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Raven Strike DLC - 100% Tactical Challenges Guide

First off, a word of warning: Many of these challenges have a knack for unlocking, and then re-locking later on in the mission. I have tried to make note of this in each of the applicable challenges.

Secure Dawn
Recommended Loadout - An Assault Rifle, or Sniper Rifle (recommended), with AP ammo if you have it, otherwise just aim for the head. Also, you will want a pistol, such as the OTS-33 with an extended mag, or the KARD if you have it. You may also want a red dot on it, to make aiming easier. Make whatever weapons you choose silenced.

Efficient Pistoleer - Kill 8 enemies in under 40 seconds with a pistol, and without reloading

I'm assuming this challenge was meant to be achieved while moving through the cave after crash site two. There are (I believe) 7 enemies in there, so you will need to quickly move out of the cave and down the left to find the 8th guy. I may have missed one that was taken by one of my teammates though.

I personally did that challenge from the tower overlooking the swamp village (pistol sniping!)

Swamp person - On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected
It is entirely possible to do this alongside the other challenges. This challenge will finish once you make it passed the second crash site and are about to enter a cave. All of the six packer, and the first 10 with a twist kills were done during this time. Reading through those should help you clear out the enemies a bit easier (six packer + 1-3 with a twist were crash site 1, 4-10 with a twist at crash site 2). For WHATEVER reason, this can magically relock after you enter the swamp, and even fail if you're spotted in the last section of the mission. I have NO idea why it would do that after it unlocks, but hopefully it doesn't happen to you.

Six Packer - Kill two enemies with a single bullet, do it three times
...A sniper rifle will obviously make this a bit easier; I chose the MSR (Silenced), w/ AP ammo just in case.
*Note that if you miss any of these, there are a lot of two man patrol at the third crash site, so don't worry
**Also note, for whatever reason this can relock (lose it's check mark saying it's done), just like the swamp person challenge. I had to reunlock this by getting a 2 for 1 kill during the breach at the very end of the mission, which was rather easy since it's slow motion and they're all pretty close together (playing cards or something)

1. The first one I got was in the first group, I crawled down so I could line myself up in front of the leftmost guy and I waited for the guy patrolling around the back of the car to get behind him. If you want stealth, make sure you target the other two soldiers and the one you will hit first with your bullet so all 4 guys will drop at once. As soon as the two soldiers are lined up, pull the trigger.
2. From the truck, head left and then move to the left in the next area (while you're moving look to your far right to see a lone guard, target him and have him taken out asap), between the rocks, and you should come up behind a guy patrolling from your left to right (you can snap his neck). Continue left and you'll come up on a down tree that you can take cover behind and you'll see a lone guard walking in circles on the other side. Wait for a second guard to appear near him and once you have an opening, take them both out.
3. Look back toward where your teammates are, from where the bodies of the last 2 guys are, and you should see 2 soldiers very close together a few meters in front of the truck. One of them will start patrolling away from you, and as he does take both of them out. If you took out the lone guard I mentioned for #2 and neck snapped the other guy, there should only be one guy on either side of the truck and a third guy on the far side of this area for you to deal with and none of them should see these two guys die.

With a Twist - Kill 20 enemies by snapping their necks (either stealth kill works for this).
* This did not re-lock for me, but keep an eye on it anyway.

Crash Site 1
1. The first guy you can easily get this neck snap () is the patrolling guard on your left as you take the left passed the truck and then left again passed the first destroyed building you come across on the way to the first crash site.
2. After clearing out the guys for the sniper challenge, you can snap the neck of the guy patrolling on your side of the truck. If you're feeling confident you can sneak around and snap the neck of the guy on the far side of the cabin on the opposite side of the truck, and then the guy on the opposite side that is facing the truck (right next to the truck). However, taking them out safely will give you a checkpoint and allow you to go about your business with the rest of the mission.

