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Dunwall City Trials Collectibles and Strategies

Dolls for Mrs. Pilsens' Revenge

Mystery Foe- From the entryway, head to the right down the hallway and continue until the hallway turns left. Continue a bit further until the doorway to the blue-tinted room is on your left, and there is a big doorway on your right. Go through the right doorway, blink on top of the bed on your left, and then blink/jump over to the large rock protruding from the nearby wall to see the doll sitting on top of it.
Burglar- Head up to the 3rd floor of the Mansion, where the left wall will be destroyed, the will be a painting on the wall in front of you, and some torches on the wall to your right. Facing the wall on your right, look at the left-most torch and "use" it to open a hidden area. This area is rather trippy and will change each time you turn around to leave. The third and final time it changes, the doll will be on a small table in the well lit area.
Back Alley Brawl- From the start, turn around and look up to see the roof of the building you're next to. Blink up there and then head across the chain that is connected to the roof. The chain will end at a wall with writing that says "Can you see the end?" once you see that, look to your right and at the corner of that same building will be a mechanical winch sticking out of the wall, with the doll sitting atop it.
Assassin's Run- In the third "section" of this challenge you will face off against a group of weepers that all come at you from the same room. Once they're dead, head to the room they came from and look on top of the filing cabinet on the left (as you're facing into that room), to see the doll sitting on the left side.
Oil Drop- Look directly ahead of you on the little island you're on to see a small bush. Within that bush is the doll.
Bend Time Massacre- Don't bother breaking the glass and starting the mission, instead, head around the right side of the building and jump on some floating grates. Jump onto a long metal rail that is sticking out of the building and make your way to the roof. Look toward the middle of the area you climbed up to see some floating tiles that you can reach from the roof, with the doll sitting at the end of the farthest tile.
Kill Chain - From the start, head down the right staircase and follow the train tracks until the drop off. Look down around where the train tracks end to see some rocks that you can drop down onto to reach a lower area. Drop down and turn back toward the main area to see a hidden pathway. Continue into the first room of the pathway to see the doll sitting on the floor to your right.
Bonfires - You want to make it up to the slanted building you can see on your left when you start the challenge. From there, head to the top of the building and look back to the spawn area to find a floating island (high up) with the doll on it by a tree. I recommend following the red markers to add some time, that you may need as the jump can be a pain to reach. If you get lucky, a marker will appear on the slanted building and act as a checkpoint so you can get a couple of attempts out of the limited time you have to try.
Train Runner - As you follow the linear path you will see a bright purple room up and to your right. Blink/jump up into the room and look to the back right corner to see what looks like a picture frame or something hanging from the ceiling. Go to the back side to see the doll sitting on top of the object.
Kill Cascade - Just before you reach the drop down to the last enemy, look to your left and you will see a sort of train car with some lanterns in it. Go in there and turn left to find the doll.

Rare Collector Figurines
(Enter from the side entrance to make things easier)
First Floor
1) As soon as you enter the back door, look on top of the wine barrel ahead of you and a bit left, between a column and the rack of wine barrels.
2) Continue a few feet to the opposite side of the same column 1 is next to and you'll see a locker. Open it up to reveal processed whale oil, loot that and the figure will be behind it.
3) Proceed through the nearest doorway to enter the kitchen area (there will be a large stove in the middle of the room). Look at the cabinet to your right, and then on the right side of the bottom shelf to find the figurine.
4) Head out through the door facing the staircase to the 2nd floor. Enter the doorway under the staircase and head straight into the next room to find some bunks. Figurine 4 is on the lower bunk in the second set of bunks you come across.
5) Continue to the back of the bunk room for another locker. Open it up for an item and the figurine (top right of the locker after you open it).

