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Red face hello can anyone help me build assassin ?

hi i was new to skyrim can anyone help me build assassin ?



perk: waiting for help

health/mana/Stamina:waiting for help

thank for help
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Put your points from leveling up into Stamina or Magicka. Health is relatively pointless if you have enough armor. Especially for a stealth character that should be focusing on not being detected anyway. Stamina will allow you to carry more... Magicka will give you a bigger resource pool if you decide to use spells like Muffle and Invisibility.

The best skills you can use for an assassin character are Archery, Sneak and One-Handed. One-Handed will help you do damage with daggers and coupled with a couple of perks from the Sneak skill tree (like Backstab)... will let you kill enemies by sneaking up on them and killing them with one hit. If you don't want to be THAT powerful... you don't have to be.

Obviously, Archery is good for scoring a couple of sneak attacks on enemies from a distance. It's especially good when coupled with the Eagle Eye and Steady Hand perks, which not only allow you to zoom in when aiming and arrow, but also allows you to slow down time while doing so.

Don't bother putting ANY perks into skills like Lockpicking and Pickpocketing unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure that you want to. Picking pockets can be useful (and mildly humorous) if you choose to level it all the way up so that you can steal equipped items from enemies. Fighting a room full of unarmed bandits is always fun. But it's really not all that useful in any other context. And if you don't use it at all, it ends up being wasted perks.

Lockpicking perks become pointless when you realize that you can pick any lock at any skill level as long as you have enough lock picks and are patient.

I usually play as a stealth character whenever I play games. That goes for games like Oblivion and Skyrim as well. Though I found with Skyrim that being able to sneak in and the slit the throats of any of my foes (and getting away with it) was actually kind of boring. It also makes moving through dungeons REALLY slow. It was fun for a while though.

I'm not trying to tell you not to play that way. As I said, I usually prefer it. But if you ever find the game to be boring while playing it that way, you should try restarting as a magic or combat oriented character. The game plays very differently depending on just how you decide to play it.

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thank you you help me a lot
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I put it in sneak and stamina. so far my sneak is 86 and archery is 92


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I find stamina to be rather useless on an assassin. You don't need to sprint or do power attacks, and weight limit is irrelevant. Just fast travel to riverwood and dump your stuff in the riverwood trader (made my easier by investing)

Here's what I did for my assassin. Note, some of it is incredibly tedious. I'm going to give the cliffnotes version because in all honesty this isn't a quick process. I just wanted to make the best character I could.

Also, if you want to be an archer assassin, you can pretty much stop reading, as this is tailored for a dagger exclusive assassin.

Level up sneak and illusion as quickly as possible. The main perks you want are Quiet Casting and Assassin's Blade. You also want to get the invisibility spell as soon as possible. You then want to start the DB questline to get the shrouded gloves to boost your dagger damage to x30. You should then level up Smithing/Alchemy/Enchanting to level 100 and craft armor with alchemy and smithing enhancements. This video shows the way:

You can go as far as you want basically. I'm one-shotting Revered Dragons on Master. You're basically untouchable. You crouch, cast invis, go deal 3000+ damage on master, recast invis, and do what you like. I will admit; it takes absolutely any and all tension out of the game, but I didn't want a vulnerable character. I wanted to make a god.

There's absolutely no cheating involved either, which is nice.
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The lazowski
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Enchanting is always helpful too, although later in the game it can get a bit unrealistic, as you can sometimes walk in front of enemies in a lit room without being detected if you have the right enchantments.
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Originally Posted by ChaosTheory3 View Post
I find stamina to be rather useless on an assassin. You don't need to sprint or do power attacks
Power attack with a Dragonbone dagger and 15x damage perk is mighty. If you could somehow manage to sneak up on Alduin it would probably one shot him.

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Ohh hohohooo I made a poopoo.
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