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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

DLC: Faction Pack

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 6/6 (90/90 )
- Online: 0/6 (0/0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 90 : 2 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 3; “Sniper”, “Artifact” and “Homo Homini Lupus Est”
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Cost of DLC: $4.99 USD/FREE with Season Pass.

The Faction Pack expansion allows players to take the roles of other inhabitants of the Metro aside from Artyom and the Rangers. The level SNIPER TEAM has a Red Line Sniper infiltrating a Reich base. The level HEAVY SQUAD pits the player as a Reich heavy weapons expert defending against a Red Line invasion. And the KSHATRIYA level puts the player in the shoes of a Polis Ranger Trainee sent into the Great Lenin Library to retrieve valuable pre-war artifacts.

Each level can be accessed from the Chapter Select in the Main Menu. Press to bring up the “New Chapters” and choose HEAVY SQUAD, SNIPER TEAM or KSHATRIYA to begin one of the levels. Once a level is completed, you’ll be brought back to the Main Menu where you can repeat the process.

It should go without saying that the easiest way to obtain these achievements will be to play on Standard Easy difficulty (as opposed to Ranger Hardcore difficulty). If you have a recent save of the Main Game, the difficulty level of the DLC will be set to that save’s difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start a new game on Standard Easy so that the difficulty level carries over.

Play Through the Levels
Three of the six achievements, “Hail Reich!”, “Kshatriya” and “Saboteur” will be awarded for simply completing the three levels contained in the DLC: HEAVY SQUAD, KSHATRIYA and SNIPER TEAM respectively. The remaining three will require that certain conditions be met while playing each level, so they can be missed. The most difficult of these three seems to be “Homo Homini Lupus Est” as killing 100 enemies with heavy weapons can be a little tricky, followed by “Artifact” since the placement of the artifacts in the level are randomized, and with the easiest being “Sniper” because there are far more than 10 enemies in the level to snipe with headshots.

An enjoyable DLC that expands the universe of the Metro giving the player opportunities to play characters that are only NPCs otherwise. And while HEAVY SQUAD and SNIPER TEAM do not provide any kind of context to connect them to the main storyline, the KSHATRIYA level is inspired by events in the first novel and game, Metro 2033. It offers the player the ability to re-explore the Great Library which alone is worth getting the DLC.

DLC: Faction Pack
Cost:$4.99 USD/FREE with Season Pass Achievements: 6 Points: 90

Saboteur - 15
Complete the SNIPER TEAM level.

When the level begins, your partner leads you to a rooftop perch and instructs you to snipe the guards in the courtyard below. He’ll mention that the best strategy is to start with the roof, then take out the towers and finally the patrolling guards on the ground. The rooftop guard is literally straight ahead just above the floodlight. There are two tower guards, and it is advised that you take out the tower on your far left before taking out the obvious one right in front of you. After that there are 5 patrolling guards on the ground, check near the torches and campfires to spot them. Once all of the guards are dead, your partner will then separate from you and you’ll move ahead on your own. The level is a fairly linear path and it is advised that you switch off lanterns as you go to avoid being spotted. Also, keep in mind you are outdoors and wearing a gas mask, so be sure to scavenge for filters, especially from downed enemies.

Take the nearby zipline down to the next building and wait for the two guards to finish their conversation and move to their stations before taking them out. Go through the red door opposite the gaping hole one of the guards was peering out from and drop down the broken stairwell.
Soon after, you will come to an area that has a series of catwalks. If you look straight ahead, you’ll see two guards talking to one another. They never move, so ignore them. The first catwalk that goes off to the right has a guard stationed at the end of it, so take him out. Follow across the catwalk and then take a short jaunt left to find a ladder leading up. At the top, you’ll begin taking damage from the extreme weather, so quickly duck into the building that is straight ahead of you.

There are 5 guards patrolling this building, so find them and take them out. The last one you will find is standing guard next to a ladder that leads up. There is a second ladder on the next level leading up again to a ramp that allows access to the roof of the building. Once on the roof, look for the raised platform that has a zipline running down from it. DO NOT take the zipline yet.

