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Onslaught CTR: new boosting method

Since CryTek patched the Capture-the-Relay (CTR) exploit again last Friday, the far slower 24-kill boosting method has been the only option for levelling up to 50. However, a few days ago AAxAssassinxJFK came up with a new boosting method which racks up the XP much faster. Though not as quick as the original CTR method, it is far superior to the 24-kill method and could see each of 12 players getting 120,000XP or more in a 3-hour session.

I learnt this method from him in a session yesterday and can confirm it does work. I can’t be certain how much XP is possible with 12 players yet though as we only had six and were constantly plagued by randoms as a result. He has posted a description of this new method with the other guides on the page for the “Crysis, What Crysis?” achievement on a certain other website, but I will explain it here in more detail, along with a few examples.

The 12-player boosting group splits into two 6-player squads and meet up in an Onslaught game on ‘City Hall’. In each 5-minute round, five of the six people on each team run to the opposing relay and take turns capturing it. The one member of the opposing team who stayed behind kills them one at a time *when they are holding the relay*. Over three matches all 12 players get one full round of kills each.

Choosing ‘Onslaught’ > ‘Standard’ always presents CTR on “City Hall” or “Downed Bird”, so the former can be chosen every time. It is the smallest map so has the fastest turn-around, meaning more kills and more XP. After each match the squads quit out (the second set of maps are larger and waste time, e.g. Car Park) and re-search for each other to start the process again.

Squad position determines the order in which players take their turns, and these positions are based on the order of joining the session. Positions are represented by changing clan tag to one of capital letters A - F. So... the session host is the leader of squad#1 and takes ‘A’ on that squad, the first person to join the session is ‘A’ on squad#2 (though depending on connection and other issues may not necessarily be the squad leader), second person to join the session is ‘B’ on squad#1, third person ‘B’ on squad#2, fourth is ‘C’ on squad#1 … and so on up to ‘F’ on squad#2 (the last person to join). In the first round of the the first match both A’s stay at their own relays waiting to kill the five players coming from the other team, the second round sees the B’s do the same, the first round of the second match is the C’s turn, and so on.

Each player capturing the relay should be cloaked at the point they are killed, to ensure an extra 50XP per kill (the ‘Busted’ bonus for killing a cloaked enemy), so preferably cloak just before grabbing the relay. The relay will either reset to its original location after the kill or be dropped on the floor right next to it. Regardless, when the next player moves into position they will be close enough to trigger the prompt to pick it up (press and hold “X”).

The player getting the kills should go for headshots in order to get additional XP, which means that the players capturing the relay must not move once they have picked it up. The wasted second or two as you jig around for whatever reason adds up to several fewer kills per round and a four-figure loss in XP. Stay still. At 300XP for killing a player holding the relay, this method means that each individual kill - due to the headshot and cloaking - is netting about 400/450XP. Potentially more if you can get extra for killing with a customised weapon (not sure about this).

And that’s it. After killing the first wave of opposing players (30 seconds?) the two players doing the killing have already racked up more XP *each* than either would have got in one whole turn in the 24-kill method! If everyone works efficiently and doesn’t waste time then a steady flow of players should be working their way across the map after the first wave of kills. This should add up to 15,000XP+ per turn, maybe as much as 20,000XP. Whatever, it is vastly superior to the alternative.

  • No ‘messing about’ doing anything else, as it means less XP for whomever is getting the kills. As soon as you re-spawn head back over to the enemy relay.
  • The kills need to be done individually both to maximize XP and to keep things moving quickly so no waiting for all five players to bunch-up for a skill kill or anything stupid like that. Only one can be holding the relay for a 300XP kill anyway.
  • The player killing at the relay at the ‘raised’ end of the map seemed to be getting fewer kills. This appears to be because it takes the other players slightly longer to get there. This can be overcome by paying attention to the map on your first few goes; there are other raised sections leading up to it and jumps can be chained to keep things moving.
  • Easier said than done, but try to keep some suit energy available for cloaking when you pick the relay up. It will all go through running and jumping your way across the map, so pause for a second just before getting there to let it recharge. If someone else is already there with the relay, cloaked and waiting to be killed, then don’t waste energy by turning cloak on before it’s your turn.
  • Just a reminder: don’t move at all after you have picked up the relay! It’s tempting to think you should sometimes if you have accidentally positioned yourself on the opposite side of the relay to the person who is killing, but *let them worry about that* if it happens. It will waste less time, and hopefully none at all.
hope this helps people and that everyone changes their 24-kill sessions to this method (unless CTR comes back again).

and to reiterate, only the explanation here is my work. this method was worked out by AAxAssassinxJFK and all credit goes to him.
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