Crash Site 2
3. Start the next section off by heading down the leftmost path. You will quickly encounter an enemy patrolling toward you down the road, so take cover. Wait for him to turn down a side path to your right and then quickly move in and take him out. There may be two guys looking your way, but taking him out should be safe.
4. Continue down the left side and you should now see a guard patrolling away from you, up a small hill. Move up quickly behind him and take him out, then move to your right up the hill.
5. Number 4 patrols up a hill and moves right behind a sniper, so continue a bit down his path (depending on where you killed him) and you'll see a sniper overwatching the crash site. Take him out, and quickly back up to avoid getting spotted. The body will be fine.
6. Back track to the fork where the road splits and watch out as there will no be a guy here hanging out before he continues his patrol. Move up behind him and slit his throat, then continue down the right most path (up to a rocky area, which is where he came from)
7. Continue along this path to find a sniper overlooking the crash site here as well. Take him out.
8. Back track to where 6 was and then move toward the cabin to clear those 3 guys out. The first one you will want to take it is the guy that circles outside and passes through the interior of the cabin. Make sure you take him out inside the cabin.
9. The second guy has a U shaped patrol from the far side, around the right side (the side with no door) to the near side. Take him out on the near side, I would recommend hiding inside the building and jumping out at him or hiding around the left corner.
10. The 10th guy can be tricky due to his location, but if you get lucky you can take him out without getting spotted (he's the guy next to the campfire). Otherwise, just shoot him and his body shouldn't get spotted. Half way, and another checkpoint! (the guys in the wreckage are too much trouble to try and neck snap imo, though not impossible)

Crash Site 3
11. You'll want to make the guys around the third crash site a bit easier by starting off sniping the guy standing on top of the plane. I never had anyone see his corpse, but he is able to see everywhere, making him difficult to avoid (if you need an 8th pistol kill, try him). After that, head left and into the water. You'll see one guy patrolling on the far left, ignore him. There will be a two man group in front of you, eventually one will patrol to your left and the other will head into the plane. Once they split, take the left out first.
12. Then follow the second guy into the plane and take him out there.
13. Hang out near the large opening of the plane and eventually a guy will enter from the back right door and he'll stop to face you for a bit. Head along the outside of the plane and in the same door he used to take him out.
14. Head back to where you were waiting for him and look off to your right to spot two guards patrolling a good 15-20 feet apart. Move in behind the last guy and take him out.
15. Then move up behind the front guy and kill him.
16. Continue along the road the way they came to find two more guys. Take out the guy on dry ground first and then wait for number two to move so the wreckage is between him and the remaining guys.
17. Then take him out (the guys out here have great eyes for some reason).
18. There are now 4 guys left, all near the truck with its headlights on. There should be one guy at the back of the group who has a bunch of boxes blocking his direct view of the other three, so take him out by circling around the back. I took him and the rest of them out at the same time just in case.

Swamp Village
19. After clearing them and heading to the plane you will get attacked by a big patrol. It is entirely possible to sneak around behind them and assassinate at least one of them, but I didn't. Anyway, 19 is more or less a given as you will need to take out a guard inside of a watchtower that you need to climb to the top of to recon the next area of the mission. In short, climb the ladder and once he is facing away, move up and finish him off.
20. Head back down and move to the right of the tower (drainage pipe sounds fun, right?) and you should see a guard walking at the edge of the swamp. Once he turns to leave, take him out for the last kill.

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Cold Walker
Recommended Loadout - An assault weapon for the firefight at the end, such as an LMG or Assault Rifle, though you can pick this up in a weapon box in the last section of the game. You will also need a pistol for the Handgun Headhunter.

Handgun Headhunter - Perform 20 headshots with handguns
*This seems to reset every time you need to reload a checkpoint, so you will want to go from the barn to the train station non-stop for this (not too hard once you get the paths down).

You can get a lot of these in the fields between the barn area and the rail station, just be aware that if you lose camo while a helicopter is above you, you're screwed (on Elite). Clear out the garden area on the left first for 5 easy kills, and then the rest of the fields for at least a couple more. You'll need help from your teammates once the chopper lands to drop off more soldiers, but all 4 of them will be close together for an easy kill once the chopper moves. Ignore the two guys in the back left of the fields as they are within line of sight of a truck that will shoot you if it sees them die. You can get up to about 4 more in the train station.

Fisher Fan - Make 5 consecutive kills by snapping the target's neck
*Note, this means you must stealth kill 5 people in a row, and the throat cut one does count as one of those 5, so don't worry.

