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How to Beat All the Bosses

Everyones asking each other how to beat certain bosses when the answers clearly in Shadowmask's post

For those who DO look at it but still find it difficult , please tell us whats happening exactly

And For others who just wanna ask without actually looking at his well made post , please start looking

Exact Copy and Paste can be found here

Credit: All to ShadowMask , im simply bringing it to x360a format


The Light

Self explanatory, build up rage using minions and hit him with fireball

Giant Galapagos

Lock onto the boss by holding down LT (don't let go) and circle it (don't get too close). Use the lesser enemies to build up RAGE (hit them with one or two hits) and then jump and fire off some fireballs (you should have this basic skill). The boss will drop soon enough.

Easy method. There is a stone ruin that you can climb up (it looks almost vertical and is quite high - in the middle). Simply climb up to the top and step back a little from the edge. The minions cannot reach you here, so press and hold in the left thumbstick to charge rage, and then jump and fire off a fireball. Charge, Jump, Fireball. - With careful timing you should be able to not get hit at all. Once done drop down and finish off the minions.

The Dark

Use minions to gain rage, the just use the Sparkling Sword attack on Dark - you must face his front.

Spider Queen

Stay right back to prevent her spider minions appearing, and shoot the stars above her. Once they are all killed, get in closer, lock on to her and circle. Use a magic attack on her such as Darkball or whatever you have. She'll recharge the stars, so back off and shoot them from a distance. Repeat.

The Dark 2

kill the Dark's sorcerers and lure him into the light. Then keep distance and use minions to gain rage. Jump and spam ice or fireball attacks on him.

6 winged

let the minions surround you then use Ice flower or the blue crystal. Then unleash mega shot on boss

Dark Guardian

Just unleash light magic attacks


Stand back, use ice flower to freeze minions, then use lightning on depressor.

The Dark 3

Use the fireball spell against blue elemental

Use Ice against red elemental

Use Light against Purple

Then get close to dark and use the Sparkling sword

When he summons the minions use Ice Flower to freeze them all when they surround you.

When he charges up his hurricane attack, jump down below and stand in the archway so you don't get blown off.

Shoot all the flying enemies then unleash light magic against Jay. When your rage runs out drop down and press in left thumbstick to charge rage, then at range, fire the light attack at him. When flying enemies appear, drop down and shoot them. Leave one so you can charge rage, then walk up, kill last flying enemy then unleash light magic against Jay. Repeat. When the red crystal is there and if it's clear of flying enemies, strike it and spam the light attack at close range. Then drop down again.

Easy, just lock on and use Light magic and he'll drop. Don't bother getting close.

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dark 2 pro strategy

on pro i was able to get hit only 7 times by doing the following:

defeat sorcerers, run into & freeze the dark. from that point i backed up a little charged my rage and kept blasting him with fireball, ice arrow, fireball, ice arrow. when my rage got low i made sure my last attack was freeze and charged it up again. other than the sorceres hitting me while i was attacking them dark never touched me
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Awesome that this was available. It really helped 1k this game. Thanks.

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Great guide, for the most part. As far as Finale goes, you say don't bother getting close but it's not like you have a choice. :P
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Easy, just lock on and use Light magic and he'll drop. Don't bother getting close.

how do I do that?
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