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Old 02-11-2013, 06:15 PM   #1
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The X360A Dead Space 3 50,400 MSP Achievement Gauntlet (UK Only) - Stage 1 -

It’s been a while since we’ve run one of our trademark achievement races, and thanks to EA in the UK, we don’t have to wait any longer.

To celebrate last Friday’s release of Dead Space 3 in the UK, we’re teaming up with EA to shower achievement hunters in the UK with prizes galore, well, the lucky few who win, of course.

In typical X360A fashion we like to go big when we bust out our achievement races and our Dead Space 3 gauntlet is no different, in fact, we have an astonishing 50,400 Microsoft Points to give away!

That’s 7 daily prizes of 2,100 Microsoft Points for everyone that unlocks the “Strapped” achievement for crafting a weapon. This bad boy:
  • Strapped (10G) – Craft a weapon.

Then, on February 24th, if you’ve unlocked the full 1,000Gs and signed up in the competition thread, then you can be in the chance with winning 35,700 Microsoft Points – that’s 178 pieces of armour for your horse in Oblivion!!

How does it work then? Well, once you’ve grabbed the ‘Strapped’ achievement, enter your gamertag in this thread. Then, everyday we’ll draw a new winner. Enter early and you’ll have 7 chances of winning!

If you manage to grab all 1,000Gs, then simply head on over to this thread and sign your gamertag to be in with another chance of winning, but this time, the big behemoth main prize of 35,700 Microsoft Points. It’s that simple: unlock achievements, sign your gamertag, and be in with a chance of winning. If you’re struggling with the list, then check out our Dead Space 3 achievement guide.

Good luck, folks, and before we leave you to chase after those elusive achievements, here’s the rules:

  • Winners: 8 (7 x 2,100 MSP; 1 x 35,700).
  • UK only, as Microsoft Points are region-restricted.
  • One entry per household.
  • Multiple entries will render all your entries void.
  • Stage 1: Unlock the “Strapped” achievement, sign up in this thread, and you’re in with a chance of winning one of the 7 daily prizes of 2,100 Microsoft Points.
  • Stage 1: From February 11th – February 17th, we will be giving one prize every day. To be in with a chance of winning for that particular day, you must have signed up by 23:59 GMT.
  • Stage 2: Unlock all the achievements, sign up in this thread, and you’re in with a chance of winning the main prize of 35,700 Microsoft Points.
  • Stage 2: The grand prize stage will close at 23:59 on February 24th. All entries after this time will be deleted and rendered void.
  • Winners will be declared via random number generator after the competition has ended.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter, you know, because Dead Space 3 is an 18-rated game.
Folks, just an FYI. They must live in the UK, i.e. have a UK shipping address, because that's what will happen with the codes. Also, we're going to draw all 7 winners for the 'Strapped' achievement on Sunday now. Cheers.

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Hurricane Of 87
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"Multiple entries will render all your entries void."
Can someone clarify that entering the 1000Gs completion draw doesn't void your entry for the Strapped draw?
I'm at least a week away from 1000G but clarification for those who have is nice.

Also the 'this thread' phrase in Stage 2 doesn't link to the 1000G completion draw thread like it does on the main page.

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I will ask here because the last time I tried contacting whoever doesn't look at the emails via the Contact Us link, my question was never answered.

You say UK only - what about those outside of the UK who have accounts tied to the UK? For instance, I have multiple Xbox LIVE profiles and one of them is for the UK XBLM. Am I eligible?

This obviously doesn't just apply to me. There are many members here rocking multiple profiles across many regions and I'm sure they would like to know as well.
Originally Posted by BiggD View Post
People are too sensitive on this forum.

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Originally Posted by RoutineX View Post
we’re teaming up with EA to shower achievement hunters in the UK with prizes galore]
Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
You say UK only - what about those outside of the UK who have accounts tied to the UK?
As Routine has said achievement hunters IN THE UK.

So if you live outside of the UK you are not eligible.
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Originally Posted by Hayden View Post
As Routine has said achievement hunters IN THE UK.

So if you live outside of the UK you are not eligible.
It's a fair question - RX said that it's UK only due to region restrictions, but if people have a UK account then that's obviously not a problem.
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Originally Posted by dakisbac View Post
It's a fair question - RX said that it's UK only due to region restrictions, but if people have a UK account then that's obviously not a problem.
It is and isn't.

Yes the person can have a UK XBL account and use the codes being given out, but it is for that person because if you're outside of the UK, you're not legible for this competition.

The codes are for United Kingdom residents only, as stated by RX and pointed out again by Hayden.


Might as well enter a little later. I wasn't going to start this game yet, but for this I might as well! I'll edit my post when I get the achievement.

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Strapped unlocked.
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