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The Ryder White DLC ending from Dead Island was really cool. The Dead Space Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Borderlands, Gears, are really a lot of great freaking games for 360...*sniff*...gonna miss ya big guy!!!
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Not that kind of plague
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Getting hooked on achievements which got me back into playing games.
The fight scene at the outdoor concert in Alan Wake.
The entry into rapture and fighting Dr stienman in Bioshock
Playing Mass Effect which got me into playing RPGs
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The time spent in Halo 3, and Battlefield 3.

Had a ton of fun in BF3, not doing anything but playing as support class and blowing up buildings with a friend. And another moment on the Damavand Peak map where I put C4 on a chopper, and flew the chopper at a 90 degree angle off a cliff, leaped out of the chopper, deployed my chute, and watched as the hulking mess of metal landed right next to an enemy tank.

Click. Boom.

And experiencing phenomenal stories in the Bioshock franchise.
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Darth Craigus
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Enjoyable read this thread. Nice to see what people have thought of as special moments in the 360's life to date.

For me, the stand out memories thus far are;

Gears of War - First game I played (at any length) on the 360 and I was in awe of the graphics and the cover-gameplay system. Remains one of my favourite campaigns of my time as a gamer.

Call of Duty 2 - My first online multiplayer experience. Before then I'd been restricted to local games of FIFA/PES with friends but playing something like a TDM in COD was alien to me. I was instantly hooked and played for two hours straight without even moving from where I was sat. (Two hours at the time was a fairly considerable gaming session for me!)

Gears of War 2 - Reaching level 100. Massively helped by the insane XP multipliers, but never resorted to boosting - played the game solid for a good while, Warzone, KOTH mainly but due to playing constantly, for a while I was pretty good and able to come out with +KD's 9 times out of 10. Had some friends playing alongside me also at similar levels so it was a bit of a friendly race with them too. After the game where I earned my wings I got a couple of congratulatory messages from some randoms in the game, which I felt was a nice touch - given the vile nature of the GOW community most of the time!

Batman Arkham Asylum - Remains my favourite of the two Arkham games. I remember thinking that everything about the game was fantastic. Definitely one of the best games I have ever played.

FIFA 11 - The last really good FIFA game for me, until the (IMHO) ruined it with the tactical defending and stupid AI. Was a great deal of fun and played a lot of online Clubs with friends.

The Walking Dead - Arcade game. To this day the only game that has ever brought tear to my eye. The storyline and the way it pulled you in and built a rapport with the main characters was something I have never seen in gaming before. A truly marvellous achievement by Telltale Games.

These were just off the top of my head. Will add more if I think of any...
Darth Craigus The Wise.

I always say, before you judge another man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, you'll be a mile away, and you'll have his shoes...
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JT Fever
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Late to the party

Only just got round to playing Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon ( I have heard 2017 is even better ), looking up at the sky in Chapter 3-5 and realising why its gone so dark


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Deadsea 18
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Damn too many to just point out one. One sticks out The gears 3 finalie and when a certain character had an honorable sacrafice in that game. I was screaming at the TV NOOO you son of a bitch dont do it,i had tears in my eyes ha ha.

Plus Gears 1 and 2. 1000ing Deadrising 1, Getting ''Saint'' and ''Transmissionary'' and espessially number 1 achivement for me ''7 day survivor'' all 3 in Deadrising 1.

100%ing both Deadriisng 2 dlcs. Dead Island Co op with friends,1000ing Left 4 dead,1500ing Left 4 Dead,random moments with randoms in Left 4 Dead.

Ill also say

Any Free roaming game I like and World at War SP.

In GTA IV,getting high then playing IV. Then ride around with LIL Jacob while stoned listening to his commentary,then shooting bad guys then driving him home with Reggaie music blasting out the car while Jacob is hotboxing in the car ha ha.

That about does it
Fallout elder master.

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Gears of War - The game and the Mad World commercial, one of the best commercials to pull you to a game ever.

Dead Space - The ending, wow. I havent played Dead Space 3 but the In the Air Tonight commercial is awesome.

Halo 4 - You get so much more to the story, during the Campaign, Terminals, and Spartan Ops. Standing in line for the midnight release was a blast too, a great group of people were there. Everyone was talking games with each other, all ages and both sexes.

Bioshock 1 & 2 - The story and the game is just so awesome.

I'm like I should link the commercials, so here you go.

Gears Of War commercial:

Dead Space commercial:


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JT Fever
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Nice GOW vid Driftwood83. Regarding that tune Madworld, my first knowledge arrived with Donnie Darko, cant believe that tune existed for so long before DD without being used with some other media. It really fits for GoW3 and I think someone else brought a tear



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The Legendary ending for Halo 4...
And reaching Inheritor on Halo: Reach. That moment when I put on the Haunted Helmet... O_O
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Th3 Apache Dog
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My favorite gaming moments were when I was getting better in Guitar Hero. I remember being horrible on easy and in a couple of months I was 5 starring every song on Expert. And then getting 768k on TTFAF a couple of years later was just perfect
Check out my SSX videos on my youtube page HERE

My most proud completions are Super Street Fighter 4 (1600/1600) and Guitar Hero 3.
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Opening title in Assassin's Creed II:

*Ezio and Federico standing on top of the tower*
Federico: It is a good life we lead, brother.
Ezio: The best. And may it never change.
Federico: And may it never change us.
*Music starts playing*
Ubisoft Presents
Assassin's Creed II

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Deadsea 18
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I'm sure we can all agree that

Bioshock was the biggest mind blown game we have all experianced this gen.

After all these years it still blows me away. Gosh Ken Levine and team are amazing.
Fallout elder master.
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