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Ally Questions & Answers (the ones THEY ask)

Here is a list of all the questions I got while playing conquest. I think I have the majority of the questions here. Also, each character has a "significant other" if you will that they will chat with. For example, Wei Yan talks to Huang Zhong, Lub Bu talks to Yuan Shao, Ma Dai talks to Zhuge Liang, and Cai Wenji talks to Cao Cao. Whichever character they speak with will gain bond points. And the questions:

Xiahou Dun
Q: Let me ask you something why do you continue to fight
A: I wish to work with you to cut a path to glory for our lord.

Dian Wei
Q: How do you get so good
A: I eat alot of Chicken
Zhang Liao
Q: What do you think of Me
A: I think your hat suits you very well
Cao Cao
Q: There are many people, but few heroes. What would you say are the qualities of a hero?
A: The courage to walk a path of conquest
Xu Zhu
Q: Will you take care of my farm
A: I'll Take care of It
Xiahou Yuan
Q: A large army of enemies will be here soon
A: What!? we better ready right away
Xu Huang
Q: What do we most need right Now
A: More training
Zhang He
Q: What is your secret
A: I try to move with fluiditly at all times. You should do the same
Cao Ren
Q: Youth these day have so little will to fight don't you agree
A: They need to be disciplined more rigorously
Cao Pi
Q: What does a hero really need
A: He needs the wisdom to make correct descisons
Zhen ji
Q: What kind of person do you want by your side
A: Someone who will help me overcome any obstacle
Cai Wenji
Q: When your heart is clouded what do you do
A: I like to write poetry
Jia Xu
Q: Do you want to become great
A: No I am content to live a life of happiness


Sima Yi
Q: What do you think I say the word wolf
A: We could learn much from there cunning
Sima Shi
Q: What do you think of destiny
A: By understanding your fate, you can use it to your own ends
Sima Zhao
Q: Could you do something for me? Just a little job
A: I'll listen to your compliants but you have to do your own job
Deng Ai
Q: Are there any lesser known sites worth seeing around here
A: There is one place but rain has made it hard to get to
Wang Yuanji
Q: Can someone who has lost the will to fight ever recover
A: Treat them well and they may recover
Zhong Hui
Q: Is there anything I still lack
A: Nothing at all
Zhuge Dan
Q: Imagine someone with no confedence in his own ability. What would you say to that person
A: I would tell to think of the people, and strive to make them happy

Guo Huai:
Q: I know that my health is not that good. But what can I do?
A: I would recommend a healthy dose of exercise.
Xiahou Ba:
Q: You know those times when nothingís going your way? How do you get past them?
A: I take a risk itís a real thrill!

