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Achievement Guide (Updated with pictures & descriptions)

Rocket Riot Achievement Guide
by K4rn4ge

First of all, I really enjoyed this game and since it is one of my faves, I decided to make an achievement guide to help people out. Also be sure to check out my general tips section at the bottom of this guide.

NOTE: Due to the max word/character limit after adding the descriptions, I had to put the general tips section in a different post (which is also why I didn't just edit the original).

1. Go Forth And Multiplay - 10G
Go to multiplayer in the menu, and select Xbox LIVE. It doesn't matter how high you get ranked.
The only Xbox Live online achievement in the game and it is very simple. Simply do a quick match in player or ranked. After the game ends (win or lose) you will get this easy achievement.

2. Nice Beating You - 10G
Play single player campaign mode and reach level 10. Defeat Blockbeard to unlock this achievement.
You will get this achievement after you beat the 10th stage of single player campaign mode. The 10th level is your first boss fight, but no specific strategy is really needed.

3. One Meeellion Blocks - 10G
Destroy a total of 1.000.000 blocks. All blocks you destroyed from all levels are counted.
This really isn't as bad as it sounds. In this game, every pixel is a block. You will be blasting literally thousands of pixels every level. After I beat Endurance Level 50 and all 80 Single Player levels, I had just over 900,000 blocks destroyed so that should give you an estimate of how long it will take. Only a bit of grinding is needed to get 1 mil blocks destroyed. Any modes count and if you want to get it quickly, always try to get the big rocket powerups and destroy the landscape.

4. I'll Show You Fits Of Rage - 15G
In any level, online or offline, kill 20 enemies within one minute to unlock this achievement.
You could get this achievement in any level, any mode, and online or off but I find it works best in Endurance mode. You won't be able to do it right away because the first few levels don't even have 20 enemies but when you get to one that does, immediately locate any green powerups (specifically the rapid-fire rocket, big rocket, homing rocket, or triple rocket). Even if you only get one of these the whole match, you should be able to easily get 20 kills in less than a minute - your powerup lasts a reasonable amount of time, and even if it runs out, using your regular rocket can take care of the last few stragglers.

5. You're Like Some Kind of Robot - 15G
Kill a total of 50 enemies with a longshot. All longshots through the entire game are counted.
Once again, any level/mode is fine. All you need to do is to get 50 cumulative longshot kills. A longshot is when you push the right stick in a direction but don't let go right away (DONT simply flick the right stick - that would be a short shot). When you do this successfully, it will fire your rocket far. I think you also need to be a decent distance away from your target but you will know you got one if it says longshot in red text on the screen.

6. Been There, Shot That - 15G
Use all 20 power-ups in the game, including the red power-downs. The tutorial level doesn't count.
First let me briefly reiterate what is in the achievement description: The tutorial level does NOT count. You need to get each of the power ups (green, yellow, blue) AND power downs (red) from any other levels in the game. It is cumulative so as long as you simply pick up every powerup you come across, you will get the achievement early in the game. There are 20 in all.

7. Two Thumb Master - 20G
Play through all 80 single player levels successfully to unlock this achievement.
After completing the single player campaign which consists of 80 stages (10 of which are boss fights), you will get this achievement. Also note that you CAN save your game in this mode and always replay any level you have completed or move on to try the next level you are up to. (Also see "General Tips section).

8. On A Gamer's Diet - 20G
Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers. All levels online and offline count.
You simply need to kill 50 of each (robots, pirates, zombies, and soldiers) in any mode and you will get this achievement.

9. Natural Born Gamer - 20G
Kill 5000 enemies throughout the game to unlock this achievements.
Once again, you can get this achievement in any level/mode online or off. The achievement will unlock when your lifetime total of kills reaches 5000. I played through level 50 in Endurance mode and then more than halfway through the campaign mode, I had 5000 kills so you will most likely get it without any extra grinding. Kills are obviously much easier/quicker to get in campaign or endurance against the AI as opposed to online human adversaries.

10. The Things I've Seen - 20G
Kill all different types of enemies in Rocket Riot to unlock this achievement.
I am pretty sure this achievement will unlock when you kill the last enemy type that appears on the last single player campaign level (80). That is when I got the achievement, although I did complete Endurance mode before Campaign. Still, I am almost positive you will get this at level 80 since campaign has way more varieties of enemies than endurance.
I can now confirm another method of getting this achievement. If you kill characters in multiplayer, you WILL unlock that character and it will count towards the "The Things I've Seen" achievement. Therefore, you can see what characters you are missing and have a friend who has all of them choose that character in multiplayer. Then kill that character to add him/her to your roster. Thanks to MrPerfectDevil for testing this out with me.

