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Old 05-14-2013, 05:33 PM   #1
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Undefeat3d Gaul's Gamercard
This game is BRILLIANT!

I have always loved the Resident Evil series.

I've played;

RE 0, RE1,RE2, RE3, CVX, RE4, RE5 and currently loving this one. I really don't see what alot of people are complaining about? I know it's not 'scary' and has some action aspects but I think the series is heading in the right direction.

I've just completed Leon's chapters and I've played some of Chris' part. We can't expect games to be like they were back on the PS1 with no animation and zombies walking with their arms extendend going arrrggghhh.

I think people just love to complain about nothing, maybe my generation just want to live in the past and hold onto distant memories. I'm not old, I'm only 25.

I'm not looking for an arguement or 'trolling' but I've looked at some reviews and I've glanced over the forums once or twice and see alot of complaining.

I have this since release and am only playing it now. I think people are probably a tad bit moaney about the DLC and other stuff but you don't HAVE TO buy it!

Your thoughts?
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nope, i totally agree with you.
i too am 25 and grew up with the series and think this one is awesome. Ive been playing it co-op with a friend which im sure has made it far better than playing solo but i just love how the campaigns are all intertwined and the way everything is slowly revealed to you.
its a shame that there weren't MORE zombies but i do really like the idea of the j'avo and mutated BOWs.
yeah i dont know what people are complaining about really, especially after RE5! People just looove to bitch.
big fan of the campaign menu screens too, with the 2 characters in the background, very awesome

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xRaW CaRNage x
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I am also a huge fan of all resident evil games and feel that re6 is an amazing experience. The 4 campaigns are good and love how they intertwine together. The graphics are great and stories are good also.

I might be biased because I am such a fan but no resident evil game has let me down yet. I've not played racoon city yet but I'm sure ill enjoy it too.

The only complaint I have is the mp. Not a huge fan of it in reident evil games. Its not bad just not for me.
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Old 05-20-2013, 02:26 PM   #4
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Priit3's Gamercard
This game is far from amazing.
Too much action, loads of button sequences, boss fights with same bosses, almost no horror/scares at all.
Nobody play's the DLCs, had to boost the achievements for full gamerscore. I would done them legit but kind a hard if i cant find anybody.

I have played this game over 100h, its fun at times but far from amazing.

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Old 05-24-2013, 07:50 AM   #5
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What I like about this resident evil is that combined the Jumpy/scary campaign (leon) with the kinda shoot em' up campaign (chris). Quite glad they did it like this because I usually cant play horror games

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Fueled by Rage
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It's hard for me to get into it for some reason. Leon's story was pretty good but I didn't understand Chris' ,Ada's was fun but Sherry's was so-so. Sheva should of been in it as well!
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Old 05-28-2013, 01:20 PM   #7
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I gotta agree with you too. I'm 22 and played the entire series (1-6, CV, ORC, Dead Aim, Outbreak, and sadly RE:Survivors), and I love this game. In all honesty, I've found myself enjoying it a hell of a lot more then RE5. I love the characters, both the classic ones we love and I'm finding myself drawn to the new characters too. I really want to see Jake and Helena in the next game, and see what they're going to keep doing. All in all though, there have been many worse RE games than this, and it was a lot of fun to play. Ada's campaign had to be my favorite though. Loved the mix of stealth that was thrown in there. Felt very RE in that you really want to avoid fighting as you're outmatched.

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Resident Evil 6 is is great in quality when we look at it as a game in general. But for us fans who started with the original 3 in the series it is horrific. Not due to the quality of the gameplay but for the content of what makes for the gameplay.

In the past Resident Evil games were defined by their "close quarters", "critical puzzles". "strategic options", and "conservative combat style".

Of which those traits are non existent in this game.

Instead of enclosed spaces and being cautious at each turn, we are now immersed in a wide open zone not having to worry of what lurks beyond.

Instead of operating a puzzle or navigating through a labyrinth to continue we are dumbed down to simple button smashing and hitting the right buttons at the correct sequence. Boss fights in the past had a particular strategy now they are just "do enough damage" then QTE's.

