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The Game of Life
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Achievement Guide

The Game of Life comes to Windows Phone! A board game detailing the ins and outs, highs and low, and ups and downs of life through your years.

The achievements are pretty simple, with none really causing you much difficulty.

Quick note - Your value is an accumulation of your ending money, your house worth and $10,000 for each child you have.

Living the life - 5g

Win one game of original - Play and win (have the highest amount of money + value) one normal game.

Variety is the spice of Life - 5g

Change careers at least once in a single game - Easy to do, when you're starting out you will have a career, and just simply play until you get the option to go to night school a little ways into the board, and at the end of that choose 'Change Career' simple!

Family Values - 10g

Win the game while having the most children - Play a two person game (instead of four) and just hope you're lucky enough to have more children than your opponent while ending up winning the game through the normal methods.

Gold Plated - 10g

Win the game with over $2,000,000 of wealth - At the start, choose go to university as this usually ends up with you having higher paid careers. Simply play through the game, and you'll accumulate money like its water, and also be sure to buy the mansion for $800,000 if you can, as this will obviously help towards the goal.

Don't Blame Me - 15g

Beat another player who is to be nominated in a lawsuit - Weirdly worded, yet mine unlocked as someone was trying to sue me, and I just played an exemption card.

Top of the World - 15g

Be a Doctor and own the mansion house - See 'Gold Plated' and just hope you pick the doctor career card.

MVP - 20g

Be an Athlete and own the mansion house - See 'Gold Plated'. I'm not too sure on whether you can get the Athlete card by going the university route, or whether its just a career route job, I've seen it pop up more so in the career route. Either way, just be lucky and hope you pick it.

Money, Money, Money - 20g

Have an investment pay off 5 times in a single game - After your initial spin you can tap your character card anytime and then tap on the investment tab. Pick a number on the dial and click ok. Best played with 3 other people, (AI or Human, it doesn't matter) as there's more chance for it to be landed on.

In it to Win it - 25g

Win $500,000 on Spin To Win - All about luck, though its not too hard. You can get certain spin to win cards which allow you to pick 4 numbers out of the 10 on the dial. Simply place a bet of $50,000, pick your numbers and hope it lands on one!

On Patrol - 25g

Be a Police Officer and bust another player for speeding - When you're starting out, pick the career route and hope you get lucky and pick the Police Officer card. To Bust another player for speeding, they have to land on a 10 and it'll happen automatically. You get some money, and the achievement.

Lifetime Achievement - 50g

Win 10 games of original - Simply win 10 games. Should come naturally as you're going for all the other achievements, if not, play and win a few more games.

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