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How to win Arabic, no language skills needed

So I couldn't really seem to do as well in Swedish as I had hoped, and my average word per round was too low to seemingly make it into the top lists.

So I took on playing in Arabic, no one plays in Arabic. As of right now, I'm rank 23 with 230 points/round. So I don't need to grind so long to get best score of all time, which takes much longer. Someone on my friends list is rank 107, with 163 points/round. So getting in the top 250 is still extremely easy and doable in Arabic.

Let's get this out of the way, I'm doing an average of 230 points a round, almost finished the final achievement, and I still can't tell you the word structure. Don't care to either. But other people seem to do horribly at it, here's how I'm winning.

So we're clear, there are 2 types of puzzles, "normal" puzzles and what I refer to as "bonus rounds." Bonus rounds have a "xxx words contain xxx," and it's one of those special characters that's worth 10+ points. (there are other letters that are worth that much in normal rounds, but they are much harder to work with)

When I reference moves, here's the grid;


Normal rounds - On bad rounds I get about 100. Average 150-250.

I focus on 3 and 4 letter words. Whenever I find a 3 letter word I will swipe it the opposite way, many words can be played backwards. 4 letter words not so often but it may be worth a try.

First I swipe ABC, EFG, IJK, MNO, BCD, FGH, JKL, NOP. (left to right, 3 letters). When I find a 3 letter word I try all the letters around it for a 4 letter word, example, ABC is a word, I will swipe ABCD, ABCF, ABCG, ABCH. (you can commonly find 5 letter words by going one step further, but I don't have much luck with it, seem to do better sticking to 3/4 letter words)

Next I do the opposite, CBA, GFE, KJI, etc.

Then up to down, AEI, BFJ, etc. Then down to up. Depending on how many words you find, expand on you may only have time for those 4 patterns. If you have time left do other pattern combinations, like a 3 letter L shape, and work your way through the puzzle.

That's it. Nothing fancy.


"Bonus" rounds. These are the money makers. 300 points is usually about the minimum, 500 very common and 700-800 on a good round.

You focus on the letter that's in the caption, "xxx common words contain the character yyy". It's a high value letter, and unlike other letters, it counts as 2.


Let's assume, B is the high value character. I start with BA as a word, the high value character counts as 2 so you don't need 3 tiles. Then I go to BE, BF, BG, BC. Let's assume, only "BC" is a word. Then I work BC and go BCD, BCH, BCG, BCF. If I find a 3 letter word I do it backwards and then work the 3 letter word (example, BCD is a word, I work BCDG, BCDH)

Once you're done going outwards, go inwards. AB, EB, FB, GB, CB. Working the 2 letter combos you find.

It's likely after that you'll have extra time, this is where I start working 3 letter words into the special character. IEB, IFB, JEB, JFB, JGB.

If you're expanding your words properly (taking what you find, and trying all the letters around it), you probably won't need to know much beyond 3 letter words ending in that special character.

To reiterate, in these rounds I don't worry about any other letter combinations, just those that contain the special character.

The -only- time where this doesn't work too well is when it says "xxx common words contain yyy character," and the number figure for xxx is very low like 2 or 3. That means that there are few matches for that special letter. Most of them will be about "10-30 common words contain ..." then that's when you go ham.

If it means anything, not to brag, but when I play I'm usually in first place. So this method is somewhat effective. It pains me to see other people playing Arabic and only getting 1/5 1/10 my score.

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For a little extra score, focus on the alif (the l looking letter) and the waw (the g looking letter). If you already have a word, there's a good chance it can start with a waw or end with an alif if either is nearby. This can help turn your 3 letter word into a 4 or 5 letter word easily. (Technically the opposite, but since Arabic is right to left...)
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thanks for the tips
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I was the only person playing a round, got points and I didn't unlock #1 or 90%. Man this game annoys me so much, who cares if I'm guessing. Stupid devs.
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Originally Posted by mosin360 View Post
Man this game annoys me so much, who cares if I'm guessing. Stupid devs.
Ha ha. I just started playing on the Surface Pro 2 and I hate that. The worst part is, you have to wait for the 'warning' to disappear. You can't just continue playing when it tells you that you are guessing.
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