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Army of Two: The 40th Day
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Improved guide for online achievements

I've been playing this game for a really long time and I still see a lot of people struggling with getting the online achievements legit. Since I only encourage getting them legit I decided to write an improved guide on how to do this. (Sorry for the length of this guide, but I try to be as detailed as possible)

General Tips:

- None of them can be done in private matches. So make sure to do them in public matches. You can either join a match at the game browser, or host one through quick match when there isn't any of that type open.
- Being host gives you a better chance at winning. When the other players don't have good connection to you as host, you can be godlike, but in any case, being host always seem to let you do more damage and take less.
- Know the players. By that I don't mean memorize the players, but know that a decent amount of the players still playing are good players. What these people do a lot is blind aiming and it doesn't matter how good you are at aiming, most of the times they will drop you by doing this. You'll recognize it since they'll be moving pretty fast from left to right or in circles around you and when you aim you can only walk slowly. If they do aim it is probably because they know they aim better and/or have a better weapon. If they are still far away always make sure to aim a little in front of the way they are moving to and when they get up close and personal the only thing I can advice you is try blind aiming and moving (it takes some getting used to but it still highly increases your chances). Also note that if you are still holding the aim button when you press A you'll do a side roll, which is by far the most effective roll and usable when you are taking to much damage.
- Know that you can reload from your partners backpack. These give you full primary and secondary ammo again and a new grenade (if used). In Extraction these are infinite, in the other game modes you get 2.
- Always aim for the head. Offcourse advicable for the one-shot kill weapons, but for every weapon the higher amount of damage totally makes up for the second it takes you to move the aim stick to the head.
- Use your GPS. Accessible by pressing the LB and can help you out a lot to see where enemies are. In Warzone it is even crucial for seeing where the VIPS are.
- Don't melee someone if you get meleed first. People tend to do that but instead move away from him so his second melee won't hit you and just shoot. Otherwise his second melee will hit before your second and it will always kill you. Offcourse this doesn't apply when you get meleed from behind (which is a one-hit kill).
- Use your grenade. And by that I don't mean when in close-by battle, by the time you've thrown the grenade you'll have received quite some damage. I prefer to throw them over a wall or something where I know there are battles, but you can also wait until you see other people going at each other, people trying to revive their partner or when someone is far away. Rolling a grenade (by crouching) off a stairs can make for a hit they don't see coming.
- Don't be to scared of grenades. Offcourse they will take you out when they land right next to you or you're already damaged but their blast radius isnt that great and when you're behind cover and it lands in front of the cover it won't do any damage at all. So don't be to quick with running away when behind cover or when in battle with someone.
- Be aware of the barrels. These are grey barrels with a orange sticker in the middle and can be found across all maps. They have a bigger blast radius than a grenade and when someone is close enough I recommend always to shoot the barrel instead of the person. Offcourse also watch out with standing to close to these yourself.
- Choose your weapon kit with care. Unless you're still going for the kill with each weapon (kit) I would say these kits are just not done: Assault Kit 1, Assault Kit 2, Commando Kit 1. They don't weigh up to the advantages of the other kits. That leaves these kits:

Close Combat Kit 1 (AA-12 Shotgun, MP5 SMG):
AA-12 Shotgun: The most overpowered gun in the game, people who've played the game for a while refer to it as the bitch stick and know that you will probably piss them off by using it. If you're close enough it is a straight killer and the hit radius is just straight unfair, even if your aiming is off you still get hits in.
MP5 SMG: Nothing special, but this kit revolves around the AA-12.
Close Combat Kit 2 (R870 Shotgun, M-416 Assault Rifle):
R870 Shotgun: A headshot from close will make for a nice one-hit kill and when you're host this is a beast. Body shots also do massive damage and the range of the weapon is also a lot more than you would assume.
M-416 Assault Rifle: Also in this kit it revolves around the shotgun, but the rifle can come in handy when you run out of ammo or are shooting someone at a long distance.
Sniper Kit 1 (VSS Sniper Rifle, TD-V.45 SMG):
VSS Sniper Rifle: The best sniper in the game, even though you might think otherwise. The damage and accuracy aren't maxed but the difference is negligible and you'll still be able to give clean headshots. Additionally you get more ammo and the ability to shoot bullets fast after one another, which helps when aiming at someone who is moving or when blind aiming.
TD-V.45 SMG: Shoots fast with reasonable damage and makes for a decent secondary weapon, the ammo is drained quickly though.
Sniper Kit 2 (M107.50cal Sniper Rifle, Type 77 Pistol):
M107.50cal Sniper Rifle: If you use this kit it will be mainly for the pistol with having the ability to snipe someone. The max stats may look cool but the long time it takes to shoot the next bullet and to reload make it fail in comparison to the VSS and mostly useful for giving someone that is standing still a headshot.
Type 77 Pistol: Don't be fooled by the damage of this pistol, it's a killer. A few headshots with this weapon will drop someone in no time and if you spam the shoot button it shoots pretty fast.
Commando Kit 2 (G36 Assault Rifle, Type 77 Pistol):
G36 Assault Rifle: The Scar-L might be a bit better assault rifle but that kit is totally outweighed because of the pistol you get with this kit. The G36 still has pretty nice accuracy and range, it shoots fast and the damage is high enough to drop people.
Type 77 Pistol: Read description at Sniper Kit 2.