Looking down in the direction the zipline will take you is another courtyard filled with guards. Take out the three tower guards first, starting with the one on the left and working around to the right. There are 7 patrolling guards on the ground, several of which are solitary and can be sniped easily. However, there will be two sets of guards that are close together and can see one another. One set will move away from each other, and this is when you should snipe them, but the other set remains stationary, so quickly snipe them both in succession before one of them can raise an alarm, or make them your last two kills. Once all of the guards are dead, zipline down and make you way to the back of the compound. You will find a tunnel leading down to a closed door. Open the door and enter to end the level.

Sniper - 15
Kill 10 enemies with headshots using your sniper rifle.

This is a fairly easy achievement that can be obtained by mid-level depending on player accuracy. If you manage to headshot all of the guards in the opening sequence that occurs before your partner leaves, you’ll have 8 headshots just from that, leaving you 2 more to get throughout the rest of the level. At any rate, be patient, wait for the guards to stop walking and line up your shots and this’ll be yours in no time.

Kshatriya - 15
Complete the KSHATRIYA level.

When the level begins, you will be introduced to Kuzmich who will give a brief speech detailing the arms and equipment he has for sale. After which you’ll introduced to Shaman, the artifacts collector, who will brief you on what artifacts you’re going to be looking for during your trips to the surface and the Great Library. There is a panel next to his station that shows what items can be located and returned from the surface. When you bring him an artifact, it will be crossed off the list so you can easily see what you still have left to look for on subsequent trips. You can only carry 5 artifacts at a time before your bag is full and you must return to the base and trade them.

Returned artifacts will be evaluated by Shaman, who will give you an amount of Military Grade Rounds (MGR) based on the value of each item. You can then use the MGR to purchase weapons and equipment from Kuzmich. Keep in mind that you will be using a lot of filters and that each time you buy one the price will increase, so try not to purchase too many up front. The weapons you choose to purchase are entirely up to you, but you should be saving up to purchase the Environment suit as it will extend the life of your filters and keep you from taking damage from extreme weather you will encounter on the surface.
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Jack Frost
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As you open the doors that lead into the first sewer area, you will be told that you also have the task of replacing light bulbs in the empty sockets you’ll find scattered around the map. Again, you only have so many before they run out, but you can replenish your supply from the light bulb box near the sewer entrance. This is not a mandatory task, but it does help improve navigation of the level.

The map seems rather small to begin with, but you will find that there are doors and gates to unlock that allow further progress into the level – and shortcuts back to base. In general, if you are searching for artifacts thoroughly, when your bag fills up use that as an indicator to start looking around for a shortcut to open that will lead you back to base. You can then use this shortcut to get back to where you were scavenging and continue on. Be sure to use the Save Door when you come back to base to save your progress as well.

Enemies on the level are randomly spawning Nosalises with Lurkers and Librarians in set positions, most of which can be avoided completely. Also, Librarians can still be stared down just as in Metro 2033. One of the biggest obstacles to be aware of is the fact that many times when you return to base, Nosalises will attack in packs as you wait for the doors to open. Bear this in mind when returning to base.

The player can explore the level as long as they want, up until the Secret Subway Map is obtained. As soon as that artifact is returned to Shaman, the level will end regardless of how many other artifacts have been retrieved.

Artifact - 15
Find 30 artifacts.

This means that the player must recover ALL 30 artifacts shown on Shaman’s board. Since only 5 can be carried at any one time, this achievement will require a minimum of 6 trips into the Library and back again. Once again, purchasing the Environment suit will extend your filter life which will in turn give you more time to explore.

Because the artifact spawns are randomized, there is no real way to make a definitive locations guide for each item. However, it might be handy to have a list with general descriptions since you can only see list when you’re back at base. And even then some of the names of the artifacts don’t make it clear what you’re actually seeking. Also, this list should be in the general order you will encounter the artifacts as you progress and open up more of the level:

