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Old 02-08-2008, 08:23 AM   #1
Low Beau
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Lightbulb Guide to Enemy Appetizers

Few things to keep in mind while you're impaling fools.
1) Sometimes Conan thinks that he's The Rock and does his camel punch. If you see Conan go into this animation quickly press LT and block, it will save you a enemy to throw on the spikes. I've killed four white shirted pirate with this one punch before. so watch out.

2) You gonna need to lure a bunch of enemies to their doom being is how there are hardly enough spikes in the right places.

3) Don't get too pissed when Conan throws the enemy and doesn't impale him. Half the time I threw cats they would either bounce into the spikes and become dizzy. I would accidentally kill a couple enemies and not impale anyone because some dummies got in the way. Or (on the walkway on Pirate Raid) Conan would toss the enemy over a spike and I would get a Death Rain/Fall kill. I blame the camera. The camera probably blames me.

starting at the part right after you first meet A'kanna, after you save your first crewman. head down onto the next boardwalk and walk towards the upright pillar. there are spikes all around it, throw every enemy you can onto this pillar. Head up the boardwalk and lure the two brown pirates away from the archer and impale them too. Kill the archer, save your crewman. Now cross the bridge in front of the waterfall and lure all the enemies over to the next tall pillar (the one closer to the camera). Now ride the lift up, then follow the boardwalk, luring enemies as you go, to the next crewman. Here is another pillar. This pillar is a little stubborn though. I found that if you tried throwing the enemies on any spike other than the one facing the cliff that the enemies would just bounce off, land on the ground and be dizzy. So use the pillar's spike on the opposite side of your crewman. once you've killed everyone, use the lift, kill the captains and finish the level.

to the left of the first crossbow are some spikes, toss everyone on them, then help A'kanna destroy the ship. Enter the gate she destroys, (save if you want) then book it through the next village and head directly to the next huge crossbow. On both sides of this crossbow are some more spikes. Kill the captains first if you're worried, then impale everyone. Once you're finished help A'kanna again. After she's safe, head back up to the village you ran through. Lure all the enemies that are just hanging around down to the spikes and impale them. Once the village is clear head back towards the crossbow and continue on the path. Kill the archers around the naked broad, save her and head back to the main path. Follow the path until some white-shirted pirates join you. Lure them down to the crossbow's spikes and kill them. Continue throughout the level until you're on the tiled walkway right after using the crossbow to destroy the two sentry towers. On this walkway you will find more spikes on both sides so impale every enemy you can. Follow the walkway down to the next village. Here you're gonna need to lure more enemies up onto the walkway to impale them. Now go enjoy the Bone Cleaver video (funny how he looks all blurry even on a HDTV huh?)

Bone Cleaver:
Every pirate that's not a Captain toss onto the spikes that are on the wall right below the 'Cleav like it's some kind of 'Altar or Sacrifice' (Slayer song title, gotta love Slayer!). More than likely, if you have been effiecent at impaling enemies you'll have the achievement while he's still making his white-shirted buddies attack you.

If you have done everything I've said and still don't have the achievement don't worry. There are tons more impale spots on levels MIDNIGHT RAID and OUTPOST.

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Old 02-08-2008, 02:16 PM   #2
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Thank you for this! i'm going for this achievement next and for some reason i ignored the spikes by the catapults where u destroy the ships

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Old 03-27-2008, 11:50 AM   #3
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Thanks a lot for this.
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Old 04-25-2008, 01:28 AM   #4
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thanks for the great it on the first few pirates during the bone cleaver battle
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Old 05-15-2008, 09:47 PM   #5
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Thank you thank you this guide is just what I needed.^_^
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Old 07-12-2008, 01:53 AM   #6
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Thanks man I got this achievement with this guide thanks for doing this

Please send a message along with a friends request. No message = it will just get denied. Thanks

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Old 07-28-2008, 05:52 AM   #7
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Thanks for this. It was easier then it would appear. Also the Bonecrusher is also a great place to get the Parry Assassin achievement.
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Old 07-29-2008, 03:18 AM   #8
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Thanks! got it before the cleve came down.
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Old 09-08-2008, 06:47 AM   #9
UK Mylo
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Swish, got around 130 impales on these two levels alone!!
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Old 09-15-2008, 08:07 AM   #10
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Thanks for the information. Unlocked before the bone cleaver boss battle even started
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Old 04-19-2010, 02:35 PM   #11
JuSt BLaZe
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Thumbs up Nice job!

Thanks Low Beau.
Got it during the Bone Cleaver Boss Fight.

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Old 12-03-2010, 12:32 PM   #12
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Ok, at least there's other places that I can do than the Pirate Raid though it's much easier there but since it's my 2nd playthrough just to get King and that dismemberment thing
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Originally Posted by UK Mylo View Post
Swish, got around 130 impales on these two levels alone!!
Same here! Tnx

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Old 08-13-2012, 12:50 AM   #14
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Ty Low Beau, your strategy was flawless!
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Old 06-28-2016, 08:29 PM   #15
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Thanks for the guide. That's how I got the achievement.
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