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The Orange Box
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Old 01-27-2013, 02:10 AM   #1
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Question about The challenge levels and cheat codes.

I have read from this thread
but not sure if i could find a answer that you could use cheats so would the cheats for spawning a cube and all the other stuff would help with the steps and maybe the portal ones. and at the end on the level it said cheated? will these cheats
disable achievements for completing the challenge levels?

So in short does using cheats disable challenge mode for getting gold achievements.

edit: after doing a few of the challenge levels they do not save with the cheat codes on which is a huge bummer because i dont know who i am going to to do it any other way. unless there is another way. if anyone would know it would be nice.

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In short, yes, cheats do disable achievements. There is a work around to this, something I have read about saving before the lift and restarting the level??? Don't quote me on this though, as I never did that and there are guides on here on how to do that. I finally managed to get Aperture Science last night after nearly 2 years of owning the game, (I really sucked at least time on portal 16).

My advice is watch videos on youtube, particularly the ones for the xbox. There are several ways of doing levels so find one you like and remember that you are allowed to manually save on levels: it really helped me a lot.
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