Second Floor
6) As you head upstairs, watch the guard that circles the area at the top of the staircase, and when you get the chance head to the back right of the staircase and into the guard room (big green bed). Head to the back of the room and you will find the figurine on table in the corner that has a wooden screen between it and the bed.
7) At the back of the fireplace room, head back by the dining table and face the 2nd fireplace, with the lootable painting above it. Look behind the green wooden screen to the left of it and you'll see figurine #7 on the floor.
8) Head out of the dining area using the single door that leads into a small room. Continue from that room into the hallway and immediately look to your right to see this on a shelf.
9) Facing the safe in the safe room, look on the wooden crate to the left of it (next to the creepy statues).

Third Floor
10) Facing the painting, look to the left to see the floating windows. Look between the two floating windows (the two on your right) to find this floating there in empty space.

Fourth Floor
11) As you reach the top of the stairs, head right and press to climb the small table under the mounted (boar?) head on the wall. Press again to climb on top of the head. From there, turn to face the fireplace and you will see the figurine on a little lip.
12) Drop down from the animal head and follow the railing in front of you, to the bookcase on your left. On the shelf just above where the bookshelf meets the railing, you will find the figurine.
13) Exit this open area through the left doorway (face the large painting) and continue into the bathroom. Move to the far end of the bathroom and look to the right side of the second sink for this figurine.
14) In the next room there is a fireplace with an Outsider painting (lootable) on it. Look just to the right of the painting, on the mantle.
15) Facing the Outsider Painting fireplace, look right, jump on the white chair and then onto the bookcase next to it. Walk along the top of the bookcase and you'll find this where the bookcase ends.
16) Head back near the big purple master bed. While facing it, head to the back left and look on the ground between the bed and the glass cabinet.

Daredevil Tricky Jumps

1. From the top of the destroyed building that just has a corner remaining, to the beam of light in the destroyed building on the floating island to the left of the starting point.
2. From the large floating rock with the doll on it, to the beam on the floating rock to the right of the starting area.
3. From the starting area, blink jump along the floating planks of wood to your right all the way until you reach a floating wall with a window between you and the second beam that appears after starting the challenge.
4. Directly in front of you is a rock jutting out of the ground with a white tree on it. Jump from the top of that down to the beam in the destroyed building on the floating island to the left.
5. From the starting point, jump on to the floating plank to the right, and then blink jump through the window of the big building that is on the right at the start of the level.
6. From the ruined building on the floating island to the left of the starting point, facing a beam on the small island to the right of the starting point, face up and to the left and aim at the doorway of the destroyed building above you. Blink jump to the doorway and then immediately blink jump to the beam.

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Burglar (Expert) Guard Patrols and Strategy

Note: This should help you at least complete the mission with minimal risk, because as far as I could tell after many attempts, the guards never change their path. Many loot locations will alter, so the final score may vary, and people seem to get various points for doing essentially the same thing. Overall stay unseen to receive bonuses every time you receive gold. Do not kill anyone, but if necessary you can use a sleep dart. You can only get spotted three times before failing the mission.

First Floor Patrols:
Guard 1: This guy will circle from the kitchen area with the stove (figurine 3) to the area with the staircase, to the room just before the bunk room. In that room, he will stop for a moment and smoke, then he will proceed out the opposite door, and continue out of the doorway in the bunk room to the main hall, and back to the kitchen to repeat the circle. This guy can be easily pickpocketed.
Guard 2: He will pace from the hallway just before the staircase (stopping in front of the staircase-side kitchen door to smoke), all the way back to the front door of the building, where he will stop and turn toward the interior of the building and wait for a while. Most of the room is dark enough for you to loot while he is standing in that spot, despite the fact that he is facing you.

Second Floor Patrols:
Guard 1: Patrols the entryway around the staircase. He will stop facing away from the stairs, stop to the right of the stairs (while you're on them looking up) and smoke while facing away from the wall, and finally stop against the left wall/window facing the room.
Guard 2: Circles the fireplace room, stopping to look at art, and drinking near the fireplace. He will continue to circle around the dining room table, then into the adjacent room that leads to the hallway and ends at the room with the safe. He will stop and smoke out there, then continue out into the main hall and back into the fireplace room.
Guard 3: Outside on the balcony. He stays there, but don't make too much noise or he'll cause trouble.
Display Case Key: On Guard 2.
Guard Room Chest Key: On table with white sheet, next to staircase and the guard room

Third Floor Guard Patrols:
None. Though one will appear on the staircase as you're leaving the area (after finding all of the eggs).

