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Dead Rising 2
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Dead Rising 2: Poker Game Guide.

Dead Rising 2: Texas Hold'em poker

The reason for me putting this guide up comes from speaking to a friend about the game. When he played DR2 he didn’t have a clue on how to play the poker game in which you have to win in order to bring back the 3 survivors. He’s never played poker and never had an interest. So he tried and fail and left them. I thought it was a bit unfair on players that also didn’t know how to play poker. Luckily, you don’t need the 3 survivors to get you 50 survivor achievement but it helps. Also, when you win you get a very nice lump sum of cash, $1,000,00 if you play co-op. As I'm familiar with the game I thought I’d try and help out by doing this guide.

So, here is a basic guide on how to play Texas Hold’em Poker. I will try and explain thing as best as I can, and break it down. It’s not a hard game to learn, but it does take a little practice to get the hang of things. But, as DR2 poker isn’t that hard just a basic knowledge will do.

Let’s start at the beginning

Before any cards are delt a Big blind and a Small bind is placed. The big blind is the minimum bet you have to place for that round, lets say for example $10,000. The small Blind is half of the big blind $5,000 (Obviously) In DR2 the player will have BB or SB under their name. Usually this is placed by the person(s) to the left of the dealer, Small blind first then Big blind. After every game the Ante Or minimum bet will go up.

How the game works:

After the blinds have been placed each player is dealt two private cards.

Then there is a round of betting starting with the player to the left of the blinds. This is the preflop betting round. Depending on the strength of the cards they are holding, players can call the minimum bet, raise, or fold. The bet will go round to the player who placed the SB and they either add the rest (as they only placed half the mimimum bet) fold, or raise.

When everyone’s done the next three cards are placed face up on the table. This is called the flop. These are communal cards that anyone can use in combination with their two pocket cards to form a poker hand.

Another round of betting starts and again depending on the strength of the cards they are holding, players can call, raise, or fold. Or now they can "check". (More on this in a bit…)

Another card is placed onto the table. This is called the turn.

Another round of betting starts.

Another card is then placed on the table. This is called the river.

Players can now use any of the five cards on the table and the two cards in their pocket to form combination to make a five card poker hand.

Another round of betting starts and once everyone is done the cards are turned to reveal the player with the best hand…

The player who shows the best hand wins! Although sometimes players with the same hand split the pot. (The game will do all this for you)

Once the game is over a new game starts. The players who are left of the first games blinds, now have to place the blinds. Basically, With each new game the blinds change over to the next player.

So that’s the basic set up for the game. Now a little bit of memory work here. Time to learn the poker hands.
All together you will have 7 cards to use to make a 5 card poker hand. 2 in your hand and 5 on the table (which everyone will use)

With them you need to make one of the following hands and be sure to have a better hand that the other player.

^^ Look at 8 and 7. The kicker is the highest card that is left over in your poker hand. In number 8 the kicker is The King. If two players have a pair of jacks like this, and one players highest card is a king and the other is an ace. The Player with the Ace wins. As an ace is Higher than a King. That is the kicker.

You may find you have a great hand already as the flot comes down Or you may have the start of a good hand but all you need is one or 2 cards to make it happen. In DR2 poker, It’s up to you to either fold or bet. If they are strong/high cards I’d bet.

Check” is a handy thing. After each turn, the flop, the turn and the river. The first player to bet can either Bet, Raise the minimum bet or CHECK! This basicly means a free pass. No need to bet for seeing the next card it'll be for free. Each player in turn can also check. This tends to be if your or another players cards aren’t great, but they “Could be”, if the right cards came along next. However, if you check, that doesn’t mean everyone will. If you check someone else in the game can bet, so it’ll be up to you to match that bet or fold or if you feel brave raise. Remember you can only check if you start the round or the player before you has "checked"

So there you have it. Very basic but I think enough to get you through the game in DR2. Though when playing I did notice a few things that might be helpful.

DR2 Poker Tips:

• If your delt any card less then 8, and have different suits I would fold them. Any thing higher, play the game. Aces, kings, queens and jacks are great card to be delt. Especially if the are the same suit. Same suit mean potential Flush.

• If the players “Check” before you, it's a good sign to raise. This tends to mean they have bad cards. (Not recommended in real life poker, it could be a bluff)

• If the players are just matching the bets, A good move is to raise. Their cards are ok but not great.

• If a player raises, ask yourself why. Especially if a king, ace or another high card has come out, the player may have the right cards in his hand to make a strong poker hand. If you have low cards then fold.

• Remember the poker hands, and think when the cards come out what the other player may have. If a king is on the table, is he/she holding another king to make a pair, or holding 2 kings for the three of a kind?

• Aces are the highest valued cards and classed as the best card to have. Although, Aces can also be used as a 1 if trying for a "Straight" and you have 2,3,4,5 and an Ace..

• In DR2, grab the gambling magazines before you reach the poker table. According to Dead Rising wiki, the mags will help you get better cards and the AI players betting big.

• Save your game before entering the poker game, just incase it goes on longer than you wanted. If you loose and start a new poker game, the players that where knocked out will stay out, making it a little bit easier with less playing. This takes time though, remember while your playing poker, time is still ticking.

Hope all that help you out to get going in the game. Good luck and enjoy.

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Thanks for this. I came looking for tips on DR Poker and it was sitting at the top. I like poker IRL but cannot stand it in a video game.
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thanks for the info
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Thanks for sharing this poker guide with us. This will going to help those who are new to online poker games. There are also some more best online guide and sportsbook on net, which contains many tips related to poker.
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Thanks for the tips, it's make much easier
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Many thanks for all these useful tips! I'm not good in poker games, I also checked various poker guidelines and hoped for some help, but it's not always easy... I think I have to train that more to get some better achievements. But I think your guide is really helpful! I will try it out asap.
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Does time pass at the same speed? Cause I could see myself playing for a while.
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Man I hate luck based games...wish we could just play chess against them instead!
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Probably a bit late for the reply but yeah, time does pass as you play. It's a pain.

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I think your guide is really helpful!
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