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Dead Space 3
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Old 08-26-2013, 09:50 PM   #301
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only thing i liked, the guns i was able to create

back to the original subject, everything else was a bore. the story didn't seem natural - i didn't mind the messy love triangle cause i didn't care too much about the rest of the story. no more scares. everythings predictable. so disappointing
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Old 09-24-2013, 12:48 PM   #302
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the thing that really ruined the game for me was the 4 playthroughs. I really enjoyed playing through on casual and playing the side missions, but after that it went downhill. I ended up speedrunning on my final playthrough (Hardcore) and it really ruined the experience.
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Old 09-28-2013, 01:51 AM   #303
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well im late to the party here , but let me say , i loved DS1 and DS2 but , i played this game with my friend over xbox live , much to my dismay in the first place cuz i feel this game should be single player, but i knoticed every time we save , we would half to redo the co op missions when we got back all over again in level 15 or 16 we did the same one 3 FN times , are you serious ??? in one and two when you save at the boards thats where you came back , this crap just infurates me every time , and ill choose to not go into the weapon system instead ill just say that was not the sequel i wanted or had expected after falling in love with the story in the first two
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Old 10-17-2013, 05:54 AM   #304
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Having the same issue with all achievement progress, except the level clear and unlocks. This game blows, I loved the first two.
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Old 01-16-2014, 07:35 PM   #305
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Gamertag: raidenhardcore
Loved the first 2 games but this was disappointing..

Same type of enemies practically nothing new, and all the collecting and playing MacGyver with all that weapon crap is so boring

Saving errors made me do levels more than once

Online pass for co-op

All shooting and no horror, other characters were boring I could care less about

Only 1 time I found an explosive cannister?? These were plenty before

Also this stupid who get the girl bullshit was annoying so the story sucked

The final scenes were boring (opening alien doors pff) and Isaac died which sucked even more

The music and especially the snowy graphics were awesome which saved this game from disaster

The Snowbeast was pretty nicely done

Not another looong playthrough for me

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Old 01-21-2014, 04:25 AM   #306
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Where to begin.....the story is pretty boring. I'm not sure whether a giant moon actually being an alien....thing that controls the Markers is ludicrous or cool, but at no point did I really care for anyone anymore. DS2 had me hooked almost the whole time, but by chapter 16 or so I was just kinda hoping this one would be over soon.

Set pieces were ridiculous, and I think at least half of the cutscenes that aren't dialogue based involved Isaac (and in one instance, Carver) falling from something.

The Alien necromorphs don't add anything besides being harder to kill, and the Feeders are like an OP replacement of the Pack.

The checkpoints make no sense a lot of the times.....I'd save and get off the Xbox, and come back losing 5 minutes of progress. Wtf.

Classic mode reveals how painfully nerfed several of the weapons are. You can shoot a regular necro 6 times with the FG primary and it does hardly anything, the Pulse Rifle is weak and can't get anywhere near the boost to magazine size, the Contact Beam's alt-fire doesn't work nearly as well (plus no Special stasis effect in Classic), etc.

Chapter 16 (I think) basically requires a Seeker rifle or rocket launcher to kill the fanatics shooting from several hundred feet below, and scopes on weapons don't work well when you're rappelling.

And why do we not get ANY saves for Hardcore when the game is even longer?
Completed games
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Old 02-01-2014, 05:33 PM   #307
Fragarach Luin
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There are a lot of little things wrong with this game, and while I like it, I'm only just now finishing up my first playthrough, and I'm dreading doing three more.

-The Kinect functionality is broken. I know, big surprise, right? I don't have one myself, but my co-op partner does, and that translates to him giving me items every ten seconds. That's not an exaggeration. Even when he's completely silent, I'll randomly receive ammo and health and stasis almost constantly, and if we don't pay attention, he'll wander into a boss fight with absolutely no items.

-The save system is broken. I'll mirror others here and say that the brokenness in the save system of this game is unbelievable. Whether I'm exploiting it to farm resources or being forced to replay optional missions again and again, be assured that it doesn't work the way it should.

-The weapon crafting isn't fully realized. Maybe this is an entitled sort of complaint, but the weapon crafting system, while excellent, left me unsatisfied. I really enjoyed it, and it made me want to trawl around space in the beginning, grabbing every bit of scrap metal I could, to see what I could build. But it wasn't long at all before I got the sense that I'd built everything there was to build. And it bothers me that there are weapons that are clearly the "best." You just can't beat the chain lightning gun for efficacy, and I don't even like that gun. They savagely nerfed every good gun from the last game, even the flamethrower (which sucked in the last game, too). All in all, it seems as though they had a good idea, then wiped off their hands and said "Done."

