closing in wolf and eliminate the 3 caribou that enter from left to right (as long as you got the 2 caribou at the campsite, which is an extremely simple task) and guarantee yourself the Bear (Trophy) Sequence. Completely ignore the Bear and aim to the right side of the tree to kill 2 wolves, another wolf will appear on the near left side quickly kill him. After the last kill quickly switch to your shotgun and be prepared to eliminate the wolf on the far near right side of the screen (Unlimited Ammo).

Downhill section. SAVE YOUR UNLIMITED AMMO. The first 4 wolves will enter the screen, 2 gray wolves and 2 black wolves. The black wolves usually trailing behind the gray wolves. Eliminate the black wolves. After this aim mid left of the screen, all wolves (I believe 4) will enter the screen and stop on the left middle of the screen. Next a caribou will come out with a health, from right to left, ONLY IF YOUR HEALTH IS LOW, activate Unlimited Ammo and shoot to get the First Aid (as mentioned in the guide by HazeMonster). If you do not need health, hold the Unlimited Ammo until after you kill the wolf that enters from the left side of the screen after the caribou. ACTIVATE now and kill the wave of wolves that are closing in quick; however, keep your eyes open for the wolf in the background (under the archway) with the Slow Mo Perk. Now that you activated the Unlimited Ammo so late in the stage it should last into the 4th level, the tree level. Just be sure you do not hit any other perks or you will lose your Slow Mo Perk.

Tree Stage. (as HazeMonster mentioned) Since you still have unlimited ammo, immediately open fire on the right side of the tree to kill the first 2 closing in wolves. After they have been killed you will be out of Unlimited Ammo, now it is time to use Slo Mo, this will make it a breeze and you should not be hit at all. Now just aim to the left of the tree and the remaining wolves will spawn there. After this kill the caribou that comes left to right if health is needed, then its back to the Ruins… which IMO is the best place to completely fill your health and there is no way you will be hit since all the wolves come dead center and you will have unlimited ammo. Be sure to get the Slo Mo again, for the start of the next playthough, beginning of stage 2 as previously mentioned.


Worth mentioning – I used the Top Shot Elite which works amazingly (Shooting Galleries only lol). Please note, I read online the best thing to do when setting up the sensor bar for the Top Shot Elite is to place it at eye level, DO NOT CALIBRATE it, instead set the Sensor Bar location to TOP. Also, set the time for the sensor bar to 3 hours, mine has shut off mid round on me. Then when you’re done playing, just turn it off manually. Primary weapon was the rifle, I only used the shotgun to get the Unlimited Ammo at the very end of stage 2. Don’t get frustrated. IT CAN BE DONE. Just takes practice and memorization. It took me 3 days, total of 10 hours.
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Guide 3:

My Guide

I finally, and I repeat finally got this achievement after 6 hour of cussing, screaming, and throwing my controller. I had to do my best NOT to take out my frustration on my wife, because she felt so bad watching me do this.

Ok here was my strategy in accordance to the ones already said.

1) I used the xbox controller the "MW3 Edition if that counts for anything.

2) I turned my sensitivity to 1.

3) Turn OFF vibration it only throws you off.

4) Screen walkthrough:

Screen 1 steps:
2 Wolfs right hand side ----KILL
3 Wolfs running left -------IGNORE
3 Wolfs they tend to Run from right and left ----KILL
2 Caribou -----KILL
3 Wolfs chasing Caribou -----IGNORE

Screen 2 steps:
1 Wolf in center, Kill that bastard wolf quickly ---KILL
3 Caribou being chased ---KILL
*When you kill all 5 Caribou you get Bear Scene*
1 Bear ----IGNORE
3-4 Wolfs one of them might have health ---KILL
*Must get Unlimited Ammo Power-up*

Screen 3 "The Sh*t storm":
Wolfs are unpredictable in this scene some other people have good strategies here all I can say is.
*Don't activate Unlimited power-up until second half or until caribou with health run by*

Screen 4 steps:
2 Wolfs running right -----KILL
2 Wolfs running left -----KILL
2-3 Wolfs running around 1-2 w/health ----KILL

Screen 5 steps "Mop up":
3 wolfs running from left----KILL
1 wolf bottom right -----KILL
*That wolf has unlimited power-up*

Here's: that part that will benefit you in the next rounds or at least what I did to make my life easier.

