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Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)
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The Price of Freedom
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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

This is my very first attempt at writing an Achievement Guide, so criticism is very much appreciated; I noticed this game didn't have an achievement guide and decided to step in


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Estimated time for 200: 10+ hours (Highly dependant on skill and luck)
-Minimum playthroughs: Several
-Offline: 20/20 (200)
-Online: 0/20 (0)
-Missable Achievements: None.
-Unobtainable Achievements: None.
-Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
-Cheats disable achievements: N/A
-Glitched achievements: Some Achievements worded incorrectly
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone

You might be familiar with I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT from the Indie marketplace on the Xbox store, well now yours chance to play dual stick shooter again complete with 2 new modes and a custom game creator to really put your own flare into your playtime. There are two achievements for completing two of the game modes without dying, but I have not included these in their representative games steps, but instead put them to the end, as these will be the last two you should achieve.

Step 1: I MAED A GAM3
First of all, we're going to start with the original game mode, titled I MAED A GAM3, in this mode your objective is to kill zombies amongst many other things while the lyrical rock song plays in the background, changing tune to the accordance of the zombies. The song lasts 13 minutes and 37 seconds, so this is how long the game will last. This will most likely be your last step, but since it is the original mode, I'm putting it first. For this step we will be going for every achievement in this mode excluding Perfect GAM3, which we will return to later on. In this game mode you will obtain the achievements; Extremely Decent Score, Zombie Smasher 20XX, Epic Outro, Space! and Manual Tower Defence.

Step 2: Time Viking
Time Viking is one of the new Game Modes added into the Windows Phone port of this game, fit with a new a song character and a new perspective; In Time Viking you will have to shoot enemies from above using 'Mind Bullets' and as you guessed, you play as a Viking. In this step we will be going for every Time Viking achievement excluding Invincible Viking, for this first play through just try having fun. For simply completing the game you will unlock two achievements; Sweet, Sweet Moon Gold and Towers so High. You will most likely get Mind Bullets and The Future is for Time Viking too for reaching 1 million points.

Step 3: Endless Z0mb1es
The second new Game Mode included with this version; Endless Z0mbi1es has you fight against endless waves of zombies in different rooms to try and achieve the highest score you can, each room acts as a different section, ranging from fighting Exploding Zombies to flying shapes, upon completing the first room you will unlock The Beginning of the End(less),After a few rooms you should reach 100,000 points and unlock Boosh!. For this Mode you will need to complete every room twice, for Endless Tour and Reunion Tour, after your second round, you should be very close to achieving 1 Million points, so after another 2 rooms you will unlock Twin Stick Master.

Step 4: Perfect GAM3 and Invincible Viking
The final step will be to achieve both completing I MAED A GAM3 without dying and completing Time Viking without dying. I would recommend starting with Time Viking as it is far easier than that of GAM3, refer to the individual achievements for tips on how to achieve both of these.

I MAED A GAM3 is a very fun game to play when you have some time to spare, with a catchy soundtrack that will force you to want to play wearing headphones just so no one around you can interrupt your listening. With some practise you'll get these achievements without much bother, but remember to keep trying and have fun!

Game Creator 2000
Some users have noted that using the Game Creator to add your own Images has made their playtime easier. I personally found no difference, but other people have had better luck, so you can decide whether or not you want to try it out.

Extremely Decent Score - 10
Achieve a score of 100,000 in I MAED A GAM3

See "Zombie Smasher 20XX"

Zombie Smasher 20XX- 10
Achieve a score of one million in I MAED A GAM3

1 Million isn't really that hard to achieve, but might take some practise; as long as you don't die and continue to shoot everything that you see, you shouldn't have any trouble reaching 1,200,000. Make sure you collect every life you see, as you get a point bonus at the end dependant on how many lives you have that might just push you over the edge if you struggled.

Epic Outro - 10
Reach the end of the song in I MAED A GAM3

I MAED A GAM3 last for 13 minutes and 37 second and splits up into 7 sections. With practise you should easily be able to reach the end of the song. Overall, the Power Ups you should be avoiding are the Laser and the Rocket, the Shotgun can be useful, but it's slow fire rate can cause problems. If you see a flamethrower or a Ninja Star shooter and it's safe to go get it, freaking go grab it because they are both excellent crowd control guns, and will help you extremely when trying to play this mode, although at the same time, don't take too many chances when going for weapons, you are trying to survive.

Completed Games 100%: 86

| Retail: 34 | Arcade: 20 | Windows Phone: 22 | Windows 8: 8 |

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The Price of Freedom
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Perfect GAM3 - 10
Beat I MAED A GAM3 without dying once

By far the hardest achievement in this game. I will try and break down the play through as much as a can using the different sections. Unless stated otherwise, the recommend Power Ups are the Scatter Gun and the Flamethrower.