Fourth Floor Guard Patrols:
Guard 1: He will partially circle the area at the top of the stairs, stop briefly to look at the large painting on the wall, and then turn to watch the staircase for a while.
Guard 2: He will circle the fireplace room, the back rooms and the bathroom.
Bedroom Closet Key: On the table next to the bookshelf; also near the Outsider painting fireplace.
Bedroom Chest Key: Directly across from the chest is a book case. Pick up the ashtray on the right side to reveal a key underneath it.

First Floor
Make your way along the floating rocks, and walkway, to reach the back door. Once inside, quickly loot figurines 1 and 2 and open the door into the kitchen. Move to the left of the doorway and wait for the guard (guard 2) to pass. Pickpocket him and then grab figurine 3 on your right. Look toward the main hall until you see guard 1 pass by the doorway then quickly sneak out and grab the two eggs in the main hall, then head down the hallway behind guard 1, loot the painting off the wall behind him, open the door next to the staircase and then hide under the stairs. Wait for guard 2 to stop smoking and move on. Follow guard 2 into the bunk bed room and loot figurines 4 and 5, backtrack to the staircase and wait under the stairs. Guard 1 should just be reaching his spot at the bottom of the stairs, so wait until guard 2 passes by you and then peek out to watch guard 1 move back to the main hall, giving you the all clear to go up the stairs.
Second Floor
Wait until the first guard on the second floor is to your right as you come up the stairs. Wait there and he will eventually patrol back to the left side of this room, following the far wall. Head to where he just was, grab the key off the white sheet covered table and enter the guard room. Close the door behind you and loot figurine 6, the bookshelf secret ( on the greenish/yellow book next to the gap in the books). Head back to the door and wait for the guard to move to the far corner; follow him as he moves so you can veer off to the doorway at the far side while he does so. Enter the safe room, collect figurine 7, then move down the hall to figurine 8, and continue to the end of the hall and hide behind the table. Once the guard comes through the door, pickpocket the key off of him and head into the room he came out of. Loot the egg and figurine 9 (and the painting above the fireplace next to it), then backtrack to the staircase room. Watch out for the guard who may be still sitting in the safe room. Once he moves keep your eye on the first guard you encountered on the floor and wait until you can grab the egg from the case and then move up the stairs.
Third Floor
On the third floor, loot the figurine (10) to your left, grab the painting off the wall, and use the lantern nearest the painting on the right wall for the secret room. Loot and then continue up the stairs.
Fourth Floor
*Depending on your current score, you can choose to sleep bolt the guys up here, the return trip isn't too difficult*
Once up the stairs, wait for a clearing to quickly loot the figurines on your right (11,12). I would recommend heading back down the stairs at this point. Either way, once the guard is facing the painting, quickly move to the leftmost door and grab figurine 13 from next to the sink. Hide and wait for the guard to come into the bathroom and then leave again. Head into that room and follow the guard around the room, looting everything you can behind him. You SHOULD be save if you need to hide at the top of the bookshelf with the figurine 15, if needed. Figurine 14 is on the mantle above the fireplace, a nearby key will get you into the bedroom at the back, which has a key for the chest inside. The final figurine is near the big purple bed at the back of the fireplace/bookshelf room.
Back to the exit
Note that on your way back there will now be a guard standing on the staircase between the second and third floor, looking up the stairs.. To avoid him, you can just carefully drop down on to the staircase behind him.

