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[] The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 [G+R]

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 A Crooked Mile

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 7 (100)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 100: 2-3 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough + 1-2 chapter replays.
- Missable achievements: No (Level Select)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No


Welcome to the third episode of The Wolf Among Us. Another masterpiece from TellTale the makers of The Walking Dead. Similar to the first episode you'll point and click your way through an amazingly told story and get some pretty easy achievements along the way.

Step 1:

Play the game and use the guide to avoid missing any Fable Books. The quick time events are easy and allow lots of room for mistakes. You can't complete the game in one sitting so chapter rewind will let you pick up any fable books you missed.

Step 2:

After you complete the episode you'll be able to replay some chapters to pick up any fable books and the last achievement you'll need which is Journeyman Librarian.


You should enjoy the third installment in this game. You'll get six out of the seven achievements just playing through the game. This shouldn't cause you any issues and with chapter replay you shouldn't struggle with this quick 100 GS. Good luck and enjoy!

Promising Leads 10
Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 3.

After talking with Beauty and Beast you'll leave the Open Arms Hotel and the achievement will unlock.

Belly Full of Stones 10
Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 3.

You'll head to Lilly's funeral under the bridge. Snow will be giving a eulogy but don't interrupt her. Instead check out the offering table to pick up a miss-able Fable book (the greeting card all the way to the left). If you take too long Snow will finish her speech and you'll be forced to leave the table. The Tweedle brothers will show up threatening you to leave Crane alone. After some decisions and a QTE the achievement will unlock.

What Big Eyes You Have 10
Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 3.

You'll start out at Cranes office looking for clues where to find him. Search his desk for the book in his drawer. After that you'll start a dialog with Bluebeard. Once you're done you have to decide where to go. Make sure you choose Cranes apartment because there is a miss-able Fable book there. (Headless horseman statue) Once you make your decision the achievement will unlock.

Huff and Puff 10
Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 3.

You'll start at Cranes apartment. You'll search around looking for clues. DO NOT forget to look at the headless horseman statue for that miss-able fable book. You'll eventually find someone there which will trigger a QTE. After you're done in Cranes apartment head toward the Tweedle's office for another miss-able fable book. You'll run into Flycatcher, so as you look around make sure you convince him that the brothers are bad and offer to help him get his job back for his fable book. Lastly you go to the Trip Trap room to look through Lilly's stuff. Once you're done at the bar the achievement will unlock.

Severe Case of Lycanthropy 10
Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 3.

You'll head to the witch's apartment and talk you way into looking around. After you've inspected all you can you be asked to leave. That is when you'll notice a glamour tube. After inspecting that you'll find out your host is not who she says she is. You'll have more dialog and then you need to decide if you'll burn her tree.There is a miss-able fable book here so what ever you decide you have to replay this chapter and choose the opposite to collect the miss-able fable book. Once you make you decision the chapter will end and the achievement will unlock.

Enchanted Land of NYC 20
Complete Episode 3: "A Crooked Mile"

You'll end up with Snow at the Pudding and Pie. There you'll find Crane interrogating one of the dancers. After some dialog you'll arrest Crane. As you head outside you'll run into the Tweedle brothers and some others. After a QTE the chapter will end and the achievement will unlock.

Journeyman Librarian 30
Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 3.

You should only be missing one fable book but use THIS guide to see where all the books are. Replay chapter 5 and choose to burn/save the tree. You can check how many books you have in the start menu under Fable Books. Use chapter rewind to pick up missing fable books. Once you have every book the achievement will unlock.
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