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Old 01-06-2012, 08:26 PM   #241
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 51

Gamertag: equailey
need help with coop
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Old 01-07-2012, 07:51 AM   #242
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 33

Gamertag: Clockwerks
looking for some people to boost MVP with me..send a message i'll be on a decent amount tomorrow afternoon!

edit: completed with randoms lol

Last edited by Clockwerks; 01-12-2012 at 05:51 AM.
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Old 01-07-2012, 03:20 PM   #243
haveatyousnake's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Rainham, Essex
Posts: 90

Gamertag: haveatyousnake
Hey, looking for someone to do all the co-op achievements with, if your interested just send me a message on my gamertag: haveatyousnake
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Old 01-08-2012, 11:54 AM   #244
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 87

Gamertag: silenTrig
Hey guys

Looking to get MVP

edit : got it now thanks

Last edited by silenTrig; 01-08-2012 at 12:23 PM.
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Old 01-09-2012, 04:35 PM   #245
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Tucson, AZ
Posts: 108

Gamertag: alaskanassassin
Got the coop with randoms, so nvm.

Last edited by Alaskanassassin; 01-10-2012 at 07:19 PM.
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Old 01-11-2012, 12:36 AM   #246
banandon's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 158

Gamertag: Banandon
Just got this game need all the online achievements
GT: Banandon
100% Achievements
11 Completed Games
5 Retail 6 XBLA

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Old 01-13-2012, 09:43 AM   #247
Lurgilurg's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: UK, Wales
Posts: 150

Gamertag: Lurgilurg
Need help with doing wasteland legend on nightmare & MVP

im online now add me LurgiLurg

Last edited by Lurgilurg; 01-13-2012 at 09:47 AM.
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Old 01-13-2012, 04:17 PM   #248
J B3 Dat Nikka
J B3 Dat Nikka's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Chicago A.K.A Chi-Town
Posts: 82
Send a message via Yahoo to J B3 Dat Nikka

Gamertag: xX J Frost Xx
Co-Op Missions

Hey guys i'ma host co-op missions cause i need too still do some and beat one on nightmare so if you need help hit me up (I'm Now right Now) First come first serve

Gamertag: xX J Frost Xx
[Frost] - I'll Make Ya Body Shiver Like A Cold Storm!..Haha..Music Is Life Check Out My Page And Click That Like Button URL Is:

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Old 01-14-2012, 01:46 AM   #249
Xyrus420's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 10

Gamertag: Xyrus420
looking for another good player to help me with coop missions and not going down on a mission got 6 left to do right now hit me up if you can help thanks my gt is the same as my name here

edit: just got no sidekicks
I'd rather be playing zombies

Last edited by Xyrus420; 01-14-2012 at 02:01 AM.
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Old 01-14-2012, 08:31 AM   #250
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 173

Gamertag: pegaso650
EDIT: Done

Last edited by pegaso650; 01-18-2012 at 11:25 AM.
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Old 01-14-2012, 06:42 PM   #251
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 50

Gamertag: xXNikoPLXx
Add Me coop. GT : xXNikoPLXx
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Old 01-15-2012, 05:57 PM   #252
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 203

Gamertag: Mr Chang 3000
All Co-Op needed Friend request and/or message me. Thank you.
GT: Mr Chang 3000
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Old 01-15-2012, 07:26 PM   #253
Trevalev's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 55

Gamertag: Trevalev
who wants to do all the co-op with moi? same gamer tag as username!
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Old 01-17-2012, 07:29 AM   #254
suko's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 50

Gamertag: Suko Suikoden
looking to do mvp. im on every night EST

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Old 01-17-2012, 01:11 PM   #255
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 70

Gamertag: sycoticwarrior
Originally Posted by suko View Post
looking to do mvp. im on every night EST
hey this is sycoticwarrior how many guys u got add me for mvp i also need
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Old 01-19-2012, 02:51 PM   #256
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 30

Gamertag: Expozee
Just finished the game on Nightmare (930/1000G) and I'm looking for a good coop partner to do all of the Legend of the Wasteland achievements with. I'm online right now and will be for a while.