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Bend Time Massacre (Normal, Time Management)

Regular Rounds
Scroll down for bonus rounds
Round 1 - Shoot the oil barrel near the far right guard to take out the two on the right, then stab the both of the guards on the left (or shoot them~)
Round 2 - 5 Enemies in the red luxurious room. Wait for them all to be roughly gathered up in the middle of the room and toss a spring razor mine and the center of the group. Use your gun to shoot the outermost people, especially the guard, to make sure they die.
Round 3 - 14 seconds to kill seven enemies in the planning room. Simply detonate the whale oil canister near the glass to start the timer, toss a mine at the people on the left and a grenade/sticky grenade at the people in the back. If the people are mostly grouped up, this will be easy.
Round 4 - 14 seconds to kill 10 enemies in the extended planning room. There are 13 total enemies, so as long as you kill at least one or two enemies in the hallway next to the planning room, you should be fine. Use explosives, whale oil, mines, etc. to clear the room quickly.
Round 5 - 16 seconds to kill seven enemies, who are now divided into 2 separate rooms. You only have one sticky bomb, which I ended up using on the people in the hallway, then I ran back to the main room and assassinated one guy through the window, emptied my gun into a few more people and stabbed the last overseer in the room. 12 kills total with no issues.
Round 6 - 20 seconds to kill 15 enemies. I recommend moving from the hallway, through the planning room and into the living area, stabbing and shooting all the way. Be sure to plant a mine, and throw a grenade in the planning room, and use a grenade or explosive round to clear the center of the living room.

Possible Bonus Rounds
So far I have only gotten 1 bonus round for the last two regular rounds..not sure if that's cause there are only 1 each or not.
After Round 1
- Take all 4 enemies out using objects- Take the brick and break the glass. Kill the guy on the left with it, then throw it down the right hallway to blow up the whale oil drum. Head down the left hallway and grab the hammer off the table next to the last guard and kill him with it.
-Take out the Elite and save the Art Dealer - Break the glass with the object, and use the bullet the Elite shoots at the art dealer (grab it with ) to put it in your own gun and shoot him in the face. You will get the kill after time goes back to normal.
After Round 2
-Two seconds to kill three nobles WITHOUT harming any of the guards Basically the same deal as the regular round went, except wait for the guards to be out of the way.
-Twenty seconds to kill 6 enemies by dropping the street speaker on them. Note that you have Possession for this one, so once there are as many enemies as possible in the center, break the glass, shoot down the speaker above the center group, and use possession to move the remaining people under the speaker.
After Round 3
-16 seconds to kill 9 enemies and ALL must die AFTER time bend ends. Basically don't use the whale oil (or sword to kill) at all this time, instead break the glass with your sword, and spread out your mine and grenades so they cover the whole area.
-30 seconds to hit the art dealer with 4 arrows, all of which pass through a pane of glass.. You will need to run around the outside of the building to do this as there are 4 exterior windows you will need to shoot through. You may also want to use to aim more accurately, and adjust for how the art dealer will move after getting hit by each bolt.
After Round 4
-6 seconds to kill 10 enemies using whale oil tank explosions
-40 seconds to kill the Pendleton Brothers and hide their bodies so a guard does not find them. If you wait a little bit, two of the Pendleton Brothers will be near eachother in the right hallway. You can break the glass, possess them and jump out so they walk to the end of the nearby ledge. Add a grenade to the mix so it ensures you that they are blown off the ledge. For #3, either possess him and run him around a corner outside and kill him there, or do what you do for the other two.
After Round 5
-Kill the overseer with the whale oil tank while using no weapons. Use the glass jars to open the nearest window into the room with the Overseer, then run back and use the jar near the whale oil tank to break the glass. Pickup the tank and run it to the window you broke open and throw the tank at the Overseer
After Round 6
- 20 seconds to save all 20 enemies from the ignited oil tanks. Just make sure you break the windows BEFORE throwing the oil tank at it, other than that you may also want to start off by shooting through two windows to make life a bit easier, and then rush in an pick up and toss all three tanks outside of the windows.

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thanks for putting this guide together... very helpful
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