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Old 01-15-2013, 03:48 AM   #1
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Refienery Operative Time Trial

I seriously need some help.

I just can't get through the level in under 20 minutes. The best result I've gotten so far is 21:41 and to me that was a solid run. I've searched the web for solutions already since I thought this must be a problem for others as well but apparently I'm the only one who suck.

I've found two sites with this question but the short replies just doesn't help. They tell me to just rush through the level but I die fairly quick even on Operative. I've tried picking off immediate threats but then I come up short on time.

So any kind of tips would be appreciated. Even better would be if someone has done this recently and can remember approximate times for the different parts but I guess that's wishful thinking

It just sucks playing through 20+ minutes to get a big "you failed"-slap.

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Old 01-18-2013, 01:37 AM   #2
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Just Run! when you start the mission take out your pistol and just run to the exit. Sound off all the alarms and everything, and same with planting the bombs! just go and plant them.
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Old 03-03-2013, 03:00 AM   #3
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It's not your fault that you can't beat the time trial, IT'S THE GAME'S FAULT! The time trials in 007 Legends are the worst fucking things ever! They're bullshit and unfair to the player.

At least with every other game with time trials, they only test you on how fast you sped through a level in a game (when you have control over it), in 007 Legends, they count the fucking cutscenes in-gameplay! They even count the cutscenes in the beginning of the game, making it EVEN HARDER for you to beat them! You can't skip them and they waste you HUGE CHUNKS of your time beating the levels! I've encountered this problem before with the Skiing level in O.H.M.S.S. and believe me, IT FUCKING SUCKS! There is almost NO-WAY of beatings that trial whatsoever, only if you don't restart from ths last ever checkpoint in the level and you get through it flawlessly.

The reality of the Refinery level in 'Licence To Kill' is you DON'T have '20 minutes' to beat the level, but 18 and a half, because the beginning cutscene drags and wastes almost two minutes of your time beating the level AND the trial! Activision and Eurocom seriously fucked up with this game's elements, I tried to speak this out on the 007 Legends community board and tried Contacting Activision about it, but I got nothing!

Someone please contact Actvision and/or Eurocom to make a patch for this game, fixing the time trials, because they are both too difficult and unfair! If they want their players to beat their game so fast, don't make it so that it's fucking IMPOSSIBLE!
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Old 11-03-2013, 11:15 AM   #4
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Don't listen to Dudenfresh, He's talking complete shite, this time trial is easily possible with at least a min to spare.
I did this last night after just 2 attempts.

Obviously running and gunnin is the key. Set up you perks so you have the 2 health ones and the speed stealth one (pic of 2 footsteps and red circle)

Now from the start leg it up the path and blast the sniper until he dead and sprint down the ramp and towards the objective, once you get to the first sort of pillars kill the guy leaning on them and pick up his AK-47, no switch to silenced pistol and leg it to the object only killing those in your way, If your lucky you wont set off the alarm until your on your way down some stairs before you go inside the building.

Once inside the building you must plant bombs, the trick here is to NOT set off the alarms as you will be rushed and spend way too much time shooting people.

As soon as cut scene is over silent head shot the guy on the balcony near the first bomb. Go down the ladder and run under that 1st bomb to the stairs on far side, if needed wait for patrol to turn around so you can make it up the stairs undetected and arm the bomb.

Now jump off the balcony facing your entry point and turn left to leg it around the back of the truck and up the ladder to the second bomb (right hand side of room).

Now go down the stairs to the back of the room and up the ladder to the 3rd bomb and arm it. Down the ladder and go to the big shutter door at the back of room which should open and move onto the 2nd set of bombs.

If you mess up at any point and raise an alarm restart checkpoint, the timer will go back to the same time as when you hit the specific point.

In the second room do the left bomb 1st then run around the back of the room and across to the right hand side for the 2nd bomb and then run to the ladder at the back and go up for the 3rd bomb, exit the room through the door to the left of the 3rd bomb.

Again if you get spotted or set of an alarm restart checkpoint, It's really important not to set off a alarm here as you will definitely waste too much time shootin.

Now just run as fast as you can,

For the stealth section, as soon as the door opens using silenced pistol head shot the guy walking away then the guy leaning on the rail,

Use your watch to take out the camera, now you must be quick, line up a head shot on one of the 2 guys in your path, kill him then snap to the other guy killing him fast and run to the door at far end to get cut scene.

Now run as much as possible to the objective killing everyone in your way, 1st is 2 guys patrolling, then 2 guys near the office talking and finally 1 guy next to office door.

Find and hack the fuse box, try to be as quick as possible matching the colours, again if you take too long restart checkpoint.

Go into the office and don't bother with your phone, move to the door on left hand side of room, up the small stairs and press the secret button on the big pillar which opens the globe, collect the documents and exit the room and run as much as possible.

Now after you set off the bombs kill the 2 dudes in slow mo and then switch to AK, run and gun only those in your way and especially any1 with shotguns, get to other side of room and cut scene, beat up the guy without missing any QTE bits.

Now when you have woman with you run and gun to the objective but for the 1st room when you get to the exit door turn around and kill everyone or she don't follow.

Run and gun to the door and hold X, it don't matter how far away the lady is as she soon appear to help with door.

Once door explodes and you get up run into burning room gunning, when you hit the floor jump over wall to avoid enemies and leg it to the objective.

Once you see the truck ignore everyone and leg it around the truck and hold X to get in, you shouldn't get killed but you will be very close, if you are killed when you restart just gun down a couple of the guys next to the truck.

For the last section where you have to protect the lady, ensure when you are going up the stairs to kill all enemies and grab the sniper rifle out of the box,

Try to kill all enemies as fast as you can,
1st set come from top left.
2nd from top right
3rd from bottom right.

Once she is in the helicopter and takes off keep an eye on the objective and as soon as it changes to the console to open the door activate it and there a small cut scene and mission over.

Hopefully if you have done this right and quick enough you should have about a min to spare.

This is by far the toughest time trial but it's easily doable.
Good luck.
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Old 03-12-2014, 08:52 PM   #5
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Just run through everything with your pistol
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