- Use special weapons. There are 2 special weapons, the RPG (Rocket Launcher, 2 rockets) and the MGL (Grenade Launcher, 6 grenades). A Rocket or Grenade to the face will offcourse lead to a clean kill, but A rocket on the ground or a wall nearby can also do the trick. This can be handy for killing more than one people or when someone is hiding behind cover. Also try not to use all 6 grenades of the Grenade Launcher at once. Do note that the grenades usually drop lower than where you aim. So say you are at medium distance aim around the head and it will hit the torso making for a nice one hit kill. But also when shooting grenades into a crowded area up to 3 is usually enough.

It's kinda hard to explain the locations but I will try (they only appear in Co-op Deathmatch and they respawn after a while, there are MGL's in Warzone though with the objective VIP and an RPG by killing an RPG Heavy):

Aftermath (1 RPG, 1 MGL): The RPG is on one end of the map on a small bridge. The bridge has a bus under it. On the other side of the map you'll find the MGL, but not in the street with the cars but the street next to it.
Crossroads (1 RPG, 1 MGL): You have a main open area with two large bridges. On one end you have a lot of small walkways with cover and here you'll find the RPG. On the other end (just after the bridges) you'll have stairs leading down, here you'll find the MGL.
Consulate (1 RPG, 2 MGL'S): There is a large top area and there you'll find a MGL on either side. The RPG is in the lower area behind a big pillar.
Zoo (3 RPG's, NO MGL): 1 RPG is in a circular lower area on a big stone. Another one is in probably the largest area in a hole in the ground. The last one is in a area located in a square formed by cover.
Vertigo (2 RPG's, 1 MGL): The MGL is in a lower open area with a big circular pillar in the middle. One RPG is also in a lower area but has a roof over it and is just beneath a stairwell. The other RPG is on a small wooden bridge.
Temple (1 RPG, 2 MGL'S): The RPG is in a big open area, there is a circle formed by big rocks and the RPG is in the circle. 1 MGL is where the river is with the bridges across the river. The other MGL is in a lower area with a lot of staircases on all sides.

Now for the achievements:

Fancy Meeting You Here 5 (Versus: Invite a friend before joining a lobby to play a public match)
In the versus menu you can invite someone with the button. After they joined a game, join it as well and the achievement is yours.

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Job Seeker 10 (Versus: In public matches, kill a player with the primary or secondary weapon from every weapon kit)
Kill a person with the primary or secondary weapon of each weapon kit and it will pop. Make sure that they are finished off though and not just downed.

DIY PMC 10 (Versus: Create a custom facemask online ( and wear it in a public match)
This would be a rather simple achievement but is currently unobtainable. EA claimed a while ago they would fix the issue after complaints but have not been heard of since.

Death Dealer 10 (Versus: Kill 10 players with headshots on a single map in a public match)
If you see the head is blown off, it counts as a headshot. For this you'll need to use the R870 Shotgun, either of the Snipers or the DE-O.44 Pistol. To make it easy I would go into a Warzone, where sniping is fairly more do-able, especially with the Destruction objective. You can also go into a Control and stay at a distance from the control point. If all that fails host a game with the R870 Shotgun, if you are host and decent at aiming you'll be popping off heads like there's no tomorrow.

Power Couple 15 (Versus: Earn the highest partnership score in a Co-op Deathmatch, Control or Warzone public match)
This means you and your partner together scored more points than the other partnerships. In Co-op Deathmatch winning a game also means netting this achievement.