GT: Expozee
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Old 01-19-2012, 10:37 PM   #257
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: GERMANY - Cologne
Posts: 424

Gamertag: II yakuzZaa II
searching for a coop partner for all online achievements - message me if you are interested !
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Old 01-21-2012, 12:10 AM   #258
Drunk Brunk
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 63

Gamertag: Drunk Brunk
Over this weekend I'll be playing this game mostly and have a 2 day gold trial which I'll use to boost both multiplayer achievements. During this time I'll also help you to.

Gamertag: Drunk Brunk.

I would really like to get these two out of the way, any help would be great, cheers.
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Old 01-21-2012, 08:49 PM   #259
SteffanDavies's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 97

Gamertag: SteffanDavies
Need to complete 1 Legends of The Wasteland with neither player being incapacitated!

Add me if you are a good player:

"Both nationalism and patriotism are the equivalent of an animal exclaiming how much it loves it's cage."

Octavian @ RevLeft
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Old 01-22-2012, 01:33 PM   #260
Sigmund666's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 68

Gamertag: Tinsigmund666
Would love to play co-op with somebody and get the public race cheevos.

Gamertag is:

(Available every night from 20.00PM till 12 AM (Netherlands!) )
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Old 01-22-2012, 02:55 PM   #261
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 13

Gamertag: StevoA
Would anyone be able to help me with the multiplayer achievements? Need a decent(ish) partner for Legends of the Wastelands, and some help with winning a race. Gamertag is StevoA.
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Old 01-23-2012, 07:27 AM   #262
Banned User
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA
Posts: 914

Gamertag: Delow317 XBL
Is anyone here interested in getting all the multiplayer emblems in this game? I really love this game and would like to boost for these if anyone is interested. There are some for Road Rage and some for Legends.. Like getting all the collectibles, finishing each level on nightmare, certain number of headshots, etc.

I already have all acheivements in the game and am willing to help out in either Road Rage or Legends if someone can help me get the emblems. Anyone?
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Old 01-23-2012, 06:57 PM   #263
Noseble3d's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Montclair, Ca
Posts: 33
Send a message via AIM to Noseble3d Send a message via Yahoo to Noseble3d

Gamertag: Beartrapped
Just Got this game

I just got this game and would like to boost any online achievements.
GT: Beartrapped

usually free saturday nights, friday nights, and 11:00pm PST
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Old 01-23-2012, 08:26 PM   #264
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 25

Gamertag: d3adlyxk1ller
Need all legend of wastelands achievements. Send me an invite my GT is D3ADLYxK1LLER

EDIT: Completed re-selling.

Last edited by D3ADLYxK1LLER; 01-26-2012 at 01:29 AM. Reason: Completed
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Old 01-23-2012, 09:00 PM   #265
XUnknownUserX's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Florida
Posts: 20

Gamertag: Elite Beast777
Got Achievement

Last edited by XUnknownUserX; 01-23-2012 at 09:34 PM. Reason: Got Achievement
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Old 01-25-2012, 05:28 AM   #266
schulterjon's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Lexington, KY
Posts: 105
Send a message via AIM to schulterjon

Gamertag: schulterjon
Legends partner, all achievements. Looking to do tomorrow, free almost all day tomorrow U.S. Eastern (GMT -5) send message or FR: schulterjon
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Old 01-26-2012, 06:12 PM   #267
Asturgis's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Location: La Baule, France.
Posts: 1,634

Gamertag: Asturgis

Awards Showcase Donator - Level 5   1,000 Posts   A+ Thread Award   Word of Mouth (Retired)
Total Awards: 4 (more» ...)
Hey guys, I need just the co-op missions, don't care about the races, and I live in Europe so hit me if interested. Cheers!
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Old 01-28-2012, 06:16 AM   #268
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 49

Gamertag: FlightOfIcaris
Looking to do all the coop achievements tomorrow. I have pretty much all day.

EDIT: Completed. One more 1000.

Last edited by chino86; 01-28-2012 at 05:25 PM.
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Old 01-30-2012, 07:32 AM   #269
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 126

Gamertag: Goldchubby
Looking to do co op missions and online achievements.
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Old 01-30-2012, 11:30 AM   #270
Asturgis's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Location: La Baule, France.
Posts: 1,634

Gamertag: Asturgis

Awards Showcase Donator - Level 5   1,000 Posts   A+ Thread Award   Word of Mouth (Retired)
Total Awards: 4 (more» ...)
Still looking for a partner
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