This one can be achieved with relative ease if you use your teammates to help clear out enemies, which means you'll want to do this before the train station. Luckily the farmhouse you start out near is a pretty easy place to do it. Simply start off by going up the hill on the right for two kills. Have your teammates take out the sniper on top of the silo/tower in back of the barn, and the guy on the back balcony of the barn. Move to the front of the barn to see two guys near each other by a giant round bale of hay. Target both of them for a sync shot, and snap the neck of either one of them. Target the two guys standing next to eachother near the front of the barn (one of them patrols down the road and back). Move to the back side of the barn and hide behind the farthest group of boxes to watch over the 4 guys in the field. Once they are all patrolling toward you, and both of the targets are behind the barn (out of view) have your teammates kill their targets. Then target the 4 guys in this area and snap the neck of one of them - make sure they're all out of view of the guy on the bottom floor of the barn. Once the outside is clear, have a teammate take out the guy on the lower level of the barn and then slowly move up stairs to take out the last guy for kill 5.

Eyes Only - Reach the station without using sensor grenades or the drone

At the beginning of the mission, just tap once so you put it on your primary grenades, basically so you don't accidentally toss a sensor or use a drone. You can also switch out your sensor in the mission briefing if you want. You have the magnetic/x-ray goggles so you really don't need either the sensors or the drone, thankfully. Once you clear out the 5 guys in the train station, this will pop.
Station Agent - Kill all the hostiles in the train station without using sync shots
When you get to the station there are 5 guards, one roaming on the roof, two on the roof looking away, and two on the ground. Most of them cross into line of sight of one another at some point, so you will want to quickly take them all down by yourself, using the pistol if you can for the other challenge. Once you stealth kill the first guy on the roof, double tap the other two guys up there (I recommend shooting them from the side to make the shots lined up, though you'll still need to double tap). Looking at the guys on the ground, the one on the left will turn around every once in a while, allowing you to quickly take out the guy behind him, and then him.

Argent Thunder
Recommended Loadout - A mid range assault rifle, and a grenade launcher for good measure (and APCs). The 417 works well. Also, you'll need a pistol of your choice. If you don't have the grenade launcher, bring grenades and make sure you have EMP grenades for the turrets.

Pistolero - Using a handgun, kill 10 consecutive enemies without any misses

I did this during the bridge crossing at the beginning of the level. Take your time with your shots, and aim wherever you feel confident you will hit. You can hit a single target as many times as you want, but you cannot miss at all during the 10 kill streak (you can only kill with your pistol during that streak as well).

Swift and Silent - Cross the bridge in under 5 minutes without triggering an alarm

For whatever reason, this was marked as complete before I ever even played the mission, but just in case it's not for you, here's what you do: At the very start of the mission there's a bridge with an APC on it. While walking across the main deck is possible, it's easier to take the ladder down to the lower walkway that runs along the water, then follow that up to the lower deck of the bridge. There are a couple of guys down here to take out (with your pistol) and the guy on the top deck that is on his cell phone can see you through the grating in the floor, so be careful with that. Note that once you kill all the enemies in the area, you must also eliminate the APC, which can be taken out with 3 or 4 grenades (which I threw all at once). There's an ammo cache on the far side of the bridge if you need it.

Wolfhunter - Kill the 4 HVTS without being taken out by a sniper

Very straightforward. By now you should know that snipers enjoy hanging out in high areas, and now that you can use the drone, it's easy to scout the area, spot the snipers first, and have them taken out before any combat even begins. The last area (4th HVT) has quite a few snipers to take out, including a couple a ways down the road from where the HVT is. Once again, just scout ahead with the drone.

Eyes in the Dark - Finish the mission without activating your NVG view.

Do not press to activate your Night Vision for the entirety of the mission. Although it's at night time, there are a lot of lights, flares, and fires to help you get through the mission a bit easier. If you find you are having trouble, consider adding a thermal scope to your primary weapon.

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This is great, thank you for this.
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Originally Posted by Infernal View Post
This is great, thank you for this.
I'm not responsible for any bugs that may (and probably will) occur in your game regarding these challenges x.x Other than that, have fun..glitches included, I still found the DLC really fun.

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