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Tropico 4
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Updated Roadmap (Modern Times DLC included)

Rights of Use:
This Achievement Guide and Road Map are the property of myself and x360a and are not to be used, in part or whole, by any other person or website without the written consent of either myself or an x360a admin.

The Pants Party (I stole your rights of use)

Special Thanks to:
* Clueless *

+Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+Offline: 60/60 [1250]
+Online: 0
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-80 hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One playthrough for both campaigns
+Number of missable achievements: None!
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes, see below for details
+Does difficulty affect achievements? No
+Glitchy achievements? None!
+Unobtainable achievements? None!
+Extra equipment needed? None!

Welcome to Tropico 4! This is a fun sandbox / strategy game where you are elected president of multiple Caribbean islands, you are in a seemingly never ending quest to make your country the best it can be. Careful though, you will need to deal with rebels, natural disasters, protesters, and more, all while trying to keep each of your countries factions, as well as other countries around the world happy. Although it may sound difficulty, the game is not to terribly hard, and if you follow this roadmap and the guide below, you should be able to get each achievement with minimal hassle. Also, the game has been known to freeze, so make sure you save often and keep multiple saves in case of save corruption.

Cheat code information:
Yes, there are many cheats in this game, however they do disable achievements. Luckily there are ways around it and it can save you hours of time for those of you who would like to speed up the process. Playing a sandbox game in Godmode however does disable achievements and there is no way around it, so if you are playing for achievements, you are more than welcome to play in sandbox mode, but do not use Godmode, or any other cheats for that matter while in that particular game (Unless going for the Expert achievement, more details below).

Anyways, achievements are rewarded for completing certain campaign missions, but not each one. So for instance there is an achievement for completing level 7 in the campaign and one for completing level 17 in the campaign, nothing in between though. So you can use an insta-win cheat on each of those levels in between 7 and 17 and not have any consequences. In order to use the insta-win cheat, start up a the mission and press the button. While on the start menu hold in both the and the at the same time, a cheats menu will come up. Select the insta-win cheat titled "el pollo diablo" and you will instantly win that game, and unlock the next mission. Careful though, do not use cheats on a mission that unlocks an achievement.

Play through the tutorial:
The tutorial is an absolute must, especially if you are new to Tropico games, so do not skip over this part! The game has lots of different controls and menus that you will need to know how to reach, so make sure you pay attention. You will also learn the basics of building your island, what to build first, etc. You will unlock an achievement at the end of the tutorial.

Play through the regular campaign:
Now that you have completing the tutorial, it is time to get started. There are 20 default campaign missions, you will need to playthrough the campaign (use the cheat above to speed up the process) slowly knocking out each achievement, and by the time you reach the final mission, you should have nearly all of the original 50 achievements. Listen to yourself talk at the beginning of each mission to understand the objective and what the island has to offer. Pick traits that will help you in each particular mission based on the information that you heard, do not worry about using each trait to unlock the Expert achievement, we will worry about that later. At the beginning of each mission check the layouts of the island and see what resources you have, and see danger areas that risk being hit by title waves or other natural disasters. To start out each mission, build farms right at the beginning! Tobacco and coffee are fantastic money makers to start out, also build mines in you are planning on using a lot of industry, iron is great for a weapons factory. You will slowly get on your feet financially as you start exporting more goods so keep adding to your exports, build a cigar factory if you have lots of tobacco farms, or a jewelry factory if you have lots of gold mines. Make use of oil off the shores as well. If you are worried about money, do not build apartments or tenements for your citizens until you have the USSR development aid edict to make those items cheaper. Finally, make sure to keep everybody as happy and possible, especially the military, the United States, and the USSR.

Mop up with sandbox games:
Any achievements you could not unlock during the campaign can be done with sandbox games, just make sure Godmode is off. See the guide below for details on how to unlock each achievement. For fast unlock of the Expert achievement, start up a sandbox game with any 3 traits that are are not yet 5 stars, start the game, press the button. On the main menu, hold the and buttons down at the same time. Select the insta-win cheat titled "el pollo diablo" and you will instantly win that game giving you another star for each of those traits. Rinse and repeat until you have 5 stars for each trait, unlocking the achievement.

Modern Times DLC:
Now this is where it gets fun, this is a fantastic DLC with great new additions and 10 new achievements. See the guide below for detailed information for each achievement. Playthrough the new campaign, use the cheats above to speed up the process if you would like, and knock out each achievement. Use sandbox mode again if you need to.

If you have followed this roadmap and the achievement guide, you should have little to no problems getting the full 1250 for this game. Personally, this is one of my favorite games of all time, and the DLC is my favorite of 2012. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do, and hopefully the achievements were fun for you as well.

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