Xing Cai:
Q: I found a beautiful flower. Wonít you come look at it with me?
A: (not the one about it being it strange)
Zhang Fei:
Q: (I didnít record the question, it was something about drinking)
A: Yes, letís really have some fun!
Ma Dai:
Q: Lately, everyone seems so down. Hey! What should we do about it?
A: Itís at times like these that we need you!
Zhuge Liang:
Q: Let us say that someone wishes to gain your trust. What would you seek to measure in them?
A: I would seek to gauge their ambition.
Liu Bei:
Q: I seem to be floundering. What do I need to succeed in this land?
A: A good strategist.
Liu Shan:
Q: I want you to be my new minister in charge of banquets! Now, letís have some fun.
A: Yes, we must party, and show the people that all is well.
Guan Suo:
Q: I wish I could be as strong as my father and brother. But I donít know how.
A: You need to find something that you yourself are good at.
Zhao Yun:
Q: You came at a good time. Will you join me in playing with these children?
A: Absolutely, Iíd love to. (kinda paedophilic no?)
Wei Yan:
Q: IÖ alone always. Why?
A: Youíre not alone. Iíll train with you.
Jiang Wei:
Q: Would you teach me? Tell me what is needed to fulfill oneís aspirations.
A: Strive constantly to better yourself.
Ma Chao:
Q: I must send a gift to one who has been kind to me. What should I send?
A: What about a saddle?
Bao Sanniang:
Q: I donít know about all this marriage stuff! Isnít it enough to just like one another?
A: You should look at some married couples, and learn from them.
Guan Yu:
Q: In this chaotic worldÖ Who is the greatest warrior of all?
A: I am.
Guan Ping:
Q: My father is such a great warrior! How can I begin to approach his level?
A: You need to understand the concept of honor for which he fights.
Pang Tong:
Q: Sometimes, I just canít think of any good strategies. What do you do at times like that?
A: I go into the mountains by myself, and meditate in peace.
Huang Zhong:
Q: Lately, my joints have been killing me. Do you know anything that might help?
A: I always find a hard scrub helps.
Yue Ying:
Q: In this chaos, commitment to oneís cause is important. To what do you commit yourself?
A: To imagination, and the creation of something new.
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Meng Huo:
Q: Hey try a taste of this
A: This is delicious?
Diao Chan:
Q: I have something I wanted to ask. What do you think of me?
A: I think you are terrifying. (odd as it may sound, the other one didnít give me points)
Yuan Shao:
Q: If I lacked somethingÖ not that I do, mind you, but if I didÖ what is it?
A: There is nothing that you lack.
Dong Zhuo:
Q: Hey you! Youíre joining me, right now! Letís go!
A: Sure!
Zhu Rong:
Q: You really need to take a break sometimes. How about we get a drink?
A: Iím with you all the way!
Lu Bu:
Q: Not that it really matters, butÖ What do you think of me?
A: I like your little headpiece.

Da Qiao:
Q: If someone you cared about had to go to battle, how would you feel about it?
A: I would want to keep them safe, would fight alongside them.
Zhou Yu:
Q: I can hear the faintest melody from somewhere. Do you hear it too?
A: Yes. It stirs up memories from deep within my soul.
Sun Jian:
Q: Tell me. What is most important to you?
A: Family.
Gan Ning:
Q: Hey! Did you see a kid around here? Heís gonna get whatís coming to him!
A: Why donít you pick on someone your own size?
Huang Gai:
Q: Oh! What excellent timing! Will you join me in my training?
A: I would be honored.
Lu Xun:
Q: No one follows my orders. What should I do?
A: Position alone is not enough. You must lead by example.
Sun Quan:
Q: Answer me truthfully. Is there anything at which I am better than my father and brother?
A: You know your own weakness, and work with others to cover for it.
Sun Shang Xiang:
Q: Lately, everyone tells me I have to be more ladylike. What do you think?
A: I like girls who are bubbly and vivacious.
Lu Meng:
Q: Tell me one thing. What do you do when you arenít fighting?
A: I read treatises on history.
Sun Ce:
Q: We need to warm up for battle! Letís go head-to-head, just you and me! Ready?
A: Fair enough. A true fightman to man! (grammar error in game)
Zhou Tai:
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Drinking alone, quietly.
Ding Feng:
Q: Beautiful scenery heals the soul and makes the heart sing. Donít you agree?
A: Yes, sometimes I lose myself completely in nature.
Ling Tong:
Q: Iím bored. Isnít there anything interesting going on?
A: We could play GoÖ
Taishi Ci:
Q: I must entertain the guests at a banquet. What should I do?
A: Why not play the drums?
Lian Shi:
Q: You appear to be a little tired. If you would like, I will make you something to eat.
A: That sounds perfect. Iíll look forward to it.
Xiao Qiao:
Q: I want to send a present to someone I really like. I wonder what I should send themÖ
A: What about a panda?
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Wow, thanks for this. I didn't think a guide for this existed and I guess until now that might have been the case. I was just taking my best guess at these until now. For example, when Dian Wei asked me his question I said something about 'serving our lord' and of course the answer was 'I eat chicken!'

EDIT: Looks like you're missing Zhang Jiao under "Other".

Zhang Jiao:
Q: Danger shall befall you in the near future!
A: Help me!

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Thanks for this guide!

From my experience, it didn't matter what character you played as. Once I got toward the end of Conquest mode, if the person who showed up in town was already my sworn ally, they'd ask the question no matter which character I was playing as.
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ally, list, question, questions

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