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Gears of War 3
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Grifter Reborn
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Roadmap (2000G) Updated

*Credit The Pants Party and lifeexpectancy for the info

+Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+Offline: 61 (1245)
+Online: 21 (755)
+Approximate amount of time to 1245 (offline): 150+ hours
+Approximate amount of time to 755 (online): 500+ hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Possibly 1, see Step 1a)
+Number of missable achievements: None (Chapter Select)
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? Mutators are safe to use.
+Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Campaign only)
+Glitchy achievements? None
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? No

Welcome to the COG! Err.. actually the COG disbanded, sorry about that! Gears of War 3 is the end to a fantastic third-person sci-fi shooter trilogy. The achievements in this one are fairly straightforward (as they were in the other two), but will take quite a bit of time. You're looking at two plays of the campaign, and hundreds of hours playing all the other game modes to obtain Seriously 3.0 - or you can cut it short at 900/1000 with much less work. I put the difficulty at 6/10 mostly due to completing Horde on Insane for one of the Onyx medals is rendered cake with the use of mutators. The campaign is not all that difficult (even on Insane, especially playing in Arcade co-op or with the Casual/Insane trick, or with mutators), and despite the need to spend hundreds of hours on the achievements, that doesn't make the achievements themselves "difficult."

There is an achievement tracker in the game's Stats & Awards menu that is extremely detailed. If you're not sure what exactly you may be missing for an achievement (such as a weapon execution or kill with locust characters in Beast mode), check there and it should help you figure it out.

Step 1a: Insane Arcade Playthrough
If you have a friend or can find someone willing to help you, you can go straight for the Insane achievement using Arcade mode. Since the host controls the difficulty here, even someone who has not started the campaign yet can get credit for beating the game on Insane if the host has unlocked it and uses it. If you also do this with a full group and find all the collectibles, you will only need one playthrough of the campaign. Otherwise, do Step 1b and proceed to Step 2 to use the more traditional two playthrough approach.

Step 1b: Casual, Normal or Hard Campaign Playthrough
You'll need to play the campaign once to unlock Insane difficulty if you can't find help doing Step 1a or just choose not to. I would suggest getting your collectibles on this playthrough so that you don't have to worry about them on a harder difficulty. I wouldn't bother doing the 4-player co-op achievement here unless you already have a few friends lined up, you can save that for the next step as it will help make that easier anyway.

Step 2: Insane Campaign Playthrough
Now you'll want to find three people to join you and play through the entire game in 4-player co-op to unlock both of those achievements. Play on Arcade mode to make it much easier, net another achievement and work toward some of the medals for Seriously 3.0 as well.

Step 3: Horde and Beast
There are only a few achievements actually associated with these game modes, so complete each to their "ends" (wave 50 for Horde, 12 for Beast) and get the few medals leveled up that have their own achievements. Those will come while working on Step 4 though, so you don't really need to worry too much about them here.

Step 4: Seriously 3.0
Alright, here it is. Epic's final hurrah. The full medal list can be found linked under the achievement in the guide section. This will take hundreds of hours to complete, so make sure you've got some patience and actually enjoy the game! Also, if you'll be using a method to boost any games played while you're away, make sure to install the game and get a wired controller or charge kit so your system/disc doesn't die and the controller doesn't shut off.

Step 5: Horde Command Pack DLC
This DLC is extremely easy. Basically you'll be grinding out some fortifications to unlock the Silverback's rocket function and max out your Command Center, then finding a group of 3-5 players to do the online achievements.

Step 6: RAAM's Shadow DLC
Another fairly easy set of DLC achievements. The time and difficulty are extremely dependent on how lucky you are finding or setting up boosting methods to get your executions on Kim. Otherwise, not much to it.

Step 7: Fenix Rising DLC
The time for this one is going to depend highly on what level you were and how many ribbons you had when you started. If you were already level 100 with all 132 ribbons, you'll just need to grind to level 100 again. If you were only halfway on both those goals, you'll need considerably more time. The difficulty is largely based on the annoyance of a few ribbons that take some luck or coordination. Definitely the hardest and most time consuming DLC yet, but still not too horribly difficult.

Step 8: Forces of Nature DLC
This DLC for the most part is incredibly easy with boosting parties. Without them, it becomes difficult as well as time consuming. At this point, "I've Got This" will be the most difficult to earn since your fortifications will mostly be done.

Much like the other games in the series, you'll have an extremely enjoyable campaign experience and very deep online game modes to enjoy. The achievements will take a long time to complete, but aren't all that difficult really.

Guides used for updated roadmap

Change is inevitable.

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* Clueless *
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- Congratulations! -
* - * - * - * - * - *

This Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member YUNDER and has been published as the
Official Achievement Roadmap. The link to the Official Guide has been inserted into your Roadmap.

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.
You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!
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This game could easily be over 2000 hrs online... i know i got over 5000 hrs....

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Brilliant roadmap man, but I'm pretty sure that even when private boosting most of the onyx medals, S.3 still takes minimum 500+hrs. You would reach 1900G at around 100 hours from personal experience.
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Originally Posted by B A R 4 D View Post
Brilliant roadmap man, but I'm pretty sure that even when private boosting most of the onyx medals, S.3 still takes minimum 500+hrs. You would reach 1900G at around 100 hours from personal experience.
Not even close to 500. Idleling versus matches took two months on its own. Minimum of 2k hrs....

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Cant belive people got 2000 on this. I gave up at 1900 :P
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Nico Loire
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Originally Posted by WCC SLEEPY View Post
Cant belive people got 2000 on this. I gave up at 1900 :P
Sheeeeeit. I got to 1830. Took a long break, then I got reset. Had about 1000 hours done. Now I have to do it again! I needed a couple more Onyx Medals and a couple of the Horde Achievements.

So you're lucky...
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Originally Posted by megamangaea View Post
Socialite no longer takes 8 months.
oh really? ive been stuck on 29 for some time now :P
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This games seriously achievement is a bit ridiculous. Some of the numbers required are like 10x to high and require nonstop boosting or playing for days at a time.
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Seriously 3.0 +500 hours of boosting... yea good luck with that
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gears of war 3 roadmap

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