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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Beware… teleporting AI enemies, crazy enemy spawns… (SPOILER ALERT)

Last night I almost about rage quit on this game forever because of these bugs. For the most part I have been dealing with them as they come; restarting saves and moving differently, or going back 2 or 3 saves (I save at the beginning of each turn in general) and trying something completely different… but in Ironman you don't have that option. Only "dashboarding" and that wasn't an option here because I did a "Save and Quit" at the start of this mission before I moved anybody so that I could go get a bite to eat…

So this is my Classic Ironman run and I am doing real well with all country panic levels down to 1 (I did lose Australia though), Alien Base Assault completed, Psi Lab built, 3 Psi soldiers already, and the Gallop Chamber in process… things are going REALLY WELL!

So I shoot down a supply UFO and begin the assault (after I got that bite to eat). Immediately after my first move of my Assault soldier up to the first piece of cover (only the first part of her move, not a "dash" move), three Heavy Floaters and three Muton Elites appear and start rushing my squad (well most of them did anyway).

Ok, ok, well "this is XCOM baby", right? So I deal with what I have been handed and I whittle them down to one Muton Elite and one Heavy Floater towards the back of my LOS (line-of-sight). I end up losing one of my favorite soldiers, a PSI enabled, Colonel level Heavy who has been with me the whole game and most of my troops are hurt in the process. Again, "that's XCOM baby", just deal, right?

So I go to move one of my Assault soldiers, who is cloaked in Ghost armor (the enemies can't see him) towards the two enemies remaining in the back of my LOS… and WTF?!? There are 9 more enemies, all clumped together waiting on just the edge of my previous LOS. I mean literally clumped together, almost on top of one another; three Thin Man, two Muton Berserkers and four Mutons… not to mention the Muton Elite and Heavy Floater that are still alive. You have got to be kidding me. I had sent Shredder Rockets (with the expanded range from Danger Zone) back there to kill and whittle down the opposition… there is NO WAY they wouldn't have been hit by those rockets. BS I say. Needless to say I lost more troops (thank goodness for Revive) and the whole squad spent some time in the infirmary.

Firaxis really needs to fix these bugs. If I didn't love this game SO MUCH, I would never play again (but I am just so close to finishing Ironman, I can't quit now). Beware and be ready to "dashboard" in Ironman if you have to ("turnabout is fair play"… if the computer is going to cheat then it is only fair that you do the same).

If you don't believe me, type "xcom enemy teleport" into the search bar of YouTube and you will see what I mean. Here is an example (and this one is actually kind of funny because of the panic that ensues). I know it is from the PC, but it DOES happen on the Xbox... too many times for me to count actually. I had three Mutons spawn right in the middle of my squad one time... and then to top it off they shot up my whole squad (Disclaimer - these are not my videos):

Here is another one where a Sectopod appears out of thin air... yikes. Funny... until it happens to you :-):

Kill it Mr. Bubbles! Kill it! Scabby on my knee! Scabby on my knee! SCABBY ON MY KNEE!
Hurt him! Like a little b*t#h! Get up Mr. Bubbles, please get up! Why won't you get up?!

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Still you showed that x-ray bitch where to go, nicely handled

Lucky your heavy blew a hole in the wall?
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