In the past players were limited to a certain amount of ammo/equipment resulting in a forced play-style that required players to conserve ammo and use the best tool for the job for each level. In Resident Evil 6 we are given an abundance of ammo; moreover, you just encounter waves of enemies and it shifts the "strategic option" gameplay into a "horde-like" mode.

As a fan of the series, this game is heading in the wrong direction, its making the mistakes that many developers are making a mistake with and suffering for. You don't take the original formula that made the series great and then replace it with something new and irrelevant.
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Old 06-27-2013, 04:02 AM   #9
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I also grew up with Resident Evil. In fact it was the game that made me choose the Playstation over the Saturn. While I don't think this game has the "feel" of a true Resident Evil Survival Horror title, I did enjoy it immensely on its own merits.
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Old 07-29-2013, 03:46 PM   #10
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Are you kidding me? Even if you're not a fan of the old Resident Evil games this game is a fucking joke. This game totally deserves all the bad press it got. Not because it "destroyed" the Resident Evil franchise or something like that, but just because it's an awful game for itself.

They kept the level design of the old Resident Evil games, one linear room after another, totaly generic, totally boring, there is not a single place which is memorable. Seriously, the levels look like they put absolutely no effort in them. Playing this game really reminded me of playing Bullet Witch. And I definately enjoyed Bullet Witch more than I enjoyed this game.

The graphics and animations are also horrible, especially considering that this is the sequel of a game which sold over 9 Million copies. What did they do with all the money? The production values of this game equal those of a lower budget title. I don't now what they spend on it, but if they really had several hundred people working on it than this has to be one of the worst working efforts in the history of video games.

But the worst of it all are the controls ... the only improvement to older games? A lackluster cover system and the ability to move while shooting. Wow. They give us an action game without providing us with the tools to enjoy the game like that. The controls of this game are just not made for an action title like this game. Aiming is slow, evading and walking is super inconvenient and the cover system is the worst and useless 90% of the time.

Resident Evil 5 is far superior to this one. Especially the level design and creativity behind RE5 are ten times better than in RE6. And normally I really like the setting of Resident Evil and I do admit that the playtime for the campaign is solid ... but they screwed up big time with the design. For a game that wants to "evolve" (as someone stated here..) there is too much outdated crap in it. If you wanna go into a new direction do it right and do it all the way, or stick to your roots ... but RE6 is just lazy.

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Old 08-09-2013, 11:35 PM   #11
Neon Chazzmosis
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The big picture: Everyone has different taste. I've played RE from the beginning and (gonna regret this one) didn't enjoy the first 3 nearly as much as the others. The story has always been great, but I've always felt much more at home with a third person angle (also something I'll regret, I'm sure) and I enjoy the action more. I agree that there are too many button-mashing sequences, however. RE games have killed 4 of my Xbox 360 controllers so far, RE 6 claimed 2 on it's own. One thing that always killed me about RE was not being able to walk and aim simultaneously...really? They fixed that from ORC on. Anyway, look back at any legendary gaming franchise and you will always find people who loved the earlier titles and just are not comfortable with change, and that's fine too. Like I said, it all comes down to preference.

Schreckophant: I can't agree about lazy design, or lack of memorable levels, but I can agree that I liked 5 more than 6. I think the thing that really set them apart was the fact that it was almost always daytime in 5 so you could actually see and enjoy the crumbing beauty surrounding you. RE6 was the opposite, almost always night so it was harder to take in the scenery in the few places that offered it, but, for the most part, 6 took place in big cities where there really isn't much to look at anyway.

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Juri Han 7
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I can't understand why some players hate/bash on the game so bad. At first I thought it was okay or an average game. But not entirely bad. But after about a year or so of owning the PS 3 version for a while. It grew on me. In fact it grew on me to the point that I brought the Xbox 360 version and play it again on the xbox 360 with xbox live friends.

It's not perfect and yeah the camera angles are often annoying. But when they are normal or at your favor, they are good/descent. I think it's more balanced than RE 5 in some ways. For example the pro 1 hit death bs RE 5 had. And I do wish the weapon upgrade was still there. But I guess the abilities thing works out still. As a replacement for weapon upgrade.

