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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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Super Tip for Armstrong on Revengeance

I would have put this in an existing thread, but couldn't find one with hints and tips specifically for Senator.

I found this out on my second revengeance playthrough, so I was using the Wig B for this method.

At the start of the fight, he will ALWAYS do that lava-streak move across the ground. So start the fight, activate Ripper mode, lock-on and make a few hits, if you want to. Wait for Senator to raise his arm, then use and to dodge through. If he does a second lava-streak, ninja run/jump and dodge it.

After the second lava-streak, Senator will be hunched over and have his first on the ground. Run at him and activate blade mode. Go nuts! 9 out of 10 times, after the double lava-streak, he will do that move where he send cracks of lava all over the ground like a web, giving you a massive amount of time in blade mode.

You can easily get your combo up to 150-200. This will knock his health down to around 150-140%, effectively ending the first phase of the fight immediately as he will jump away to through rubble at you.

After this, the battle should be not too bad as long as you know the attacks. I always found the first part the hardest. Hope this helps.
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very solid tip, and yeah your right, the first phase is the toughest, getting that 50% of his life gone is tough, after that you can do the rest of the fight quite easily.

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