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Guide to everything Gyruss

In order to be good at this game you must first understand the controls, then learn the patterns Luckily for you I have a good understanding of the patterns in which these guys come out at you.

Please Read all that is below as it includes everything you need to know to master Gyruss.
So you just started playing Gyruss, the very first thing you need to do is turn off your notifications. Hit your guide button scroll over to Settings, then to Preferences, then to Notifications and make sure that you don't have a check next to the show notifications.
Unless you want JOE BLanKA XX is Online and wants friends to play Gyruss to pop up where your ship is desperately dodging asteroids, ships, and magnetic strips!!! LOL
Dont play this more than 10 times a day because you will only get worse as you will get frustrated.

-First off you need to decide which Graphics setting suits you Enhanced, Original, or if your like me you might switch in between the two to get a different prospective occasionally. (Enhanced preferred) At the same time I would recommend stretching the screen out as much as you can or to where you are comfortable with.

-I would highly recommend using your analog stick but you can also use the D-pad if you trust it.

-When controlling your ship you have 4 basic spots in the field of play. Meaning that when you hold a direction they will moved to that fixed spot. These being Left Up Right down and anywhere in between, for example think of your anolog stick as the location of your ship on the screen.

-You can only have three shots out at once meaning controlling your shots is very important.

-You get your upgraded shooter when you shoot the brown rock in between the atomic things they only spawn in only if enough enemies are in the center. More than one can spawn in a wave if you died and enough enemies are in the center. However you don't want to die.

-If you know they're spawns you can easily take them out rapidly because once your shot hits you have another to pump out into them, although be careful as they do shoot at you along with other hazards mentioned below.

-You can stack as many extra lives as you can, you're going to need them. You get a extra life at 30k, 90k, 150K, ....

-Perfects, all 40 enemies were hit, in bonus rounds will net you 10k.

-In the higher waves I just ignore the atomic guys, the enemy that spawns in and brings you the upgraded weapon if no weapon is needed they bring in 3 atomic guys, because they tend to be a royal pain. However if you want to try and get them, you can as they do buff up your score... If you need to kill these guys don't shot until you are in front of them as you can shoot all three rapidly and will likely hit them.

-Always keep an eye out for incoming Asteroids, Magnetic strips, Outbound ships, and Fireballs.

-In this game patterns are generally the same every time with the exception of the last wave which will spawn randomly each time.

-Wait for them to group together or be in front of you before shooting, move out of the way of any bullets last chance. It is more important to stay alive then killing all them as they spawn so be sure not to press it too far.

-You will recognize the patterns very fast but your not going to get them first try.

1- 1) represents the wave
2- Ship positions are the directions (Left, Right, Up, Down)
3- Advanced positions (More to the, means to have your fighter so that hes not in the corner but a bit more dug in to the direction told) (Follow means that once the wave starts you will need to follow the enemies as they move across the screen)

Stage 1-2 warp Neptune
2)Down Right
3)Down left

Bonus Stage 1 (3) Neptune
1)Top left more to the top - start shooting rapidly as soon as an enemy crosses you, if you miss one you can stay and wait for it to come around or you can move to the next position and finish it.
2)Down left more to the bottom
3)Down left more to the bottom
4)Down left more to the bottom

Stage 4-6 warp Uranus
1)Down left more to the bottom follow right
2)Down right more to the bottom follow left
3)Up left more to the left follow down
4)Up right more to the right follow down

Bonus Stage 2 (7) Uranus
1)Down Left more to Down, then more to Left
2)Top Right
3)Down Right more to Down, then more to Left
4)Top Left

Stage 8-10 warp Saturn
1)Left, follow Down
2)Right, follow Down
3)Down, follow Left
4)Right, follow Up

Bonus stage 3 (11) Saturn
1)Left or Right
2)Down to Up
3)Left or Right
4)Up to Down

Stage 12-14 warp Jupiter
This is the point that I stop going for the atomic enemies as there is just way to much stuff firing at you at this point.
Also be very careful they get very aggressive with the shooting here so maybe let them go to the middle.
1)Up to Right
2)Down to Down Right
3)Left to Left down

Bonus Stage 4 (15) Jupiter
2)Right then Down, or Left then Down
4)Right then Up, or Left then Up

Stage 16-18 warp Mars
1)Left Down more to Left
2)Up Left more to Left
3)Right Down more to Down

Bonus Stage 5 (19) Mars
2)Up then down
4)Down then Up

Stage 20-22 warp Earth
At this point we must spawn kill half of each wave and keep moving after the kill saving your next bullets for the other enemies that will rush you.
1)Down Left more down move out left after

Bonus Stage 6 (23) Earth


Can I get a sticky? Please post any and all strategies...

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Excellent guide man!

I have used this guide to help me unlock the Mother Earth achievement. It's a great help knowing where the ships will come from, particularly in the latter levels. To be honest, my main tactic for the Earth and Mars stages was just try to survive whilst continuously shooting.

Glad to finally finish this game now, I can't believe it's been 6 and a half years since I started it :/
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