Overall I like RE 6 for what it is. It certainly is better than what Operation Racoon City is/was. I'm sure Capcom will take their time more next time on the next installment. Unless we get something like Resident Evil 6 Gold or something like that.
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Old 11-25-2013, 07:27 AM   #13
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I couldn't even finish it. Although I can't say I've ever played any RE titles before I thought I would pick this up because it was on sale and I'd heard good things. I got halfway through chapter one of the first campaign and just turned it off. It was boring and it was generic. I knew what was coming. The combat was crumby. The progression was slow. The quick time events were featured way too often.

I just had no motivation to play the game at all. It didn't find a way to interest me.
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i think resident evil revelation wa a great game and thats the step in the right direction as far as survival horror goes great game to play straight on the hardest difficulty and i recommend this to anyone.

anyway yh man this game was fun to play with a friend i put over 230hours into this game i really liked it. no hope difficulty wa a fun challenge too. i cant play this game alone tho

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i didnt enjoy revelations at all but resi 6 im loving jus about to do my veteran run through, not looking forward to professional though
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Lewie B I ReQ
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Originally Posted by sweetums36 View Post
i didnt enjoy revelations at all but resi 6 im loving jus about to do my veteran run through, not looking forward to professional though
Professional is easy jus stick defense 3 and breakout then what ever you want.
No hope is the real challenge .

Shame you didnt like revelations i played straighr on infernal ,its been so long since i was screwed for ammo in a survival horror

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Finally someone who shares my sentiment for this game. I love it and im sick and tired of people dogging it and trying to put it in the same boat as operation raccoon city. Its an insult Re6 is a way better game than 5 and Jake is a total badass. So thank you good sir for giving it the praise it deserves.
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Old 02-07-2014, 11:15 PM   #18
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Did you guys play the same game I did? Because the game I played bored me to tears. I literally fell asleep playing this game at one point.
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How anyone can like this piece of shit is beyond me. One of the worst games ive played.

I thought i bought a zombie game not a fucking gears of war/die hard with explosions all over the Place with bosses and main characters who survives ANYTHING. Plane crashes run over by train. No problem just scratching their fucking arms and go away its like they made the game for 10 year olds.

QTE are annoying as hell. You have to press the buttons or wiggle the analog stick like fucking crazy to bypass these fucking sections wich are everywhere.

There are also way too many cutscenes. Sometimes after a cutscene you will walk for like 4 sec open a dorr and a new cutscene comes on. Maybe works for storydriven games but not fucking resident evil 6.

The game is also way too repetetive. All 4 Campaigns are basically the same and many areas bossfights cutscenes are reused.

Horrible horrible game. Never again am i buying a resident evil game. It have just gone downhill from reisdent evil 4.
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The Big LT
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Originally Posted by abcdelm View Post
Horrible horrible game. Never again am i buying a resident evil game. It have just gone downhill from reisdent evil 4.
Absolutely, it's a pretty rubbish game in all honesty, a mess of pointless and uninspiring story lines, pointless new characters that you just don't give a crap about (Jake? Wesker's son? Gimme a break with this shit!), and old ones that just happen to be in the game with absolutely no explanation or reason for being there. Same old game mechanics and over used QTE's, long and drawn out boss battles that are more of an inconvenience than any actual fun.

RE 4 was without a shadow of a doubt the last truly great RE game which introduced a brand new concept, style of play and story line, since then it's been uninspired drivel which has seen the RE series just go from bad to worse.

Capcom needs to blow this sinking ship out of the water and leave it to rest to never be seen again.

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Leon McLane
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I loved it. I play Resi games since 1999.
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Thumbs up

As someone who enjoys the original games the most, I did actually like this one. It's still in the newer FPS format that I'm not overly fond of for Resident Evil but I do think it is a HUGE improvement over 5. There were a couple of puzzled thrown in that while they weren't up to old Resident Evil standards they did make me smile. I really enjoyed playing as Jake and I was somewhat glad when my guess that the blonde girl in the advertisements was grown up Sherry. It still isn't the original games but it is still a fun addition to the series IMO.
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