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So will this be the same game as last time... with small tweaks?

What I mean is...

Will this be my chance to re-do all the stuff I did in the original "Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage" but with slightly better graphics?

Like the "Dynasty Warriors Gundam" series?

I knew next to nothing about "Fist Of The Northstar" but really enjoyed the last game.


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Well, yes, but it also covers the "second half" of the FotNS series, and other new additions and/or changes.

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Well... there is some of that. It's expanded, with new characters, more story in the story mode, new mechanics, new Dream Mode stuff.

For example, a few things that were skipped out of the game from the first half of the manga got re-added, fleshing out a few things here and there. What I've heard they've redone is part of the introduction to Zeed, and I believe they've redone many of the stages. But you will be very familiar with the story... up until the Land Of Shura arc, where we get older, playable Bat, and older, playable Rin.

I have yet to play it myself, but just look at the achievements - the Colonel and Devil Rebirth are new to the game as early bosses, then it goes much as you expect, up until Raoh's death, where there's at least 7 or 8 stages more, and that's only counting Kenshiro's stages. Then there's an extra 12 playable characters in Dream Mode over the first game.

It's like the difference between Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1, where there were severe limitations on playable characters and general cast, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, where they introduced a huge cast boost, and substantial additions to Official mode, though with a step backwards in Original story coherency. (As opposed to 2 -> 3, which was much more hit-and-miss.)
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Well I picked up the game today and it's more like comparing "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2" to "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3"

Prior to playing the original I had never really heard of the Manga or Anime film.

I just played the game and thought it was amazing.

The latest version is actually missing some of the things I loved about the first one.

In the original when you dropped a boss... you would get a 1st person view as they died... watching Kenshiro announce "You are already dead" and then the blood vessels would burst and you'd hit the floor as everything went black.

It's different now... still good... but I miss that bit.

Quick Time Events.

I didn't mind these for the Boss Fights in the original (and I never got them wrong so I didn't have to endure the boss refilling his meter if you blew it). They make a return but they're easier but don't have the same flow as the original or sense of "bang" when you hit the button like in "Asura's Wrath".

What they have done is polished the game with an inconsistent effort accross the board.

Main Characters look great. Moves look great and you are able to change direction in the middle of flowing strikes which is useful.

Minor characters look better than before. The levels look pretty much the same as last game.

Checkpoints are MUCH more frequent. You don't have to commit to a 45 minute sit down when you start a chapter. Save points are frequent so you won't feel overwhelmed by journeys or bosses but to me it did seem to go much faster and I was at and past Shin in what seemed like no time at all.

The presentation of the original seemed to be based on the Anime (film). The sequel seems to be more faithful to the Manga (comic).

I can't figure out how to get online yet but I suspect it's in "Dream Mode" rather than "Legend Mode".

The New Upgrade System will hopefully grow on me. I liked the old one.

Definately worth picking up if you love the series but maybe check out some gameplay videos so you can decide how much you're happy to be spending on it.


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I am currently playing the first game... I think the scenario is interesting, not "wow" but interesting, and i like the fact that playing a level almost always give you an achievement... lol.

But the game is repetitive as crazy... i know its a beat em all, there is always that feeling with those games but that one is worst than worst, as there is very limited combos and levels are more or less all the same...

I don't like the fact that i will probably finish legend mode with Ken still not having unlocked half of his moves... that would had made the repetitive factor go away a bit. What i started to do lately is change characters the most i can, this way it kill a bit the repetitive factor.

But this game probably have one of the best achievement list ever... basically you play the game, you will get everything, but you still have to play for a bunch of time, not just a quick 8h playtrough...

For the second game tough, i was looking at it and some of these achievements seem like a no-go for me... for exemple 100 000 Kills... 15 000 in the first one was ok, but 100 000 now? Seriously... did they try to compete with Gears of War...? lol

Also having A-ranks on all levels is something i fear would be too annoying to do...

Yet it looks like you can get a decent ammount just by playing the game once again... but the real question is will i enjoy the story enough to give the second game a go, cause even tough i usually like the beat em all style and don't mind repetition too much, this game is hard to match in that factor lol

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