All Guns Blazing 30 (Versus: Kill a player with every weapon, including special weapons, in public matches)
You'll have to kill a person with both weapons from all weapon kits, kill a person with each special weapon (the RPG and the MGL) and a grenade kill. Note that there are 2 weapons that appear double in kits (the Type 77 Pistol and the TD-V.45 SMG). You DON'T have to get a kill with them in both kits, just one is enough. Also, as with the Job Seeker achievement, make sure to finish them off so it's really a kill.

Bound For Life 30 (Versus: In a public match, survive an Extraction map without suffering a single death on your team)
A map is 4 rounds. Just make sure nobody dies those 4 rounds. Getting downed isn't an issue, just revive them (or get revived) before they/you die. And I'm not entirely sure of this, but I think that if you all die and the round resets this won't influence the achievement. For tips on Extraction see Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest 50 (Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match)
An Extraction game is basically a horde mode which consists of 16 rounds across 4 maps (Zoo, Aftermath, Crossroads, Temple) in which the enemies slowly increase in damage, accuracy and health. Zoo is the easiest map and Crossroads the hardest. So if you want to make it easier you can keep hosting until you get Crossroads on the first 4 rounds. I would advice to do this with a minimal of 2, but 4 people will offcourse make this a lot easier. Make sure that everyone that wants the achievement is in the match BEFORE the first round starts and make sure the host doesn't disconnect. Also note it doesn't matter if you are downed or dead when you finish it.

- As mentioned in the general tips, use your partner reloads. Not only when your ammo is running out, cause a new grenade never hurts. They are infinite so go wild.
- Know that the spawning of enemies is scripted. So if you've played a map or a round a few times you should know where the enemies come from.
- When an enemy gets too close melee him. No matter what round, a melee is always a one-hit kill (except for heavies offcourse).
- Don't feel shamed of hiding or walking out of the firing lines for a sec when you're health is low. Needing to revive you is a bigger issue then not having your bullets fired for a few seconds.
- Remember that unlike the other game modes, you CAN shoot when downed. If you do shoot make sure to finish the enemy off or they will finish you off.
- Don't go to far from your teammates. Offcourse it helps for quick partner reloads, but is also good for reviving teammates and is most tactical when overloaded with enemies.
- When a Heavy dies you can pick up their special weapon (except for the Assault Rifle Heavy which is also a weapon in a kit), which is pretty sweet. You can even carry it over to a next round on the same map. Say you finish round 3 and picked up a RPG, you will start round 4 with a RPG in your hands.

As for heavies this is what to expect:

First Round: No Heavies.
Second Round: No Heavies.
Third Round: 1 RPG Heavy and 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, both on Squad 4.
Fourth Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.

First Round: No Heavies.
Second Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, Squad 5.
Third Round: 2 RPG Heavies, 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, all on Squad 4.
Fourth Round: 2 Assault Rifle Heavies on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.

First Round: No Heavies.
Second Round: 1 RPG Heavy, Squad 5.
Third Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy and 1 RPG Heavy, both on Squad 5.
Fourth Round: 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 3 and 2 MGL (Grenade Launcher) Heavies on Squad 4.

First Round: No Heavies.
Second Round: No Heavies.
Third Round: 1 RPG Heavy, Squad 4.
Fourth Round: 1 RPG Heavy on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.

There are glitches that can be used and spots that are just the best place to be but that is to hard to explain through text. I do however am willing to help people out who find this to difficult if I have time. I've finished it over 100 times so I'm good for it. My GT is: SOULxBREAKER69.

Big Game Hunting 5 (Versus: Kill both members of a single partnership during a public match)
If you kill both partners of a partnership, this will unlock.

Fresh Meat 5 (Versus: Revive your partner and perform a partner reload during the same public match)
You will more than likely get this without trying when going for the Extraction achievements, but you can offcourse do it in another game mode by reviving your partner and perform a partner reload in the same match. Both are done with the button.

