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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012
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Arrow Hidden Areas + Photo Challenges Guide

I noticed that there is no guide for the hidden areas and photo challenges, yet. So this is my attempt in making one. I know, that the photo challenges are not really essential to the game, but maybe some people want to net the extra 300 dollars for each of them. Also most of them are not that hard to find, but if you do not wish to search for them yourself, or want to get the "Secret Seeker" achievement out of the way quickly, and just want to rush through the game, this may still help. I know that I am missing a few, but it's enough for the achievement. I hope it is still helpfull

Montana, Day 1:

You can't really miss this hidden area/photo challenge. After you shot the second trophy, you walk down a slope, looking at a lake. Right where the next animal track is, you'll see two rocks, and Hathcock(?) will tell you about hidden areas. Just go through these rocks, down to the water to find this relatively obvious spot and take a photo of the white doe across the water.

Montana, Day 2:

In Hunt 2, right after shooting all those Pronghorns, move on through the rocks. When using hunters sense, you will see some "hiding bushes" along the way on the left side. There is a hidden area right behind the first one of these. Just follow the path behind that bush all the way to the end, and there will be a photo challenge, as well. You have to capture at least 3 does on a picture. Just walk to the shoreline, and look slightly to the left onto the peninsula, there will be 5 does close to each other.

Montana, Day 3:

During Hunt 3, you will find some cougar tracks, and there will be a cutscene, where you talk about the mountain lion. After the cutscene move straight towards 2 fallen trees, then turn left. Follow the path to the end and take a photo of 3 does.

Mexico, Day 1:

Right at the beginning of Hunt 2, there will be a cactus infront of you. Head straight towards it, then turn right and follow the upper path until it turns left at the end. Turn right instead, and go through the two dry bushes (there is another cactus there, too!). This is the next hidden area, and you will be prompted to take a picture of an albino leopard. It will come running from the right, following a doe.

Mexico, Day 2:

In the third hunt, right after you get attacked by a wolf, always keep to the left. You'll get to a small passageway on the left, relatively close to the 500 pts. shooting rest. You will have to take a photo of a wolf. There will be some to the right, eating.

Mexico, Day 3:

Right after you killed the white-tailed deer, if you stand in front of the 250 pts. shooting rest, facing the ladder, turn sharply left (about 90-100) Enter the passage, for a secret location and a photo challenge, where you will have to take a picture of a sneaking cougar.

Texas, Day 1:

No hidden areas, or photo challenges.

Texas, Day 2:

During Hunt 3, after the tracks of the white-tailed deer, keep to the right until you reach a pond with alligators. Follow the shoreline towards the wooden bridge and walk across it, once you reach it. For the photo challenge, you will need to photograph 3 does.


Texas, Day 3:

During the Elk Hunt, you will come to a wide area. The game will tell you to take a picture of a bison. If you stand right in front of the shooting rest, facing the ladder, the bison is behind the fence to your right. It will show you where, when you use hunters sense. Find the right spot, to see it.

Namibia, Day 1:

Right in the beginning there will be bushes with birds to the left and right of the path. You will see a bridge that you need to pass later. For now drop down the slope to the left of it. Follow it to a wooden platform with a roof, and take a picture of the 5 Kudus close to it.

After crossing the bridge I mentioned before
, there will be a short cutscene with a leopard jumping off a tree. Behind the tree, at about 45 of the end of the bridge, you will see a path leading up a hill and through a small gate. That's the way to the next hidden area and photo challenge. The leopard and his prey will be coming from the left.

Namibia, Day 2:

In the first hunt, before shooting the wildebeest you should head throught the small passage to the left of the 100 pts. shooting rest. The leopard for the photo is in a tree.

Also BEFORE shooting the wildebeest, by the 250 pts. shooting rest is another small passage (right after getting attacked by a leopard). Enter the passage. There is again a photo challenge, where you have to take a picture of a leopard within 15 seconds. Your target is sitting on a rock to the right.


Namibia, Day 3:

At the beginning of the first hunt there is a cutscene, where the hunters talk about lions. When it is over, head straight until you get to a cliff. You should be told to take a picture of the vultures and the lion. You can see the vultures feeding on a water buffalo carcass down the cliff, and the lion will come from the right.

Alaska, Day 1:

During the third hunt, right after shooting the white-tailed deer, when you use hunters sense, you will see a rope close to the moose tracks. When facing the rope, turn left and follow the rock formation. You will soon come to a narrow tunnel, and birds will fly out of it. Enter it for the next hidden area, and a photo challenge. You will have to take a photo of a bear, which is at the top of the cave (there are holes at the top).

Alaska, Day 2:

Right after the Dull Sheep tracks there is a passage in the rocks to the right. Go in there for the next photo challenge. You will have to take a picture of a golden eagle, which is sitting in its nest, pretty much in front of you.

Alaska, Day 3:

No hidden areas or photo challenges.

Done! You should have unlocked the "Secret Seeker" achievement during "Texas, Day 2", if you followed this guide from the beginning.

*If you have found any of the areas and/or photo challenges that I'm missing, and want to see them in this guide, please send me a description, of where they are and I will add them. Of course you will then be credited in the guide
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Odd there is no guide as you say, thanks for making though!! I have all but given up on the 1k for this game due to the glitchy facebook photo one and the Clean! being a nightmare with a controller, so this was one i was also going to skip but maybe not now.


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Thanks you for the hidden locations.

I found one

Texas, Day 2:
At the beggining after you see the trail of the 3 wild boars, go to the right at the hidden bush and the hidden location will be there.

Namibia, Day 2:
After you hunt the first animal, go to the right trail and before you reach the trail you will see a path on the right.

After you kill the animal on the left trail go ahead the 500 pts nest and you will see a passage into the fence.

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