11. You Can Handle The Riot - 20G
Play endurance or co-op with friends, and beat level 50 to unlock this achievement.
This achievement can be done in either single player endurance mode or local cooperative mode. Yes, unfortunately there is no online co-op. Even though some later levels get fairly challenging, you can always retry the stage as many times as you need to. You need to beat level 50 and the achievement will unlock (and can then quit out afterwards). If you do have some friends around, this achievement would probably be easier in co-op as it allows 2-4 players. I haven't tested this method yet but if they don't add in extra enemies to match the amount of players, this would be the recommended way of obtaining this achievement. (Also see "General Tips" section)

12. One Shot, Thrice The Score - 25G
Kill 3 enemies with one shot.
There may be more than one way of getting this achievement but I found that the most efficient way is to get a triple shot powerup. It is one of the green powerups. Do this on a level with a lot of enemies instead of concentrating on just 3 - you will obviously improve your chances greatly. After pressing the A button to use the powerup, simply hold the right stick in the direction your targets are and shoot a longshot (see "You're Like Some Kind of Robot" achievement for more info on how to execute a longshot). Even if you don't get it right away, your powerup lasts awhile and you can keep trying. If all else fails, you can probably set up an online boosting match with four people where they take turns getting the achievement.


Also please see my General Tips Section in post below
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General Tips

*General Tips*

- Always keep moving so that you are a harder target. I would only camp in a high part of the map that is well barricaded or in the top left or right corner of a map but even this should be done in moderation. If you stay in any spot too long, enemies will eventually destroy your barricade and leave you defenseless.

- When possible, try to maintain the higher ground. It is easier and quicker to drop rockets down than it is to make them go up.

- The green powerups are your best friends. They are all offensive based powerups. The blue ones are decent (they include defensive abilities), the yellow ones are neutral and don't change anything except physical properties, and the red ones should be avoided at all costs as they make you weaker than normal (unless you are going for the achievement where you need to collect all 20 powerups, stay away from these!)

- When fighting bosses (which appear every 10 levels in single player campaign mode) keep in mind that these levels are big for a good reason. If you are low on health, simply go far away and wait for your health to regenerate and then return to the fight. This will be almost mandatory on some of the later bosses as you most likely can't sit there like Rambo and fire away.

- Circle strafing is actually a strategy I used in other dual-stick games such as Geometry Wars and this method works in Rocket Riot most of the time as well. Circle strafing is when you go around the level in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Of course you don't want to go in a perfect circle as that would be predictable but just constantly circling different areas can be useful in dodging enemy rockets and getting different angles on your shots. Like I said before, you always want to be moving and practice getting used to shooting in other directions than the one you are moving in (that is a must for ANY dual-stick shooter).


Thanks for checking my guide out and hope it proves useful. Enjoy!
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3. One Meeellion Blocks - 10G
For this one, you can grind level 1 and stick to the left hand side. Just keep demolishing the pirate boat/sails etc. and you get tons of power ups; the large rocket really helps. Each time I've done this for c.10 minutes I've amassed 100k+ before I get bored and go and take out the remaining enemies (that seem to stick the right), so it shouldnt take anyone long to get this.
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For One Shot, Thrice The Score I found it really easy to get on level 18 "The Pirate Machine" On the right side of the level there is a conveyor belt with a bunch of enemies lined up on it. Find a tripple rocket power-up then make your way over to them and you should get the achievement without much trouble.
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We (at Codeglue) just uploaded a chart with short explanations for all the powerups to our website:

Hope this helps in general and with some of the achievements
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Originally Posted by whatisvisceral View Post
We (at Codeglue) just uploaded a chart with short explanations for all the powerups to our website:

Hope this helps in general and with some of the achievements
Sweet, thanks. I wasn't sure what the deal with dizzy rockets is, now I know to avoid it like the plague.
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They can be unpredictable and hard to dodge for enemies (especially if you fly into a busy battle) but ofcourse you lose the ability to effectively aim.

I think we should have made this one orange because it's also sort of a disease.
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Excellent guide. Thank you for taking the time to share this.
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Excellent Guide, Thank you
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Very easy chievos except that i dont find anyone online :S!!!
It isn't over until I Teabag every single one of you Aliens Motherfuckers
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Originally Posted by whatisvisceral View Post
We (at Codeglue) just uploaded a chart with short explanations for all the powerups to our website:

Hope this helps in general and with some of the achievements
That link is now dead. I found this one.

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