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Dunwall City Trials 30K+ score Guide

This is very annoying one as you dont really get any clue how to achieve 30K, so you have to keep replaying the challenge until you figure out what you need to be able to get 30K Score

The Requirements are:


Mystery Foe:
-Don't kill anyone stunt them, there is four guards cycling around try to stunt only 3 or less. (I left 2 Unconscious).
-Don't use powers.
-Collect all the clues asap.
-Kill your target in less than 3'00 minutes.
-If your target is someone that is standing beside another one try to get close to him and then stunt him first then kill him.
-Be aware from the guard that is walking in the middle of the party between the two rooms in straight line, memorize his movement or Unconscious him.

Back Alley Brawl:
-Survive till round 9-12 depends on kills and streaks.
-The more you kill will give you the 30k in less amount of rounds.
-Kill the yellow dude quickly to get potions.
-Do fatality and headshots with the crossbow to get higher streak that will put you on 30k by round 7!
-Use the air assassination to kill the torturer and the tall guy.
-Tall guy is the problem try to jump on him always get to the top and jump on him.

Oil Drop:
-Survive till round 4-5 depends on how many tanks destroyed.
-Always aim for yellow.
-The pistol has 3-5 rounds so you have to use them all before the next drop start .

Kill chain:
-If you did all the bonus you able to get 30k before round 4!
-Whenever you get 30K you can fail the round and leave the challenge.
-Differ your kills.

Bend Time Massacre:
-Same as the one above however its a bit harder.
-Use more than one way to kill your enemies(explosion, headshot,...etc ).
-DON'T use the speaker you won't get much score.
-Mostly use grenades and oil tanks.

-This one is random random means it depends on luck!
-You will get 10s for the first 5 beams and 5s for the rest.
-You get 1500 for the fast and 2000 for the very fast one.
-You need about 20+ beams to get this.

Train Runner:
-Less than 34 seconds. (mine at 32.50!).
-You need to use blink the time you start go right open the door blink twice go left side above the tube double jump then to the broken train bridge jump and then jump the table and break the door speed up and take a blink to the front fence speed then last blink above the train fence to the right before you get to the door and double jump at the same time.

Kill Cascade:
Double jump blink once and kill the third gut then take a blink to the other side now you will see a boat flying try to get there by double jumping and then blink twice to reach the yellow taller and kill him now you will be on 10k which is amazing go to the top building and do your 150m jump and kill the servant.

Assassin's Run:
-You need to kill the first six guard as fast as you can to get your score 10k+ if not restart.
-If you did so you will get 2500 x5 or x6 so you can hit 10k+ by this point
-Do the same thing with the zombies to get x5
-then you need x2 after that save the civilian and quickly kill the stair guard u dont need headshot here.
-You need bit of luck killing the last 3 guards make sure to get x2 at least.

-You have to collect 3000+ coins and rare objects NO need for figurines.
-Don't stunt more than 2 (I did unconscious 2 only).
-If for example that the Sokolve painting gives you 1000 if all are awake however it will give you Less if someone is unconscious and so on.
-The vision is the key here take your time and you will be fine.


Mystery Foe:
-Same as normal exactly however its a bit easier as you can collect the clue by pickpocket which will save you lots of time.

Back Alley Brawl:
-Same strategy for normal.

Kill Cascade:
-Same run as normal HOWEVER when you get to the top of the flying boat there will be flying objects that will prevent your way from the taller guy what you need to do here is double jump and blink once then try to dodge the objects here you may blink for another time if you needed
-last huge jump don't do it unless you have enough Mona as the whole is thinner and here you may die so look carefully and blink right before you get that curved tube.

Train Runner:
-You get different amount of mona everytime you respawn so when you start sprint, jump and blink if you dont have enough mona for the next jump RESTART.
-Jump and blink through the spinning wheel.
-Try to cross the next wheel by running through as this will save you half second or you can make a small jump if you couldn't make it.
-Now this is the second hard spot as here you need to pass the guard and blink over the stair side NOT the tube as you can't get over it with that distance.
-DONT walk over the stairs go to the stair side as if you walked over the stairs you will find troubles doing the double jump as you will get stucked.
-NOW wait to get enough blink to jump to the nes side over the linking bridge.
-Go left as soon as you break the wooden door double jump and go over the right side.
-If you time is 25 continue if more believe me you need to restart.
-This is the hardest thing now what I did here I tried to go over the train halt sign however I couldn't make it so I fell inside the train and got pushed by it and I did it BUT if it happen and you went over that thing sprint and go down and fall on the box NOT the floor If you have blink here you can make it though.
-I want you to know that this one is pain so you get frustrate too much I did after more than 5 hours of tries all of them 28+ and less than 30K which is really dum anyways am done with it now

-Almost you need same steps for normal.
-Always go for mona.
-Do tricky jumps.
-Keep redoing and dont get bored as you need to believe that this is a based luck challenge it depends on how far the beam respawn.
-From 1000-9000 beams considered to respawn close
-From 9000-2000 they will be really far
-After That if you have more than 20s on your clock you are in a good position as the beams will respawn VERY CLOSE and you score will increase faster good luck on this one.

-ALL GUARDS must be awake, the time you get your 30K you can then stunt the guard if you like specially the two guards outside when you work your way out.
-Memorize the guards movement
-1st floor there is only two guard the one that walk in a straight line has a key for the main door it has an item if you opened it
-2nd floor safe combination number is in the floor that has a painting and secret it door you can call it blank floor as it has no rooms he code will be on the left side of the painting look carefully
-3rd floor is insane the way I did it is the guard that do the cycle around the floor is annoying what you need to do here is as soon as he opens the door and enter the room that has the other guard and the guard outside change his vision to the painting move and go to the door that the cycle guard comes out of here open the door and hide behind it , the time he comes to this spot again leave and collect some staff and back to it after that go and hide in the bed room area keep an eye for the guard in the veranda (I got detected here and I stunt him with the cross bow!).
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