-Just about every other complaint in this thread dated AFTER the game was released rang true for me. The microtransactions, the length and poor pacing of the plot, the non-stop horde mode action that took away the suspense, the graphical and audio glitches that were pretty frequent, all these have annoyed me at one time or another throughout my first playthrough.

I like this game. I like playing it in co-op. I'm just afraid that by the time I finally get the 1250, I'll hate the damn thing.
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Old 02-04-2014, 08:58 PM   #308
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Totally agree with the above post! 3/4 the way through & im bored!! Ok looks great but fucked up save system,same predictable enemies,waste of time weapon crafting (95% of the stuff you can craft is useless in-game,maxed out plasma cutter is adequate) shite story etc! I could ramble on but its all been posted already.loved DS 1&2 but this is a step backwards.dont want coop neither but im FORCED to play it for the collectables! That sucks! Well fuck it,im too long in the tooth to be spending hours/days grinding out a game i dont like so screw the collectables & the OTHER THREE playthroughs!
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Old 09-08-2014, 11:10 AM   #309
FullClip Killer
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OK here are my points of view-

The weapon crafting aspect appears forced. I have been forced to tinker with all weapons in the game rather than just play with the blueprints provided. I do have a kick arse (English) plasma cutter with a military lower weapon and stasis, provides accuracy against humans and freezes necros so I can cut them down with ease, but using my suit stasis is far less affective than this mod. Why? Why is making a weapon do something it is not supposed to do more effective than a suit with it built in.

Shooting limbs rarely leads to shooting off limbs. I have lost count of the amount of ammo I have wasted trying to knock off a leg to have the necro die in a compete piece then to hit 1 in the head and all his limbs fall off in a pile of parts.

Saving. Do I need to save more, well I'm going to. I have played a hundred games with auto save and none as poorly implemented as this one. I have seen it where I have lost 30 minutes of play but also have restarted play only to have missed collectables by starting me the other side of a door/lift/chasm which is now locked. Both instances I have seen the "saving progress" prompt obviously doing its own thing irrelevant of what I have actually done.

TK and fodder axes. Is it me or is the fodder axe TK broken? I have thrown many axes only to have it pass though the enemy without doing any damage. This us made worse by the fact that once thrown they are gone.

Fodder is immune to damage while mutating, why, it was never the case before with mutating enemies. Also hitting a fodder in stasis often results in not killing it as it is not dead until it is killed in its mutated state, something that cannot happen in stasis. Result having to use stasis, kill its original form (for which there is no visual clue), wait for stasis to wear iff and it is fully mutated, then finish it off. not a problem as long as there are not another 4 coming at you which there always is.

There is no logical reason why regenerator exists, let alone there be more than 1.

no difference between suits. what is the point in having 10 suits available if there is no reason to change.

Achievements spread between solo/co-op. So I have done all optional solo missions and gathered all possible collectables in solo but all is for nought unless I can find someone to do 3 tiny co-op missions. It is not a case of not wanting to do the missions but nowadays no one is online.

Possibly never seeing Carvers side to co-op. Chances are I will never see Carvers visions as co-op is so quiet I can only do the co-op missions as Issac.

Quitting/menu in co-op. Accessing the menu (pressing start) immediately throws you back out. This makes quitting out of co-op almost impossible without losing all gained progress/stats/inventory.

When in co-op, if carver has the probe in his safe, Issac cannot build it as part of the mission. Carver must equip it for the story to progress.

done for now. may think of more later.

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Old 10-18-2015, 04:34 PM   #310
Fragarach Luin
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Coming back to the game a year later, I'm enraged by the Wasters (the metamorphosing enemies with the fodder axes). They're clear knock-offs of the Las Plagas enemies from Resident Evil 4 and 5, in my opinion, but that's hardly the biggest problem with them. They're totally unresponding to damage, unless it's enough to kill them. And the amount of damage it takes to kill one seems to be totally random. There is no combination of limbs removed that does anything, even two arms is inconsistent. Sometimes the tentacles just come out, and then you're fucked. I'm bitching here mostly because I'm just sick of seeing those assholes come charging toward me, head down, through a hail of bullets, without a single pause. Even a force gun doesn't always stumble them.
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