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Unreal Tournament 3
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Tips to set up Game Modes for Idle Boosting

I give credit where it's due if there is anyone on the forums here who has posted this info but I sporadically found information on what worked and didn't and I'm mainly just trying to help others who might be going back to work on this game like I did recently. I only recommend doing this if you have all your weapon kills done or misc achievements like returning the orb 100 times. Again I'm not trying to write a guide just make good reference on what worked for me, I didn't play any of these modes I just Idle Boosted to the achievement. You do need to be connected to XBL to do these settings for Player Match, I haven't tested these in Instant as I obtained all these achievements doing Player Match Private.

Deathmatch- Best to get the achievement Paint the town Red.

Number of Players-16
Private slots- 16
Map-Rising Sun or Morbias Arena
Time Limit-5 mins
Kills limit-5
Bot Difficulty-Godlike
Mutators-Super Beserk, Weapon Replacement-Rocket Launchers

Should take only take about 2-3 hours to get all the matches required Just let your Xbox run and walk away and do something else.

Capture the Flag for the achievement ( Flag Waver)

Capture Goal 3
Number of Players-2
Private Slots-2
Bot Difficulty-Godlike
Map-Facing Worlds
Time Limit- 10 Mins
Mutators-Speed Freak No Super Power ups, weapon replacement- Enforcer

This one should again only be 2-3 hours depending if the bot doesn't get distracted. But this was the best map and settings for me.

Vehicle Capture the Flag for the achievement (Thirty Minutes or less)


Capture Goal-3
Number of players-3
private slots-3
Time Limit-10 mins
Bot Difficulty-God Like
Bot Combatants options-Change this from enabled to 1 vs 2 See description below for details.
Mutators- Speed Freak, No Super Pick ups

This one is by far the slowest, due to the bots getting stuck in vehicles, not sure but this does happen a lot! so it will take even more matches and time to get this one, set this one up overnight and could even require more time depending if you have even played this mode on your own. The reason for the 1v2 is that the bot team will have 1 extra and sometimes only one bot will get stuck in the vehicles making it just a 1v1 and the other bot will keep running to your flag and capturing it, sometimes they will get distracted and kill you 1st then grab the flag this is probably the slowest of game modes to complete.

Warfare Mode (Achievement is Connect the Dots)


Private slots-3
Point Limit-3 which is the number of matches it takes to get victory overall.
Time Limit-10 mins
Bot combatants-1v2
Bot Difficulty-Godlike
Map-Market District
Mutators-Speed Freak,No Super Pick Ups

Make sure to not use any other mutators or the bots will get confused and not even attack you, I've tested this personally while trying to find what works. Again with the 1v2 the bot's will just run over and blow up your power core really fast. This mode for me was the shortest next to DM. This one should only take 2 hours max depending on if you have even played any of these matches before hand.

Wafare tip for getting 100 orbs returned the quickest way I found was to do this

Map- Cold Harbor
Time Limit-60 Mins
Score Limit-1
Private slots-2
Players-2(put in a Split Screen)
Mutators-Speed Freak

Easy way to do this or you can do it with another friend is to just as soon as you spawn out of your base, whoevers going for the achievement first or if your doing this by yourself, just fly over the bridge and into the other base and stop, grab the other controller and take blue team orb, red team shoots blue player and walks over to the orb and hold down X to destroy it. Rinse and Repeat, took me less then a hour to do this with this method.

If you have any previous orb returns this will be including making the achievement that much faster to btain.

I hope all this info helps anyone who might not have these achievements or might be thinking on starting this game.
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