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MX vs. ATV: Untamed
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Old 12-14-2008, 04:49 PM   #31
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for the hat trick just go to splitscreen turn on another controller then just score on ur friend 3 times the poof the achievement 5g
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Thank you very much for this!
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Old 06-11-2009, 08:20 PM   #33
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Cool .......

Why couldnt you have simply made a youtube vid of this and save alot of time?? would be a lot more simple..

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Old 07-07-2009, 02:54 PM   #34
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hi im avin trouble findin either #8 or #9 (i think on) crawley creak can anyone help me out
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Hi. Thanks for this list. Here's a set of clarifications for the ones I struggled on.

#8 (Gold): I read the description as being near the entrance to the ferris wheel. It's actually not that far -- you want to head off the road to the right, just a little bit before the ferris wheel is 'lined up' (where it looks just like a vertical line).

#20, #21: Descriptions are good, but bronze/silver are switched.

#24: This one took me freakin forever, but I really can't think of any other way to describe it than what the OP said. It's _really_ far off the road, and it's sort of in a 'bowl'. You can't see it from anywhere except the edge of that bowl.

Crawley Creek:
This level's pretty confusing. The OP did a pretty good job considering this level consists pretty much of nondescript dirt roads and no real landmarks to speak of.

#8: Not hard to find, but hard to get. I ended up using the trophy truck and preloading from inside the 'bowl' that it's next to.

#24: Directly is a bit of a stretch -- it's quite a ways away, but going straight 90 degrees left from the bridge will bring it into view.

Del Sol:

#2: Get all the way to the supermoto track and then look left. Not an easy one to get. I got it with a trophy truck, getting some decent speed up from the supermoto track, and clipping the cactus with the left side of the truck, sending it spinning airborne

#16: Another one that sucks. Stick with the MX and just get a LOT of speed up, coming at it from the side w/the dirt road.

#23: Ahhh... Finally got it. 'Pro', full soft suspension, full soft tires, full 'speed'. I started just to the LEFT of the 'MX vs ATV' sign. Almost no run-up at all -- I actually started where it reset me when I hit 'X' after the last jump. Height is what counts -- Up the hill towards the sprocket and pop out of preload at just the right time.

Copper Creek:

#6: Trophy truck, 'Pro', full soft supsension + tires, full 'speed'. Reverse up the _really_ steep berm that's right there, accel down (you'll past just to the right of the cactus), preload, and unload your suspension right as you crest the hill.

#18: Trophy truck. Start at the gap in the fence up above, make sure you don't jump off there -- so you can accelerate down the hill. Preload and let her fly. I got the 'longest jump' achievement here when I landed after pickin up the sprocket. Awesome.

#22: Trophy truck again. Start about halfway up the backside of the hill on the FMX track that's facing directly towards it. Hold the preload back while you accelerate and you should crest the hill w/o jumping and continue down the other side. It'll take a few tries to hit the right angle towards the sprocket (I did a lot of flying to the left and right of it, with enough height, before I finally hit it)

#25: I'm pretty sure I confused this one with #3 at the very beginning. If you can't find it, check the desc for #3.


Nothing to say here. Found all of them fairly straightforward.

Kittery Point:
IMO, the jump to #7 is easy to do, so do that, and then easy jump on the skylight over to get #4 and #5, and keep riding around and there's an easy ramp to get #3.

I found the farmhouse a little tough to find, but it's there


Once again, pretty straightforward.

Pine Lake:

The infamous #8: I used a trophy truck, because it hauls pretty good in reverse (easier to KEEP TRYING multiple jumps) also has enough speed to _clear_ the sprocket. With the MX I felt like I was rarely getting enough distance. Make sure you hit X before you hit the ground though, or you'll have to drive back up.

And just have patience... it'll happen.

Split Oak:

#19: Trophy truck. Ram the tree at high speed, sending the truck flying into the sprocket

Sutherlin Valley

2-4: It may not be completely obvious at first, but small rock + big rock = ramp.

13-17: the big pile of logs will get you on top of the silo, as well as on top of the small building. Don't try to use the small logs on the side of the small building, or the steep ramp up the side of the silo.

#24: Use the large rock that's away from the house, not the smaller one near it.

Well those are my thoughts. Hopefully that might help somebody.

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Sorry for not answering many questions in a long time. I have not been able to get on much cause I started my own Radio Controlled truck business.

I could not do a YouTube video because I do not have a capture card. I would like to get one and do screenshots of these. Hope to get one soon.
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Old 12-02-2009, 09:00 PM   #37
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Thx i will b getting these soon

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I can't for the life of me seem to get #6 on copper valley. I have literally spent hours on that one gear. A few other people seem to have also had trouble with that one. Can anyone PLEASE post a video or a very detailed step-by-step explanation on how to grab it? I am getting so frustrated with this one I don't even know where to start, or from which direction to approach it.
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Old 01-15-2010, 05:13 PM   #39
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YAY i have just completed these! Thankyou my friend. P.S They are still hard to find with this guide!

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ok this making me crazy where on the earth is 26 in copper valley i dont see no dirt road only the one leading to the fmx park someone please help me

nm got it

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these chivs have taken forever. got 6/10 by myself. i couldnt stand the hunt any longer so i had to use this guide. not a bad guide. i little sketchy and misdirected at points but what more do u expect from a game that has no map. cus at least with a map ud be able to say north south east and west. would make things WAY easier. one more chiv to go! #9!! yay!!
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Dude! If I get enough views and likes I'll make video on this, I haven't seen any on YouTube yet, I'm uploading one now Titled "MX VS ATV: Untamed all sprocket locations for Kitty Point (Collection #6 achievement) -LIVE" If you guys like it comment on the video and tell me what map I should do next, it was hard I had to memorize where they all were at, but I got one map done. Over the summer if you guys like it I'll do the other maps , I'm scared to do Del Sol though :P. I gave a link to this cite to see this guide so they can see where I got all the sprocket locations from. Thanks bro, great guide just the lefts and right can be confusing . If you want me to take down my videos tell me . Tell me what to change to make that video better . My video is here (URL) --->

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