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Stuck after boss fight on Episode 6

Hi - the game glitches and nothing happens when I beat Johnny on Episode 6. The little cutscene with QTE happens and I press the correct buttons. The cutscene ends, but Nilin is still in fight mode (with the dial on the lower left corner). I can't go anywhere or do anything. It looks like there is a platform/gate thing that's supposed to lower, but it doesn't.

I've reloaded the checkpoint and fought Johnny again and the same thing happens.

Has anyone else got this glitch? There was an earlier fight as well, where a baddie got stuck where I couldn't reach and I had to reload a checkpoint and do the fight all over again.

I'm not sure how to proceed now. I may have to restart episode 6 from the beginning.
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I've had some similar problems when I'm going too fast. I'm on a second play through, skipping all collectibles and whatnot and just burning through. For me when Johnny was on the train the door to get to him wouldn't open until after reloading a few times I just slowed down and casually walked to him. Is there any way you can try and slow down what you're doing? Or perhaps there's something you can activate with the spammer? I'll be redoing this chapter in a bit and I'll see if I experience any similar problems.
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Immediately after defeating him, you receive a message from Edge. So it's possible you'll need to play the level over, unfortunately. :/

Keep in mind that there is a little wall you can knock down with the Junk Bolt, and there's a collectible all the way at the back behind it, but it is not the way forward...
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I've had a few segments of the game where the next dialogue won't load or whatever after a huge fight. After the huge fight near the end of Episode 7, I had to reload it twice before I could move on (the first time I reloaded, I was actually stuck in Exploration mode, but there were enemies and the bosses swarming me so I couldn't fight them. The 2nd time reloaded after the fight and I could move on from there).

Try reloading the checkpoints at least 2-4 times before restarting the whole episode. The game is a bit glitchy.
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yupp untill now i had it like 6 r 7 time's
totaly random like 1s i had to steal memorie from a guy after i kill
could not untill after 3 times reload checkpoint
i notice most of the time its after u get a Phone call from edge r madamme and like the other said it seems to happen more often if u rush true the game
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