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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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Demo Movelist and Mini FAQ

If you hated the demo, or feel like the game's lacking, check here:

Well, I hated the demo (as per my long ass rant in the impression thread), so I played the demo a good 4 or 5 times over and sat in the VR training messing around. I learned a lot of stuff that the game does not tell you.

Dodge: X+A, preferably pointing away from the enemy. It does cancel some attack frames, but not all. Honestly, it's not that great once you get a hang for the game. Parry is almost always better and safer.

Parry: Toward Enemy+X, it's hard to get used to, and feels dumb. But... when you play against an enemy enough times you'll know exactly when to press it, and the pay off tends to be a stun. It parries grenades too. Big enemies glow orange to telegraph a move, smaller ones use a red light.

Jump: A. Ignore the fact that it's A. Just hold RT to run towards walls, he will scale most of them on his own in a good and fancy manner. The actual button is damn near useless when you're running (unless he needs a little help).

My advice: Know your enemy, stay moving, attack with a special attack against groups then into blade mode to get them out of the way, and don't be afraid to attack in the air. Going into blade mode will NOT stop the enemy from attacking you, but grabbing a spine will(zan-datsu).

Blade mode:
Blade Mode: Hold LT to activate, drains meter below life. Tutorial shows this.

Blase Mode pt2(zan-datsu): Aim for the red box, if you can cut it, you'll expose the spine, which you can remove with the button prompt for a life/blade refill.

Blade Mode pt3: Use X for horizontal attacks and Y for vertical attacks. The tutorial does NOT tell you this! If you just mash X and Y during blade mode you'll cut the target into many more pieces; thus a higher score. Optimally, you wanna use a fine target attack with RS to slice the red box (exposing the spine), then mash X and Y for a quick score, THEN grab the spine.

After assassinating an enemy, hold LT, you can still zan-datsu.

Combos and Special Moves:
I know it feels lacking, but the demo does have special moves and combos.

Wide Attack: X, you can mash X some 4 times for a regular quick combo. Another note, wide attacks are easily canceled with another move, dodge, special move, or jump. Also, Raiden's neutral X, pushed once, gives 3 different possible animations: side to side slice, down to up diagonal, and up to down diagonal. It really doesn't matter which one comes out because canceling X into Y will always cancel into the Y1 move (Y pushed once). You can press XXXY and it'll be the same Y as if you hit XY or just Y, it's always Y1.

Strong Attack: Y, this is actually where the combo's and fancy moves come in. Strong attacks don't cancel well (especially ending animations, they do not recover), BUT canceling a Y move into X creates new moves, which when canceled themselves become new moves. I'll be using Y1, Y2 notation. It doesn't matter how you come to that particular animation of Y, that animation will cancel into a specific move:

Y1->X= Spinning attack, this attack is amazing. It's good to spam on the demo boss too. Because you get to this from Y1 canceling to X, and Y1 always comes out of XXXX mashing, you can do XY1X, XXY1X too.

Y1->nX->nY= X's always cancel into Y1, but if you've created a new move off a Y cancel(nX), you find canceling that new X move into Y creates another new move. After the spin attack, he'll proceed to a cool looking foot stab.

Y2->nX= Rapid diagonal slashes. Remember, a Y2 just means the second animation of Y, so YYX or XXYYX will give you this move.

Y2->nX->nY= Trip, just like the other, you can cancel the nX into new Y move.

X...X= Link move. He definitely does a different X animation if you pause your inputs for a moment or "link" them. Not sure what it does on an enemy yet (sometimes animations only come out when it hits). In VR, he makes a distinct sound and slashes upward, and this link will not cancel into anything.

Toward, toward+X= Launcher. You can cancel a lot of combo sequences into the launcher. It doesn't hit particularly well, you need to have your aim tight, but it does allow for an air juggle.

Back, toward+X= Palm Attack. Knocks enemies away from you and does heavy damage. You can cancel out of a combo into this.

Toward, toward+Y= Stinger, ala Dante. He flies towards the enemy. I believe an animation plays if it hits. Does not cancel. Very good for chasing an enemy you just parried out of range.