1. Gasoline (red gas can)
2. Book
3. Old Phone
4. Monitor (looks like a flat screen)
5. Keyboard
6. Painting (a landscape of a beach)
7. Toy (stuffed bear)
8. Pack of Books (actually a box filled with books)
9. Clock (a hanging wall clock)
10. Weapon Parts (found near a dead body, 2nd Floor Great Library)
11. Glasses (pair of white wire-frame glasses, small and sometimes difficult to spot)
12. Tricycle
13. Icon (a painting depicting Mary holding the baby Jesus)
14. Tools (looks like a blue plastic case for a power drill)
15. Poster (primarily red, depicts silhouette of a sexy woman)
16. Suitcase
17. Medical supplies (metal box with red cross logo on top)
18. Drawings (sheet of graph paper with blue geometrical shapes drawn on it)
19. Doll (bald baby doll)
20. Plate (white with a blue floral pattern, will likely be found hanging on a wall)
21. Space Lattice Model (a cube made up of interconnected red and blue spheres)
22. Technical Notes (found with a pencil on top in the ruined offices of the Depository on a desk with a corpse slumped at it)
23. Welding Helmet (worn by a corpse)
24. Balalaika (triangular guitar clutched by a corpse in a ruined bathroom; taking this artifact will cause a Librarian to spawn)
25. Traffic Light (standard green/yellow/red configuration found at the end of a long alleyway outdoors on the surface)
26. Science Book (open and flat, can be difficult to spot amongst the rest of the rubble)
27. Terminal (hangs on a wall, has a giant, reddish screen with two knobs under it)
28. Mechanical Parts (seem to resemble more the tape reels from a reel-to-reel recorder)
29. Audio Speaker
30. Secret Subway Map (taking this artifact spawns a Librarian behind the player)

Return all of these artifacts to Shaman and the achievement will pop.

Hail Reich! - 15
Complete the ASSAULT INFANTRY level.

The level consists of a small area that the player must defend from an onslaught by the Red Army. As a heavy weapons expert, you’ll have access to the Gatling Gun, the Volt Driver and eventually the Medved grenade launcher. You must survive 5 waves of enemies, the final of which will be a tank. There is very little cover, but if you crouch and move to the back of the area, you can get a couple of seconds to heal yourself. Also be aware of the ammo cache on your left throughout the level. It has infinite ammo and health packs, so be sure to visit it when you get a spare moment.

Wave 1 will consist of fairly standard soldier enemies with light armor. Simply stand at the front of the barrier and unload the Gatling gun into the horde.

Wave 2 will consist of Snipers positioned in various spots detectible by their green laser sights. Before this wave begins, you’ll approach the ammo cache and pick up the Volt Driver. You can use this to snipe the snipers, just be sure to pump it back up occasionally to keep it at maximum power. You may also just continue to shoot at them with the Gatling gun.

Wave 3 will consist of a contingent of shield soldiers protecting a Gatling gunner, but also the snipers will still take pot shots at you as well. Unload the Gatling gun on the shield soldiers until they are gone and then take out the enemy Gatling gunner.

Wave 4 will consist of Heavy Armor troops. Before the wave begins, you will be given the Medved grenade launcher, but do not use it here. Just mow down the enemies with the Gatling Gun.

Wave 5 will be a tank that rolls in on the rails to the right of your position. When the tank is moving forward, it will train its guns on your position, so be ready with a health pack if necessary. The real danger is when the white light on top flashes as this means it will launch a rocket at your position. It is very difficult to avoid taking damage from rockets and the player can easily be killed in one hit, even on easy difficulty, so be sure to be aware of your position when the rocket is fired and move far away from it. When you have the chance, use the Medved to launch grenades at the tank. 9 or so well-placed grenades will reduce the tank to its chassis and then a few more grenades will destroy it completely, ending the level.

Homo Homini Lupus Est - 15
Kill 100 enemies with heavy weapons.

Any kills made with any of the 3 weapons at your disposal will count toward the achievement, but it is recommended that you stick with the Gatling gun until the tank arrives in Wave 5. Enemy soldiers running down the rails to the right of your position will not count toward the achievement, so don’t waste time with them, focus on the area right in front of you and the sniper positions.

In Wave 2, snipers can be hit at distance with the Gatling gun if you wait until their light is shining right at you and aim for the center of the glow. Also, there is a relatively close catwalk on the left side on which snipers routinely appear and are easier to hit, so make sure you take these guys out every time they show up.

In Wave 3, be sure to kill all the shield soldiers before the Gatling gunner as he will explode taking down any remaining shield soldiers, robbing you of the kill count. Also, for additional kills, since snipers still spawn allow the shield group to advance a bit and take out as many of the re-spawning snipers as you can before destroying the shield group and gunner.

In Wave 5, while difficult to hit, the soldiers on the tank count as kills, but the tank itself will not.

If you’ve managed to kill virtually everything up until the tank arrives, the achievement should pop right around that time. If not, you will have to try again from the beginning.
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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard and has been published as the Official Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:

Official Metro: Last Light / DLC: Faction Pack Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.
You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!
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