Section 1: Grass Zombies
The introductory section; there isn't really much to be said about this area, except that you must be moving. On your first attempt at this game you will most likely get overwhelmed, but after a while you will quickly learn how to react to different amounts of enemies. In the long run, try to focus fire on the areas to allow you to get a clear path, and try not to walk off camera, as this spells death.

Section 2: Snakes and Slimes
Ditch the Scatter Gun and find yourself a flamethrower as you are facing against snakes with faces and Slimes. The snakes have a read face that is there weak point and with the flame thrower you can kill them instantly, you can walkthrough the white part of the snake as this Is completely harmless, remember this for later. Slimes, when killed, form into several smaller slimes; if you use the flame thrower, you can kill the Slime without it even generating any more of the little buggers due to how quickly they die, very useful. Eventually Zombies will start to come, don't focus too much on killing these as they only stick around for 20 seconds or so before disappearing, of course don't not kill them, but try to watch out for those Snakes. When Zombies start to spawn it's best to try and stick with the Flamethrower or Even the machine gun.

Section 3: Space Rocks
This section is a bugger, your best bet is to not shoot any of the rocks unless you cannot avoid it. When you shoot one of the rocks it splits into several smaller rocks and speeds up, this will provide a problem and can easily be avoided by simply walking around for the 2 minutes it lasts. Try to pick up a Scatter Gun if you see one in preparation for the next section. If you have to shoot the rocks, then I recommend the Flamethrower and you can eliminate all of the particles before they travel too far.

Section 4: Exploding Zombies
This section occurs instantly after the previous with no warning, meet the exploding zombies, exactly the same as the others but they explode when killed... it's only a visual effect though. Flamethrower or Scatter is the way here, this is one of the hardest modes due to the insane amount of zombies, if you're lucky you'll pick up lots of shields and scatters like I did, overall don't stay in one place and try not to die!

Section 5: Shape Attack
Fuck this section; shoot the shapes is all I can say, there is no clear way to deal with these buggers, they all take the same damage from every weapon so generally try to shoot them. There are also snakes here so be wary of those, more so than the shapes. If you can pick up a flamethrower then you're pretty much sorted, and if there are shields you are almost certainly in the clear. When I managed to pull off this part, I lucked out and got lots of flamethrowers and Shields. Lasers, Shotguns and Rockets are to be completely ignored at this section, simply picking them up with spell sudden death.

Section 6: Angry Faces
Take a break, take your shoes off, you have it alright for a little bit here. The faces aren't really a problem and die almost instantly to anything you fire at them. Scatter is still good here and you'll be able to take out multiple faces at once. Try not to get distracted by the giant cat face in the background that flashes occasionally. And make sure to try pick up a Scatter or Flamethrower for the next section...

Section 7: Epic Outro

If you've made it this far, congrats, prepare for the epic outro, with limited power ups and an infinite amount of enemies. The only tips I can give here are Scatter and Flamethrower, make sure to go out of your way to get shields also, as they can allow you to traverse through crowds of zombies you couldn't previously. After an epic riff, the screen will cut black and you will die... yeah... tell me about it, but regardless, achievement unlocked.

Space! - 10
Survive space without firing a shot in I MAED A GAM3.

Space is the third section, involving floating rocks that when shot split up into several pieces; it's a general rule of thumb that when you reach this section you should not fire, due to the speed on the split rocks. If you are having problems with this, and want to make it easier, I found that an alternate way to achieve this is to simply wait until the section occurs and mash the Back button on your device; their is a split second after unpausing that nothing will move, so if you continuously press the button, the song will slowly play and the enemies will not move. This tactic will not work when trying to complete the game without dying.

Manual Tower Defence - 10
Don't move for a minute in I MAED A GAM3

There are two ways you an achieve this; firstly you can try to stay standing still from the start of the second, only shooting around you; this tactic is useful because if you die you can simply leave and restart without any hassle. Alternatively, you can wait until the second section, in which the floor with become checked black and white, in this section there are not many enemies.

Taser Lag! - 10
Get 20 Kills with one shot of the laser in I MAED A GAM3

Although the description for this achievement says that this must be unlocked in I MAD3 A GAM3, you can actually get this in Endless Z0mb1es, which is a lot easier than trying it in MAD3 A GAM3. Simply run around in the first room creating a group until you see a Laser, if you don't see one then simply quit and restart until you do.


Completed Games 100%: 86

| Retail: 34 | Arcade: 20 | Windows Phone: 22 | Windows 8: 8 |

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The Price of Freedom
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Mind Bullets - 10Score 100,000 In Time Viking

See "The Future is for Time Viking"

The Future is for Time Viking- 10
Score one million in Time Viking

For Time Viking; your aim to is to shoot enemies as they fall, I found that sticking the right helped a lot in term of trying not to die, so I would recommend you did that only moving to collect power ups and lives. After destroying the moon coins fall out, make sure you try and collect as many of these as you can as they add to your score and can turn 600,000 in 900,000; don't be afraid if after collecting all the coins you only have 950,000 or so, the bonus from lives will most likely push you up to one million.

