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Sniper: Ghost Warrior
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fallen eagle glitched what to do read this

thanks goes to (protium from TA) Using this method I have been able to fix both Fallen Eagle (Sniper Ghost Warrior) and Safari Tour (Far Cry 2). It is also verified to fix Mister NO It All (Command & Conquer 3). I am still working on testing it on other glitched achievements.


The "Fallen Eagle" achievement is GLITCHY and may not unlock properly. It should be started and completed IN A SINGLE LEVEL WITHOUT DYING to avoid problems. The Training Mission is an excellent place to do this (see B0B DIGITECH's guide). Otherwise you run the risk of the achievement glitching on you.

Currently, there is NO patch to fix this glitch.

HOWEVER, you CAN still get the achievement. And yes, with this solution you can even still get it online - although it takes a little work.

SOURCE OF PROBLEM - The in-game achievement list/tracker for Sniper: Ghost Warrior says you have completed the requirements for "Fallen Eagle" but the achievement itself has not unlocked. And unfortunately, killing more birds does not unlock the achievement because the in-game stats believe it has been completed already.

Because the in-game stats are TIED DIRECTLY TO YOUR PROFILE (GAMERTAG), methods such as (i) deleting the saved game - which appears to be only a checkpoint save, (ii) recovering your Profile (Gamertag) and (iii) clearing your cache DO NOT work to reset the in-game stats to allow you to get the achievement.


But you can get these achievements by doing the achievement criteria again.

I personally lost the 14 collectibles I had collected but recollected them and unlocked the associated acheivement.

HOW TO FIX THE GLITCH - In short, we are resetting ALL of your in-game stats to zero using the "Mister NO It All" method.

This method works with:
- Original Xbox - yes
- Elite Xbox - yes
- Slim Xbox - yes
- Memory Card - yes
- USB - yes
- Online - yes
- Offline - yes

*** Please let me know if this works for you and what your setup was. ***

STEP 1 - Move your Profile (Gamertag) on to the Memory Card/USB.

STEP 1A - You may want to consider deleting/moving your Saved Game to another device - but feedback has indicated that the Saved Game does not interfere with this process.

STEP 2 - Launch Sniper: Ghost Warrior. You can be online or offline for this. If are playing online, you will need the title update to continue.

STEP 3 - During the loading screen when you see the publisher and "tree line/village" cinematics, pull out the Memory Card/USB. A Message saying "Please Reinsert Memory Card" will appear - ignore this for now.

STEP 4 - Promptly hit Start to go to the Main Menu. The game will attempt to "find" the in-game stats that are tied to your Profile but not be able to find them - because they are on the Memory Card/USB you removed. The game will then "reset" the in-game stats to zero for any achievement - basically this tricks the game into thinking you have not played it before. This can be checked by going to the in-game achievements list on the Main Menu.

STEP 5 - Start new game on Easy.

STEP 6 - Reinsert Memory Card/USB - you MUST reinsert the Memory Card/USB before going after the achievement or you will have to do this process over again.

STEP 7 - Verify your Profile (Gamertag) is synced with the Memory Card/USB reinserted. Press the Xbox Guide button and scroll one page to the left to verifty your total Gamerscore is correct. If it is correct, Profile (Gamertag) is synced. If your total Gamerscore score shows 0G - the Profile is not synced (you may want to run the check a second time to verify it is not a timing issue). To correct an unsynced Profile (Gamertag), either (i) remove and reinsert Memory Card/USB or (ii) restart from Step 2.

Note - There may be an element of timing/speed for reinserting the Memory Card/USB to maintain the sync. It may not work the first time BUT this method does work.

STEP 8 - In the Training Mission, get the Sniper Rifle and kill ten birds. (see B0B DIGITECH's guide)

STEP 9 - Achievement Unlocked "Fallen Eagle". One glitched achievement FIXED.

NOTE - If this works for you or does not work for you, please let me know. I am more than willing to walk people through the exact method to "reset" the in-game stats. PM me if you have any questions or would like help getting this right.

Thanks for the help with this jaganshihieiyyh
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Old 02-05-2013, 02:15 AM   #2
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Awesome this worked like a charm, I don't know if it matters but I had went 10/10 with my shots. Seeing how buggy this achievement was it wouldn't surprise me if this would be a factor.
gt - givemesomelager
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