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King of the Hill 30 (Versus: Win a public match on every map in Co-op Deathmatch, Control and Warzone)

There are six maps (Zoo, Aftermath, Vertigo, Crossroads, Consulate, Temple), so win a match on each of these maps in those 3 game types. There is no place you can check which you have allready won, so keep track of it yourself. As with Extraction you can't join mid-game and the host can't disconnect. For help see the General Tips but here are some additional tips:

Co-op Deathmatch Tips
(co-op deathmatch is basically just getting the most kills)
- Let people bleed out. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see new people make. It may annoy some people but partnership downs are the key to winning co-op deathmatches. A partnership down gives you an extra 10 points when you kill a person and after that kill the partner of that person before the other one has respawned. Besides, if you see someone is coming to revive him its quite easy to kill them both before they get some shots off (offcourse you can also chuck a grenade at it).
- Try to keep moving, but do stick with your partner cause teamwork is also crucial. This is not the game type for hiding in some sneaky spot too long or standing still too long, you will get sniped, meleed or just won't get many kills. There's also like an unwritten rule among veteran players about where the battles usually should be held and only if no one is there or when looking for a special weapon will they come to other places. Another thing that is hard to describe but these places are:
Aftermath: the bridge where the RPG is and the two stairs on both sides of it.
Vertigo: around and on a small upper area in which is the highest place of the map.
Zoo: the area where there's a RPG in the middle of a square formed by stones and around the huge cage or whatever it is.
Consulate: The area from one MGL to another.
Temple: the big open area where the RPG is in a circle of big stones. Also the entrances to/away from this area.
Crossroads: The area around the RPG, also the bridges and hallway leading away from this area.

Control Tips
(in control you have to capture control points for a certain amount of time that appear on different places on the map)
- You don't have to stay in the circle once the control point is captured. After that you can leave it which helps with dodging enemy grenades.
- This is THE game mode to use your grenade. Flush enemy's out of control points with it or make sure they don't try to go in.
- When an enemy is downed in the circle finish him off. Cause even though he's downed it will counts as if he is capturing it.
- Capturing a control point goes way faster with 2 or more people than with 1.
- Capturing cannot occur when there's a member of both teams within the circle.

Warzone Tips
(warzone consists of 4 kind of objectives, in most of which you form a defending or attacking position)

General Tip: If possible, try to remember where you spawn in certain objectives on the map, cause these are always the same. For instance if you just stole the intel and a few objectives later you need to defend it, you know where the enemies will be coming from.

Destruction (plant a bomb or defend the objective)
It takes a few seconds to plant or defuse a bomb so watch the objective and snipe or shoot someone when you see it happening or throw a grenade at it. This goes both ways so if you are planting or defusing make sure there are no enemies ready to shoot you.

Infiltration (steal or defend the intel)
When stealing you can try to sneak up behind the enemies and grab the intel. You cannot sprint but you can roll (a button) which is the fastest way of traveling at that point. You'll see an icon of where to take the intel but you can also open your GPS.

When defending and the intel is stolen you can see where the intel-carrier is (and where he's taking the intel to) with your GPS. You can easily catch up to them with sprinting but depending on where you spawn cutting him off might be better.

VIP (defend/you are or eliminate the VIPS)
If you need to eliminate the VIPS be sure to use your GPS to see where they are. When they are in sight you'll see an icon above their head and won't need the GPS anymore. Also VIPS get a MGL. If you kill one and they haven't used it or all of the ammo you can pick it up and use it for some ultimate carnage.

If you are the VIP either keep moving or pick a location where there's NOT only one way in and out. A good thing to know is that unlike when you're carrying intel you CAN sprint when you are VIP. If they kill the other VIP and you don't want to test your luck start running the other way. If they try to follow you they won't catch up if you keep running cause you both have the same speed. Turn on your GPS though cause good players know the map and will cut you off. Also beware that they can pick up the other VIP's MGL if not used. As for your own MGL, use it or you can keep it. If you end the objective while holding that weapon it will carry over meaning you will start the next objective with a grenade launcher in your hands.

Assassination (Eliminate the heavy, a assault rifle heavy or RPG heavy)
The only objective that is the same for both teams. Note that the main focus of this objective shouldn't be attacking the heavy. You should first try to kill the other enemies and when there are no more enemies in sight, go bananas on the heavy. Occasionally watch your back and when teammates get downed by the heavy try to revive them cause you can use the fire power. Try not to get downed by the heavy, cause offcourse he will if he gets the chance. And last but not least, same as in Extraction you can pick up the weapon of the Heavy after you kill him.


Like I said before, sorry for the length, but I tried to be as in-depth as possible. You can always still boost but if you try to do it legit I hope this guide helps you. Feel free to ask questions or give feedback. Cheers.

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Great extensive guide and thanks to OffbeatLemur62 for helping me get the "Survival of the Fittest" achievement

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Thanks to OffbeatLemur62 (GT: SOULxBREAKER69) for helping me with the achievement "Survival of the Fittest".

Nice guide by the way
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