Towers so High- 10
Build a 1,000 foot tower in Time Viking

Every enemy you kill drops particles that build the tower higher; you will achieve this when completing the game as long as you shoot a decent amount of enemies.

Sweet, Sweet Moon Gold - 10
Destroy the moon in Time Viking

Simply complete the game, refer to "Invincible Viking" for tips

Invincible Viking - 10
Destroy the moon without dying in Time Viking

Luckily Time Viking is a lot easier to complete without dying than MAED A GAM3, with only one section that should give you any trouble, this section occurs after the black and white section. Generally while attempting this you will want to stick the far right and fire upwards and left. Your aim is to kill the ninjas before they land. If you see a cat or a Worm, focus your fire on them until they die and then return to firing upwards and left. After a few tries, you should achieve this.

The beginning of the End(less) - 10
Survive one room of Endless Z0mb1es

The very first room you start in consisting of only zombies counts for this, simply kill all the zombies and walk through one of the green doors.

Endless Tour - 10
Survive One round of Endless Z0mb1es

A round consists of completing every room. There isn't really a strategy as such, but if you are familiar with I MAED A GAM3, the rooms are mostly based around the different scenarios, if not easier than that of the main game. After returning to the main room, you will unlock this.

Reunion Tour - 10
Survive TWO rounds of Endless Z0mb1es

Refer back to "Endless Tour" the enemies will not be any harder, but the rooms might be in a different order. After returning to the main room again, this will unlock.

Boosh! - 10
Score 100,000 in Endless Z0m1es

See "Twin Stick Master"

Twin Stick Master - 10
Score one million in Endless Z0m1es

After your second round of Endless, you should be at around 800-900 thousand, so just complete another two rooms and you'll have this.

Bodies Counted - 10
Kill 1,000 'things'

Refer to "SO SRS"

SO SRS - 10
Kill 10,000 'things'

One thing this achievement fails to mention, is that the 10,000 kills must be done in one session of one game; for example, if you are playing Time Viking and get 9,000 kills across several games, then back out and play I MAED A GAM3, none of the previous kills will count. I unlock this while trying to get Invincible Viking, simply when I died, I would pause, end game, and then start again. Rinse and Repeat until 'Boop'

Not so Mega - 10
Create a custom game sprite in Mega Games Creator 2000.

As soon as open the game and come to the game selections screen, move all the way to the right to find the Mega Games Creator, simply play around with this choosing pictures and then back out to unlock this achievement; it's up to you whether you choose to have this on or not, I personally had it off as I found it distracting, but you can choose according to your personal preference.


Completed Games 100%: 86

| Retail: 34 | Arcade: 20 | Windows Phone: 22 | Windows 8: 8 |

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The Price of Freedom
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Drops and Descriptions

Machine Gun - Faster Firing Machine Gun
Effective against exploding zombies and medium sized groups, not recommended when cornered.

Laser - Slow Firing Lasers
Not recommended unless there is no other option due to slow rate of fire.

Flamethrower - Wide Ranged Fire
Large amount of fire, and very effective against groups; very effective against slimes.

Scatter Shot - Three Ninja Stars firing diagonally
Amongst the best gun to use in most situations due to it's quick fire rate and spread.

Shotgun - Three lines firing diagonally slowly
Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. Slow rate of fire, although strong against some enemies.

Rocket - Explosions that take out 3 enemies at a time
Should generally be avoided as it has a very slow rate of fire and low effectiveness.

Boost - Move Faster
Speeds your character up for 20 seconds or so.

Shield - Blue Flashing Shield
Shields your character for 10 seconds, extremely useful in the later stages.

Life - +1 To Life Count
Adds a life, simple as, be sure to collect these.


Completed Games 100%: 86

| Retail: 34 | Arcade: 20 | Windows Phone: 22 | Windows 8: 8 |

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Great guide IMO, but I think 3 hours to 200 is a very low estimate, expect no less than 10 hours. To beat I MAED A GAM3 without dying it's required to practice a lot and be lucky sometimes with power ups.

Also some tips for beating it without dying:
-select a picture and use it in Mega Game Creator to replace it for original enemies, this will allow you to beat down small enemies like snakes or clouds particles much easier
-whenever you have a good power up like Scatter, do not pick up other ammo power ups unless it's really necessary, otherwise you are wasting valuable ammo, if you have 30 Scatter shot and there are a laser and a scatter power ups on the ground and you pick up the laser and then the scatter you lost 30 scatter shots, so stick to the best power ups.
-do not risk a life to get a power up unless it's really necessary, the goal is to survive
-epic outro have limited power ups so try to gather as much as you can of a good power up in stages 5 or 6 like Scatter or Flamethrower for last round
-shields are the way to go, go for them first then for ammo power ups

Hope this help
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