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Style points

Ok so with Dante i never had any problems in getting enough style points to get an sss rank but woth vergil i can't get above an A.

Am i doing something wrong? Has anyone got any tips?
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I know what you mean. I'm Still able to get SSS but as there are alot less combos to choose its much harder. You need to mix up the move you use and dont use the same move twice in a row. Make sure you have used 2 or 3 different moves before using that same on again if that makes sense

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Yeah i get what you mean. Just managed an ss rank overall in style, just takes awhile getting use to his limited combo's! Sure with a few more levels i'll grt the hang of it.
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To reach good style points, you need to learn some basic jump cancelling.
It's not difficult, I'm not a pro of the DMC saga but I think that jump cancel is much easier in this DmC than the others and jump cancel with Vergil is even less difficult then Dante.
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I mostly kept sword shield up and made sure to not take damage when I was comboing its actually not that hard also when you use doppelganger feels like you instantly go to S as long as you and your double are causing damage.
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Once u get the sword shield ability its pretty easy to get SSS combo rating. In any group of 4 or more enemies just activate the sword shield. Try to pull as many enemies into the shield as possible and continue hacking away with combos. The more variety of combos u use the better the score but as long as u have ur shield activated SSS combo is easy to achieve. If u have ur devil meter fully upgraded then u can activate the shield and doppleganger to make it even easier. Vergil may have less combos than dante but he still pretty good to use once fully upgraded. Dante is more user friendly for spammers. Vergil takes more finess which is why some ppl dont like him as much.
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Doopliss SWE
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Also, I noticed you can actually drop from SSS to SS and from SS to S without getting hit now.

Mission ranking seems to work differently though. On Stage 5 I got an A in style and SSS in time and completion, but I still got SSS total. With Dante you're lucky if you can get an SSS ranking with SS in style. Maybe it just works differently coz it's a boss though, I dunno.
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They changed that in the update for Bloody Palace but I haven't played since I got the last achievement a while back so it was new to me too. Drops pretty quickly actually.
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