Gun down all the wolfs but make sure you gun down the wolf with the SLOW MO Last to save for next round of waves.

Okay for the next runs use this strategy*******

Do everything from the steps before but when you hit screen 2 do one of two things:

1) try and kill that wolf before caribou run by if you fail mop them up with the slow-mo.

2) If you did get the lucky shot on the wolf and the caribou without using your slow-mo. Save it for the 3 wolfs near the end of screen 2 when they run out. USE the SLOW MO. Mop up the 3 wolfs, and kill that unlimited ammo wolf.

When you reach the 5:00 Minute mark or the last run through. Put the controller down for 10 minutes. TRUST ME. This will give you time to stop shaking, and put that heartbeat of yours a rest. Take this 10 minutes to relax and when you come back you will up to snuff again to mow down some more wolfs.

Me Personally: I had to take 2 breaks I paused in between scene 4-5 to take a second 10 min break because my hands and my heart was racing knowing I was so close to finally beating it. I had to calm myself back down and take a quick shot of vodka.

With some luck and some practice it is possible. Just near impossible.

Thanks to Shoe478

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Gallery Lover50 Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the Shooting Gallery Classic levels.
This one will take some time considering you have to not only beat the campaign on normal, but you will have to got through on Hard to get 35K XP. The easy way is just get to chapter 3 Grizzly Hunt and just keep killing the bear for 5000 XP over and over. Then just go through them all and get at least a bronze.

Pathfinder50 Successfully play through all possible path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.
Path Combinations

Each row is one play through.
Doesn't matter if you get bronze or not at then end, as long as you complete each path you choose.


After the first shooting you come to a post and are forced to choose a direction:

Path 1: Right, Right, Straight- Finish
Path 2: Right, Straight, Straight- Finish
Path 3: Right, Left, Straight- Finish

Path 4: Left, Right, Straight- Finish
Path 5: Left, Straight, Straight- Finish
Path 6: Left, Left, Straight- Finish

TREK 2: (Same as Above)

Slaytus from PS3 site found this path information.

In order to pick a direction you have to shoot a post. Also the 2nd Straight path on Trek 1 is difficult you will have to shoot the 4 cheetahs including the two hiding in the bushes under the tree to get a shot at the trophy animal which is a lion. You will need that 15K heartshot to have a chance at getting to minimum score.

Trek 2 is possible to beat without shooting all the horns just make sure at the bird part to go absolutely ape sh*t, and gun all the flying chickens down.

This achievement is difficult and will take a few hours or more best of luck.

Combo Wizard50 Get a 50 animal combo in any Shooting Gallery level.
Only advice is to make every shot count, birds are your best friends with this one. With a little practice you should be able to get this one fairly easy.
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Bonus Lover50 Obtain and use every Power-Up type in any Shooting Gallery level.
This one will eventually unlock when playing through all the galleries. The power-ups include: 2x Score, Slow-mo, Hunter Sense. and Rapid Shot. Really easy can be done on one run of any shooting gallery.

Lucky Number50 Kill 7 Birds with one Shotgun shot.
Easily done on Shooting Galleries on Classic #8 towards end of level their are just flocks of them. Just time your shot or use Slow-mo to make this one easier.
A better explanation from Kevin Olofson in this video below.

Defuser50 Disarm 30 traps in Story Mode (bear traps or land mines).
Location Chapter 2 - Full Moon or Chapter 9 - Outpost. Just make sure you shoot every bear trap or mine you see. Can be seen easier with Hunter Sense.
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This is the first guide I have ever made feel free to ask any questions, and make sure the moderators put this one up on the site so people can benefit from this. I hope you guys like let me know what you think.
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Can we change the title of this thread to achievement guide and roadmap
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people can post now.
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You're a life saver when it comes to this game, granted the achievements are pretty challenging and the bugged save system is annoying. But thank you, for putting in so much time into such a hard and annoyingly glitchy game.
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This guide/roadmap has been copied over to the Greenbook. This means that it is unfinished/unready to be published, and anybody is welcome to sign up to finish it off!
Each guide will have a brief paragraph describing what is needed to get it done and published.

If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!

If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook

More information on Greenbook practices can be found in the Greenbook FAQ, here.

Sign up here! Now!

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Greenbook | Greenbook Contents List

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