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Question A little help please :(

I'm sure I've used: 2x4 Bolts, 2x4 Nails, Crowbar, Fire Axe, Fireplace Poker, Gas Pipe, Large Pipe, Pump Shotgun, Rebar, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Small Pipe, Stick, Submachine Gun, 2x4 Burnt, 2x4 Fire, Conduit, Rifle, Clothing Rack, Mannequin Arm, Rebar Concrete, .45 Cal, Dekstop, Locker Door, Meat Cleaver, Paper Cutter, Desk Drawer, Revolver, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sign.

Those I'm unsure of are:
- Large Plank
- Steam Pipe

I have no idea what either of them looks like and can't find anything on google. If anybody has a link to screenshots of them it'd be really helpful my game's French and the names aren't the same at all. For example Rebar and Rebar bent have the same name.

Originally Posted by Rhil View Post
Went through the game keeping very close track, got everything, didn't get the achievement.

Second runthrough, got it at the end of chapter 8-didn't get the handrail there the first time around. As far as I can tell the sequence at the end of chapter 3 doesn't count, you need to get the bathroom handrail.
Can somebody confirm this ? It sounds a bit silly but coming from a 2005 it wouldn't be that surprising...
I really hope it's not true as I just played chapter 8 for the second time to get the 6 birds and use the locker door.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I used the large plank. I definitely recall seeing its name and using it.
EDIT: I played Chapter 10 again and used the Large Plank and a couple of those Sticks.
EDIT: Done, it was the damn Steam Pipe. In the french version they small Pipe is named the same as the Steam Pipe so obviously I'd never payed attention.
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