Back, toward+Y= Trip. It's actually pretty good and comes out fast, try it out.

360 spin+Y= Breakdance. This move is slow and doesn't cancel out of, BUT it's awesome looking and hits a wide range of enemies. Try sliding into a group of enemies and mashing this out.

360 spin+X= ???. Didn't seem like anything amazing. Almost looks like his X...X move, not sure what it's for or if it's even a move.

RT+X= Running slash, you can mash X while run, it's kind of lame.

RT+Y= Slide. It's godlike. Spam this on small groups. You can cancel into some good stuff or just blade mode after for free kills with no effort.

In the air, YY= a very awesome looking combo ender for air juggles.

In the air, XXX= regular aerial rave, nothing amazing.

In the air, Forward+Y= dive kick. VERY GOOD. You can actually cancel ALOT into this move without realize it. It seems to track well, starts combos, and messes those mooing mechs up fairly well.

Air combos are wonky and hard to describe. In the air, everything cancels, like instant cancel. The air rules pretty much allow you to only do a unique animation once while airborne, that is all. Which moves are unique?
-XXX is one unique move. If you only hit X once or twice, it doesn't matter, you burned the unique animation.
-Y1 is one unique move
-Y2 is it's OWN unique move. Very important property, you actually bounce on the recovery of this move!
-Forward+Y is the final unique move.

What does this mean? You can do all four in one air combo. Jump, then Y, XXX, Y (wait for the bounce to stay airborne)...Forward Y.


Y, Y (wait for bounce), XXX, Forward Y.


Mini Boss Guide:
LQ-84i has three stages. After the first two, he'll call in 3 cyborgs, then a moo mech, respectively. After the third, you'll be given a button prompt to finish him.

1. Glows orange and pounce side to side. Count his hops, I believe he finally lunges at you on the 4th bounce. You want to stand still and count them down, then parry on the final bounce. It's his hardest attack to parry, but the reward is huge, you'll get a full combo. If it hits, he knocks you on the ground and saws your butt up for big damage.

2. Glows orange and curls back for a straight forward attack. Parry just as he's charging back, you should have plenty of time to hit the parry. It's an easy parry, so the reward isn't big, he'll be out of range. You can stinger over to him or run over, but it's risky, he may begin another attack. You can negate his huge recovery range by backing him into a wall with the Y1->nX combo. He'll recover next to you, hit him with the spin attack again, repeat until dead.

3. His saw tail comes up and glows orange for a three part attack. You can parry or dodge this move. He doesn't use it often, so it tends to catch you off guard, but expect to parry up to three times before attempting to do anything else. After 3 successful parries you tend to get a free combo.

4. Glows orange and looks almost standing, usually at a distance, throws a knife. This is very easy to parry because it comes out so quick (meaning a nervous mash usually parries it). You can also blade cut the knife if you want. No real reward, just time to get back in range.

-If he hits you and knocks you down, the absolute worse thing you can do is get up and hit a button or expect to attack him. He will always attack on your wake up. Wait for the parry instead.
-There's healing items all over the level and even in the boss arena. You can have up to 3 or 4 life restore items going into this battle.
-Use the grunts he sends to restore your life! When he sends the cyborgs in, I slide them as fast as possible and go right into blade mode against 2 or all 3 at the same time. Get a spine = 3.
-After each stage, when he's jumping back in, you get a free attack. Get ready for it, back him into a wall, parry his attack, make use of the good position and you'll likely engage the next stage from just that. It becomes a very quick battle this way.
-Hard to beware, but there are explosive barrels in the arena. They do some good damage to you = (.

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Wow, excellent work. Really handy! Shocked none of this is really explained in the demo whatsoever.
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It's rather odd that the demo didn't cover much in the way of the core game mechanics, but instead left you learn and experiment for yourself.

After digging a bit deeper and experimenting with the fighting mechanics, you start to appreciate the depth and the fluidity of it all.

So definitely a big help here, especially to those that couldn't quite get to grips with the combos and the parry.
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