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"Information is Power" Tips

I've noticed a lot of people have been having problems with the 'Information is Power' achievement, which gave me A LOT of grief personally but I did get it to unlock last night. I thought I would share a few points in hopes that it may help others.

I can't say for sure what is or isn't an actual requirement for the achievement to unlock but here are a few tips from my experience trying to get it.

1. If your Xbox is prone to crashing during this game make regular backups of your save.

It is annoying but if you have to revert to a previous save you'll be happy you did it. I personally had my save corrupted about 4 or 5 times. It's not fun.

2. Play the game on Medium all the way through.

I'm not convinced this is a requirement, but if you're starting from scratch it can't hurt to make sure you're playing on the same difficulty all the way through.

3. Try to collect all evidence as you go (even in "A Personal Contract" and "One of a Kind").

Use guides for locations if you have to.

If it's easier to grab the Evidence and then die, do that. You can restart from whatever checkpoint you are up to and you'll still have the Evidence. Comes in handy when the Evidence is a long way from where your next waypoint is and you have to use Instinct to get past guards just to get it.

4. On starting the last mission ("Absolution"), you should already have ALL of the evidence from the previous levels ("A Personal Contract" AND "One of a Kind" included).

If you do not have all the Evidence at this point, replay the missions needed, but do not start "Absolution" until you are 100% sure you have collected the rest of the evidence.

5. Upon collecting the third piece of Evidence in "Absolution" the achievement should unlock.

I know this is quite frustrating and time consuming thing to do, but I managed to get through the game in about 4 and a half hours just for the purpose of collecting Evidence and getting the final 30G.

Remember to back up your save frequently. If the achievement does not unlock at the end of "Absolution" (like with me) you can load up a previous save and experiment with what to do instead of having to play the whole game again.

Below is a more detailed account of my attempts at the achievement. Hopefully someone else will find it helpful.

- gmaaate


Attempt 1:
Played through the game on Hard to completion.
Replayed several levels on Medium to get missed Evidence except:
- Missed "A Personal Contract"
- Missed "One of a Kind"

Replayed "One of a Kind" to get Evidence

Replayed "A Personal Contract" to get Evidence


NOTE: On this second play through I did (thankfully) make a backup of my save right before attempting the last mission "Absolution"

Attempt 2:
Played through game on Medium collecting ALL Evidence in each mission except:
- Missed "A Personal Contract"

Replayed "A Personal Contract" to get Evidence

REVERTED TO PREVIOUS SAVE: All missions (except "Absolution") completed on Medium, all Evidence (except in "A Personal Contract") collected.

Attempt 3:
Replayed "A Personal Contract" to get Evidence

Played "Absolution". Collected all Evidence.
Achievement unlocked on picking up the final piece of Evidence.

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